So close and yet so far

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Chapter 9

Chapter 8

I woke up early today because I wanted to go to Uni without having to face Axl.

I was successful. I go to Uni and walk Ethan. I ignore Axl completely.

“Lexi why are you shutting me out completely?” Axl asked pulling me aside.

“Let me go,” I say walking away from him.

“Lexi I am sorry for whatever I did,” he said.

I can’t do anything if he doesn’t like me back can I?

“Fine,” I say walking with him.

That blonde I saw him with goes to our Uni. I saw him smile at her when she waved at him. I was jealous.

But I decided to be good friends with him.

Few days later:

He comes up to my house regularly and I have been to his.

I look over my window and invite Axl into my room. He jumps and gets in.

“Wow. Your room is just speechless,” he says examining it.

“You were a model?” he asked looking at my magazine clippings.

“Yeah, I used to be a model back in London. I want to be a model now also,” I say sitting on my bed.

I suddenly remembered it. This was the day it all happened. I start crying and Axl comes up to me.

“Why are you crying Lexi? What happened?” he asked concerned.

“Come with me I’ll show you,” I say taking him inside my closet.

I take out an album with all my photographs in it.

I take out the one which has all the 5 of us.

I show it to him.

“I used to have a brother who was 15 and a sister who was 4. We all were very close. I loved them. They were sitting in the car waiting for me to take them out. He knew a little bit of how to drive so he drove for some time. He lost control of the car and a truck came in front of it and well it hit the car. I tried everything to save them. My sister had died on spot and after fighting for 2 days my brother died. Today was the day that accident took place,” I say crying.

He hugs me, “It’s alright, calm down,” he tells me.

“What were your brother’s and sister’s names, if you don’t mind,” he asked.

“Hailey was my sister’s name and Andrew. When I first met Hannah, she reminded me of my sister Hailey. I miss them so much,” I say.

“It’s ok,” he said hugging me.

I smile at him and he smiles back.

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