So close and yet so far

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Chapter 6

Chapter 5

“It’s ok. You will get used to it,” a voice said and I look up. I see a guy who looked standing against a locker.

“Hi, I don’t seem to know you,” I say.

“Oh yeah, I am Jordan Flynn,” he said coming closer to me. I move backwards and say, “Hi”

“Just hi? You won’t introduce yourself?” he said.

“I am Alexis,” I say turning towards my locker to take out my books.

“Can I call you Lexi,” he whispered in my ear.

“No. You call me Alexis,” I say backing away.

“Oh playing hard to get. Just like I like it,” he said coming closer and he tried kissing me.

I try pushing him away but he just held my hands away and forced himself on me.

I kick him in the right place but he dodges knowing I will do it. The hallway was empty by now. He kept coming closer and I couldn’t go more back because the wall stopped me from doing so.

A guy just came in time and launched on him.

He beat the hell out of Jordan and I was still in shock.

“Are you ok?” the person asked who beat up Jordan.

A teacher came in and asked me what happened.

“Sir, Jordan was misbehaving with me and this man save me,” I say.

“Ms Winston I hope you are alright and right action will be taken against Mr Flynn. Please take Mr Scott to the Nurse’s office. He is bleeding,” the teacher said.

“Thank you sir,” I say.

Wait he said Mr Scott. Axl’s last name was Scott. I look up and see Axl examining his knuckles.

“Thank you so much Axl for saving me. Let’s go to the Nurse’s office,” I say trying to help him up.

“It’s ok and I’m sorry for the note I sent yesterday,” he says when we were walking towards the nurse’s office.

“You are forgiven,” I say looking at him and he smiled.

After he got bandaged we walked back to our class. Turns out that we have a lot of classes together.

We go to Biology Lab they all were made partner and both of us were let out so we both were paired up.

We spoke and laughed so much in class that we got kicked out. We had a double period of Biology lab so we were just out of class.

We didn’t care about anything else. We just spoke and spoke and spoke.

Soon it was lunch time. I saw Emily and invited her to sit with us. Us as in Axl, Austin, Ethan and some 2 other new guys and she agreed.

“Hi I am Lexi,” I say sitting in their table.

“Hi Lexi, I am Joshua Martin,” a guy who had earphones around his neck replied and I smile.

“Hello Lexi, I am Theo Jackson,” a guy who looked good replied.

“Hello everyone, this is Emily and Emily this is everyone I say,” sitting down.

“Hi everyone,” she said sitting down too.

They had invited me to sit with them and I asked if Emily could join and they agreed to it.

We immediately start talking about some random topic when a blonde along with her two minions came up to Axl.

“Hi babe, did you miss me?” she asked touching him.

“No. Now get the fuck away from me,” he replied pushing her hand away before talking to me.

“Who is she?” I ask once she’s gone.

“She’s Tiffany Belfrey and her minions: Victoria Bay and Judith Cray. Tiffany is one of those fake, popular bitches you find in every high Uni story. She’s constantly trying to get Axl,” Ethan replied.

“Oh and can I as you something,” I say looking at Axl.

“Sure,” he said.

“Why does everyone keep staring at me in the hallways and get quiet and let me move?” I ask.

“Oh they do that to everyone who’s pretty and hot,” he replied and I blushed.

“Why did Jordan want to you know…… do that to me?” I ask not wanting to mention what he did to me.

“Oh he does that all the hot newbies,” Austin replied and we ate in silence.

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