So close and yet so far

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Chapter 8

Chapter 7

As we get down, Axl tried to talk to me but I just ignore him and walk with Ethan.

We all started dancing and I felt thirsty so I go up to the kitchen/ bar and asked for water and Austin came and sat next to me.

“Hey Lexi enjoying the party?” he asked.

“Yeah. Hey can I ask you something?” I ask.

“Sure go on,” he replied taking a sip of his drink.

“Do you like Saddie?” I ask.

“Yeah. She’s really different and I’ve always wanted to ask her out,” he said.

“You should she likes you too,” I say.

He jumps and goes up to Emily and starts flirting and they kiss.

I couldn’t look at them so I turn away.

After sometime I went to the rest room to check my makeup. When I came out, the hallway was dark.

Someone grabs me forcefully and pushes me against the wall. That person tries kissing me. I could see that person’s face.

It was Jordan.

I try screaming for help but he covers my mouth.

“No one’s going to come and save you now Lexi,” he said using the name Lexi when I asked him not to call me that.

He tries to take off my top but I manage to push him away. I try running but he pulls me back.

“You think you are so smart don’t you?” he said staring into my eyes.

“Help,” I whispered because I was tired from trying to fight back

I knew he had won; I was going to get used by him.

I gave up and I was expecting him to kiss me so I close my eyes and tried to fight back for the last time.

I heard a huge “thud” on the floor. I open my eye and see Axl punching Jordan.

“Are you alright Lexi?” he asked coming next to me.

“Get away from me Axl and why do you even care if something happened to me?” I say walking away from him.

I walk out of the door and went and sat in his car because I had no other option. I was new, I didn’t know where else to go.

“Lexi, are you alright?” Ethan asks as he comes near the car.

I unlock it and let him in.

“No Ethan no,” I say crying.

“Jordan tried raping me but Axl saved me,” I say.

“Well isn’t it good. Axl saved you?” he asked, looking at me with a questioning face.

“No. after what I saw in my room no,” I say shaking my head.

“What did you see Lexi?” he asked, getting closer. He was curious too.

“I saw him kissing a blonde, Ethan. I do not know why it bothers me so much but it does,” I say hugging him.

“Lexi, Don’t worry. Can I drive you home?” he asked and I nod.

I reach home and I go to my room and wash my makeup off and get dressed for bed.

I heard someone throw pebbles at my window. I knew it was Axl.

“What do you want from me now?” I scream.

“Hey calm down I wanted to talk to you,” he said smiling.

“Well I don’t so get lost,” I say shutting my window.

I was furious at him. I do know that it was his wish to hook up with that blonde but I thought that we were getting close. I thought that he liked me but he didn’t. I thought that he has changed since he met me.

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