So close and yet so far

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Chapter 7

Chapter 6

Two week later:

“Hey we have a party tonight, Emily and Lexi wanna join us?” Axl asked. We all had become a team and were really close. Especially Austin and Emily and I and Axl.

“Sure but we have no dates for the party,” I say.

“Lexi will you be my date for tonight’s party?” Axl asked me grabbing the opportunity. I was hoping that Axl would ask me and it became true.

“Emily will you be my date tonight?” Austin asked genuinely meaning it and she said yes.

They both blushed and I shipped them together then and there.

After Uni:

Emily was supposed to be at my house in 2 minutes. she arrived.

“Man is this your house?” she asked.

“No I robbed it from my neighbour, come on in,” I say sarcastically.

“Whoa! Your room is amazing,” she said for which I reply a thank you.

She walked up to my window, “Lexi who lives in the next door?” she asked.

“Axl,” I say.

“Axl Scott?” she asked and I say yes.

She saw paper cuttings of me out of a magazine.

“You are a model?” she asked.

“Used to be when I was I was in London,” I say, “Now come let’s get ready.” And we started getting ready.

“Emily tell me, do you like Austin?” I ask as we are getting ready.

“Yeah,” she replies and I smile.

“I knew it,” I say.

“Now tell me whom do you like,” she asked.

“Well Axl,” I say blushing.

“Go get him girl,” she smiled encouragingly.

“Lexi come here for a second,” Emily called out while standing near my window.

“Well this better be good,” I say.

I go and see Axl kissing the same blonde he was kissing on the day we arrived. I felt like someone had stabbed me in the chest. I tried to stop my tears.

“This thing with Axl got over even before it started,” I say.

Emily hugs me and goes “its ok” for a long time.

I pull apart, breathe and say, “Hey let’s get ready. I’m not wasting my time on that Douche.” And we get ready.

After like 15 minutes the guys came and were waiting outside for us. My mom let them all in and she started talking to them.

Emily goes down first and Austin comes and hugs her and kisses her cheek. I was jealous of them. It should have been Axl and I.

“Lexi come down already,” Theo called.

I take a deep breath and go downstairs.

Everyone stopped talking and looked at me.

“Wow,” Axl said.

He comes up to me to hug me but I walk past him.

“Let’s leave guys,” I say opening my door and we all walk out.

They had only bought one car so we all had to be squished in it.

Axl was driving and he asked me to sit in the front. Instead of sitting in the front, I ask Theo to go there and I sit backside.

Emily sat on Austin’s lap and looked happy in their own world.

Why can’t I get that? I deserve it.

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