Wolves Ran Wild book one

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Three: packing to leave

Few hours later from taking to Nick.

I am currently in the process of packing my suitcase. "I hope my mate is not an Alpha from another pack, Lena. I don't want to leave this pack for good. What do you think, Lena?" "I don't really know." "Some help you are" I told her. And she just goes back to sleep in my head. I walk into the bathroom and grab some toiletries like, razors, toothbrush, toothpaste, and some other things, along with some make up for when I get to the packs. I look around my room thinking I am not going to be here for goddess knows how long. I'm going to miss this while I'm looking for my mate. "I hope we find him soon, Mary " Lena says in my head. "I know. I hope so too, Lena." I take my stuff to my car and look to my father as I put my suitcase in the backseat of my truck. My truck is a F150 off road 4x4 it's a deep purple that it almost looks black. I see my father almost crying and then I start to cry. I run over to him and hug him so very tight, in a bear hug, he hugs me back "I'll be back, father. I'll miss you while I'm gone." "I'll miss you too, Mary" my father says. I hug him once more before taking my keys out of my purse. "I love you, dad" I tell him. "I love you too, Mary." My father replies. I unlock my car door and climb into the cab of the truck.

I have to fix the review mirror bc I lent my truck to one of our pack members and they were shorter than me. As I'm fixing the mirrors I heard a knock on the driver's side window. I looked and it was my other best friend Kittie. I rolled down the window and she said "I hope you luck, bestie." "Thank you, Kittie." I replied back while smiling at her. She smiles back and backs up out of the way for me to start the truck for me to leave on my journey to find him. She waves at me while I leave my pack territory in search for him.

Few hours later....

I'm pulling up to the Nightshade pack. I know the Alpha's twins here they are my friends. Their names are Zoey and Eric Jr Black. We were in school together for all three school, and we had all the same classes together too. We are the same age. Which reminds me that their birthday is coming up soon. What should I do? I'm pulling up to their house now and I see them on the porch waiting for me to park my truck. And as I do I see the Alpha and Luna standing behind Zoey and Eric Jr I cut off the engine and I get out of the truck cab and walk up to the porch steps and greet them with a smile and say "Hello Alpha Eric and Luna Ava long time no see hasn't it?" "Yes it has, Mary. And may I ask what brings you all this way out here?" I smile and reply "I am traveling to different packs so I can try to find my mate, Alpha." "Oh. I understand that. I too traveled to the different packs to find my mate also." I looked at him shocked because I thought his mate was in the same pack together. I just smiled and said "I hope that I can stay here with you guys while I try to find my mate, if that's ok with you?" "Of course you can stay here with us, dear." Luna Ava said. Alpha Eric just nods his head and justed for me to come inside the house with them. I grabbed my suitcase and stared walking into the house with them and look around while we walked into the house amazied at the decor while they lead me to the room I'll be using while I'm visiting their pack. They opened a door and told me "This will be the room that you will be using while you are here. I hope you like it, Mary." I stepped into the room and looked around and I loved it. I turned to my hosts and smiled and said "I love it. Thank you so much for letting me stay here with you all while I am here." "You are welcome, Mary. Dinner should be ready in a few hours. Make yourself at home till someone comes and gets you for dinner." "Thank you. And I'll freshen up a bit before dinner." I said while they are starting to leave. They just smiled and shut the door and left me to unpack and freshen up before dinner. I looked at my phone and there was a text from my father. I hope you have arrived at the pack safely. I texted back I have father and was about to take a shower before they make dinner in a few hours. I was also going to take a two hour nap from driving for three hours. I gotta go now. Love you dad. He responded love you too, Mary. Be safe. I will, dad. I texted back and went to my suitcase and stared to unpack and getting ready for a shower. Suddenly my phone vibrates telling me that there's a text I looked at it and read I know what you are and now that you aren't with daddy dearest I can soon make my move. By unknown. I stared at my phone. Before dropping it on the floor. I was so shocked by that that someone knocked on the door and I didn't hear it. I just continued to stare at my phone. I felt someone touch my shoulder lightly and I looked up to see Zoey. She looked at me and asked "Are you alright, Mary?" I shooked my head she got to her knees "What's wrong?" I just looked at my phone. She picked it up and gasped at the message that is still on the screen. She hollered for her father.

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