Wolves Ran Wild book one

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Ten: The next day.

After I washed my face and found the glitter in my hair, I went back to bed and slept. I had no dreams as the next morning came. I woke up at five and went downstairs to watch Netflix, not really wanting to see everyone's reaction to the glitter. The glitter is in three different colors, red, blue and purple. I know it's a fucked up random colors but there you have it. It was nearing six when I started to make pancakes scrambled eggs with bacon. I then heard a gasp from behind me I turned and it was my Aunt Cinnamon. I smiled and said "Don't freak out. But I know what I am now." "What are you?" Aunt Cinnamon asked. "I'm part wolf, witch, and fairy." I told her. She nodded while still staring at my white hair with the glitter in it. I know there is a lot of glitter in my hair, but damn. I think I might have to dying start again. "Hey Aunt Cinnamon, I have a question for you. Do you think I should dye my hair?" That snapped her out of staring at my hair. "No I don't think so. You should be proud of what you are." I nodded my head. I started to hear more footsteps coming down the stairs. I looked up and saw Uncle Cole, Lettie, and Jack along with Michael and Sylvia, staring at my hair. "Come sit. I've made breakfast and I will tell you what I am." I told them, making up all the plates and putting them in front of them. "What would you like to drink?" Not knowing for sure what they wanted to drink. "Coffee." I heard everyone but Sylvia saying "Orange juice." She said. I nodded six cups of coffee and one cup of orange juice I take that to the table and brought creamer and sugar for people that fixes theirs like that I do and so does everyone else. "Let's just say I saw my mom." I started off. Everyone looks at me and says "Do what now? I know she's dead. How is that even possible?" Uncle Cole said for everyone. "She came to me in my dreams last night. She's now the moon goddess." I told them. They nodded, telling me to go on. "She said that she was sorry for not telling me sooner, when she was alive. She said that when I was little I used to have brown hair and had glitter in it like I do now. Mom and dad used to dye my hair until I shifted. Then the brown and glitter hair went to white with no glitter till today. After I was marked and mated with Michael." I told them. Michael looked at me and there was love. I smiled at him. "So what exactly are you?" Uncle Cole asked while looking at my hair.

"I am a white wolf, witch, and fairy." I told them they all gasped. And stared talking all at once. I put two fingers to my mouth and whistled very loudly, that shut them up. "If this gets out to the rogues and hunters they will hunt me down and experiment on me. To figure out how I came to be like this. Except the rogues. They will probably do something else to me. I don't even want to know what." I said. "Dad." I mind-linked him. "Yes, my little angel. How can I help you?" He asked right away. " Did you and Nick figure out who sent me that text yet? And I know what I am now." I told him. "Not yet, but getting close to finding out. And what are you?" He asked. "I am part wolf, witch, and fairy." I told him. I said to everyone "I have something to tell all of you. Someone knows what I am and knows that I am not at home. They sent me a text saying I know what you are and that you are not at home protected by your father. I just asked my dad if he and Nick were anywhere close to finding out who sent it, but he said no. And I also told him what I am. I haven't heard anything from him yet but I think I shocked him very badly to the point that he fainted bc he still hasn't said anything." They all nodded, but Michael said "They will not get you. If they try I will RIP THEM TO SHREDS." He growled the the last four words out everyone looked at him because he had that alpha growl that made me speak up and ask "Michael, honey, were you an Alpha before you became a rogue?" "Yes I was. I was the oldest of the children that my father and mother had. It was me, Sylvia, and Jack. Jack and our parents were killed during the rogue attack. I was lucky enough to get Sylvia and I out of there before they killed us as well." Michael said with sadness in his voice. At that time my phone choose to go off, I pick it up and took a look it said one new text message. I opened it and I saw the same number as before but this time it said 'I know you are mated to the alpha of the pack the I took down. I am watching you now.' I gasped and mind-linked Uncle Cole. "He's here, Uncle Cole. He's watching us right now." He let out a growl at that moment. " Calm down everyone. I can mind-link all of you because I am a white wolf. Now I told Uncle Cole about the text I just got. The person said that they were watching us right now. Uncle Cole have the warrior wolves search for the person. And see where they got in from. We might have casualties better safe than sorry." I told them. They just stared at me, Michael with pride and love, Sylvia and the others with shock. I just shrugged it off. I got up and took my dishes to the sink and turned around and said, "I am going upstairs to get dressed to get ready to leave for my pack. Michael and Sylvia you should do the same. It's a three hour drive from here to our pack. And Sylvia you might be around my size so you can barrow some clothes. And take a shower if you want one." I looked at her. She looked back at me and smiled and said "I would appreciate that. I will have to shop for clothes when we get to your pack. If that's ok with you." I nodded. I smiled at my mate while trying to tell him to follow me. He got it with a knowing smile, he got up and went to the sink to put his dishes up and took my hand and lead me to the room that I'm currently using. I am scared about the person that is texting me every now and again. I just hope dad finds the person soon. "What's wrong, baby? I can feel that you are scared of something. Tell me?" Michael asks "it's just the person that texts me every now and again. I hope my dad finds him. And I have been thinking that Sylvia and Nick would be great together. She almost acts like him to tell you the truth." I said, I am getting clothes for Sylvia. And as I was finishing that she knocks on the door. I go to it and open it up "Here you go Sylvia. I hope these fit for now. But when we get back to the pack we are going shopping for clothes for you and Michael. I also have someone I want you to meet when we get there. Is that ok?" I ask she looks so shocked that all she did was nod at me and smiled "that's fine. I'm going to take a shower now." She said and walked away. I shut the door and locked it then turned around to look at Michael I smiled and said "I also have some clothes for you. That might fit. I just don't have any boxers for you. I'm sorry." "It's ok, Mary. I'm just trying to figure out why you have guy clothes with you." He said "I like to sleep in them and pretend that I have a mate before meeting you. So they are a little bit big for you. I am sorry." I told him. And grabbed them and handed them to him and got me my clothes for me to change into after our shower.

A few minutes later

We are done with our shower and dried off and changed into the clean clothes. Then I packed up all of our stuff and got it into the truck and I went to give everyone a hug goodbye "I'll see you guys soon." I said "when I call come as fast as you guys can. It means that we are under attack." I add through the mind-link to them they all nodded.

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