Wolves Ran Wild book one

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I am a white wolf. And my name is, Mary Rose. And I'm trying to find my mate and figure out what I am. Hi, my name is, Mary Rose. I am twenty years old. And I'm looking for my mate. I have been looking for four years. So far I have not found him. I had to ask my Alpha to go search for him. ( My Alpha is my father.) I have been in one pack so far and not a trace. I am currently in the second pack, my father has been mind-linking me to come back home but I'm not ready to go back yet. And that is when I smelled the most tantalizing scent from thirty yards to my left. My Wolf Lena starts jumping around in my head saying "Follow it." "Why" I asked her? Bc I caught the faint scent of rogues. this is going to be hard. " What are you waiting for?" Lena asks Special thanks to @Princess Adaeze for encouraging me to write my first ever book. :)

Romance / Adventure
Jasmine Hunt
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One: asking to leave

I am walking to the pack house to see my Alpha to ask permission to travel the packs to find my mate. I am scared he will say no. I have been looking for him for four years now. He said ” Why do you insist you leave to find him?” I said ” I insist on that because I Know he is alive. He’s just not in our pack father.” Let’s just say that was bad.

Few minutes later.

I knock on the door and wait for my father to answer. Two minutes later. ” Enter.” I opened the door and he was looking at his computer screen. “Hello father.” I said. “What brings you here, Mary?” He said bluntly. “I’ve come to ask my Alpha if I can travel to other packs to look for my mate.” I said looking into his eyes to see if he might let me leave to find my mate. “I need to find my mate.” Lena says. ”I know, Lena. But he needs to call and ask permission for me to cross the other packs territory.” I told Lena.

My Alpha looks at me weird and says “Why do you have to go and look? I am training you to take my place as Alpha.” I look at him and said ” I know, father. But I feel lonely and cold inside. I have been feeling like this for the last two years.” He looks like he’s deep in thought after I said that.

He then opened the pack link and called a pack meeting in a few minutes.

Twenty minutes later (pack meeting)

Everyone one is chatting asking what was the emergency meeting was for. “Thank you everyone for gathering at such a short notice. I will explain in a little bit. I want you to know that my daughter has just asked me to let her go out to find her mate. I have called you here to let you know that I have decided to let her go out and find her mate. I know how she is feeling because I have been feeling like this ever since her mother, my mate, and your Luna passed away recently.” “I am sorry, father. I miss her as much as you.” He replied " Do find your mate. It is such a wonderful thing. I miss her more than you know.” I looked at his eyes and they were filled with unsheded tears.

I feel burning in my eyes because I have the same.


“My mother died from a rough attack five years ago. I was out in the woods that surrounds our territory one day and my mom tried to find me. We were playing hide-and-seek and then roughs broke through the wester border and mom told me to run and find my father I ran as fast as I could on two legs since I had yet shifted. I ran faster than I could have. And by the time I got to my father they were gone and my mom was laying there with a look of horror on her lifeless face.”

Flashback over

I miss her so much and it hurts. I just want her back. But I have since shifted and I’m a very rare white wolf. And I have control over all the elements and have been training to fight in human and wolf form. I am stronger then every male wolf in my pack. And my father had a witch make a special bracelet to hide my true form since there are some werewolves, hunters, and vampires that want to kill white werewolves to use us for our healing abilities and powers for their own gain. I look at my right wrist and see the bracelet that the witch made for me. It is gold with a wolf head in front of the full moon. But what people don’t know about me is that I’m a hybrid. Half wolf and half something else. My father doesn’t even know that I’m a hybrid. Mom told me to keep it a secret because it could get me killed. She didn’t tell me what I was because I suck at keeping secrets from other people. Come to think of it I do remember that my mom said was always skittish around my father.

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