Wolves Ran Wild book one

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Two: Nick can't what!?

I snap out of my thoughts as someone taps me on my shoulder. I look to see who it was and it was my best friend Nick. I looked up at him and said " What's up?"

He looked at me and said " The pack meeting is over now." I looked around and saw that everyone was almost out the double doors that led to the hallway. I looked at him sheepishly and my face is burning with emberessment and looked at the floor.

"What's up?" I asked him. He just continues to look at me with a weird expression on his face.

I raised an eyebrow at him and I said " Nick, what's wrong?" And before I could get my next breath he grabbed my face and kisses me. I was shocked at first but when he tried to open my mouth up with his tongue I shoved him away from me and my face was red with anger I yelled " What the hell was that for, Nick? I don't know why you would do that. I have a mate out there waiting for me. And you have one out there for you!" At this point my father, Alpha, came to see what I was telling about. "What is all the yelling about, Mary?" "Nick just kissed me and I was shocked and angry because he just stole my first kiss that belonged to my mate." Oh did I forget to mention that I'm still a virgin? My father looks at Nick and asked "Well are you going to tell us why you just kissed my daughter?" Nick shifts from foot to foot, his face red with embarrassment and said " I kissed her, sir because I love your daughter, Alpha." I looked at him shocked and said " But I'm not even your mate. How can you love me?" He just looked at me and said "I have to tell you guys something, Alpha." My father looked at him and asked "What is it Nick?" He replies "I wouldn't know who my mate will be. I have no wolf if my own. I might be as strong and fast and other things as you guys but I can't shift in to a wolf." And looks at the ground. "You what?!" My father asked with his face red with anger. I backed away slowly from my father. I know how he is when he gets pissed off and he his getting there and and he blows a gasket it won't be a pretty picture. "HOW IN THE HELL DID YOU HIDE THE FACT THAT YOU CAN NOT SHIFT INTO A GODDAMN WOLF!?" My father angerly yells at Nick. I am almost to the door before some of the worrior wolves barge into the the pack meeting office. I looked between them and my father and Nick not sure what to do. I calmly said "father please, control your wolf. You know not to shift in doors." I say this is because we are a lot bigger than the average wolf you meet in the wild. He looks at me with his wolf so very close to the surface and he growls " I am the Alpha my dear daughter. I don't have to listen to you." "Maybe so but you need to reel in your wolf. You and I know that being Alpha doesn't mean shit. And yes I am your daughter, but I know not to let my wolf control me like yours is at the moment." I said hitting him in his pride. He looks at me then closes his eyes and take a few deep breaths in and exhale them and he does this a few times before he opens them. His eyes are back to normal and he turns to the worrior wolves and says "I am fine now. You may leave. I was just surprised to find something out from a fellow wolf. Return to your posts, please." And as the worrior wolves start leaving the room my father turns towards Nick and asks "Why did you not tell me that you could not shift when you first joined our pack?" Nick looks at the floor and replies "I did not tell you Alpha because my last pack I was in was the one I was born into. My father and mother is the Alpha and Luna of the Moon Chosen pack. They are both werewolves and to come find out is that I have some genes that all pups show when they are about to shift for the first time. I am eighteen years old. I am what some people call a late bloomer and haven't shifted yet. They threw me out of my pack and told me not to come back home till ai can shift into my wolf. I still haven't yet. But I hope you don't kick me out of your pack. I love it here. I don't have to have guards follow me around and be told what I should say, act, dress, and walk here. Here I'm free of the responsibility of being the "next alpha" I don't have to do things a certain way, and I love it." Me and my father look at each other when he finished explaining why he didn't tell us that he could not shift to his wolf. Then my father says "I will not kick you out but you need to start training with weapons instead of hand-to-hand combat like the other wolves here." I looked at him and mind-linked him "Are you sure that is a good idea, father?" "Of course, Mary. I will not be that crule I actually think he might shift when he finds his mate." I just nodded my head and smiled at Nick and agreed with my father by smiling at him.

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