Wolves Ran Wild book one

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Four: The unknown

Alpha Eric ran into the room and was breathing heavily on alert looking for any intruders. Zoey ran to her dad while still holding onto my phone hugging him and telling him that there's no one here but shows him my phone and the message. He glares at it and looks at me and says "What does it mean I Know what you are?" I sigh heavily and say "It's exactly what it says. I'm a hybrid but I don't know what my other half is. My mother died before she could tell me." And looks at the floor nervously. He just stands there for a few minutes just dumbfounded. I looked up at him waiting for the out burst that was just about to happen, but it never did. I was shocked when he said "Does your father know?" I just shake my head no. He nods his head in acknowledgement. He must have seen the worry in my face because he just said "Well who ever this is won't be getting to you. I will make sure all the packs agree to this. Don't worry.' "Ok. Thank you for helping me." I told him. He smiles at me and then his eyes fogged over and I know he was calling a pack meeting right now to discuss the new threat that made itself know.

A few hours later in the pack meeting.

I stand next to Alpha Eric and Luna Ava and they are waiting till everyone is quite for the meeting to start. I look at everyone nervously. I don't know how they will take the news about me being a hybrid. I don't even what I am. "Lena?" I asked "Yes, Mary?" "Do you know what we are?" I asked her scared to know the answer to it. "No I do not, Mary. But I feel another being in your head but it's like it's sleeping almost." I'm shocked at what she said. I'm snapped out of my thoughts by Alpha Eric's booming voice. "I have all called you here because I have just been informed about a threat made to my Niece. And it's someone who we don't know who it is yet, but I want everyone to be alert at all times. They know that she is a hybrid. I want everyone to be respectful to her just because she is also the next alpha in line to her pack. And if I find out that anyone of you has something to do with the threat to my niece I will kill you myself. Do you understand me?" I heard a lot of "Yes, Alpha's" from everyone in here. "Ok then all of you are dismissed." He then turned towards me and says "I will make a video chat with your father and let him know what's going on." I nodded my head in acknowledgement. Nervous about what he's going to do. He turns to leave and I follow him to his office. He goes behind his desk and sits in his chair and boots up his computer and monitor and I walk behind his desk and he has already pulled up the video chat with my father. "Hello father. I have something important to tell you." I told him. "What is it, Mary?" " I am a hybrid. I don't know what I am just yet. But today I got a text message from someone and they knew I'm not home and that I'm a hybrid. They even know what I am. I need Nick and you to trace the number it came from. Please, dad?" "Of course. And I knew that you were a hybrid from your mother's side. And I knew that was why she was always skittish around me for that reason. I'll have Nick help me track it. Until I call you be safe. I can't lose you too. Bye." And just like that the video call ended. "That went better than I thought it would." I said. "I agree. I'm shocked that your father took this rather well." "I will be going to my room now and can you please send up some dinner, please?" "Of course." I then made my way upstairs to my room that I'm using while I'm here. I will let my uncle handle the rest of the pack Alphas and let them know what is going on.

Alpha Eric's POV

I watched my niece leave my office and I called a press conference with the other Alphas and I told them what is going on and they all agreed that they will keep an eye out for anything that is suspicious going on in their territory and let me know what happens. I ended the call and went to where my mate was. "Hi, beautiful." I whispered in her ear. And I could smell that she was turned on by that. "Mary wants her dinner in her room tonight after what happened I don't blame her." "Neither do I, my love. I just hope nothing happens to her." "I don't either. Because she is all I have left of my sister." I said with so much lost that I didn't notice my mate turning around in my arms. I looked down at her and she kissed me. And whispered in my ear "Meet me in our room." She said with the sexy husk in her voice, and I shivered in anticipation of what she wants to do in our room. "Better hurry, love. Before I have you here in the living room." I told her with a deep growling tone in my voice. She took off in a hurry and I just grinned at her. And in twenty minutes I followed her.

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