Wolves Ran Wild book one

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Five: the search begins

Alpha Eric's POV

Mature content

I walked through the door and shut it and locked it while staring at my beautiful mate. She stripped off all of her clothes and was laying on our bed naked and her legs opened and her rubbing her pussy juices around. I ground my hand against my aching dick before she curled a finger towards me and I stripped off my clothing and stalked towards the end of the bed. I'm stroking my cock all the while. I'm so fucking hard that I was leaking pre-cum all over my hand. She starts moaning and groaning my name and I start to crawl into bed and she puts three fingers inside that pretty pink pussy of hers and I growled deeply at that. I told her "Take your fingers out, baby. It's my turn now." while growling. She does what I told her to, and I put my head between her legs and down to my favorite meal. I lick her pussy juices up and dive into her pussy and eat her out like there is no tomorrow. I start at her clit and nibble on it while I put a finger inside the pink slit of her pussy and start to finger her roughly and start to gently bite her little clit and added a second finger. I start to feel her pussy muscles contact around my fingers and I knew she was close to climaxing and bite harder on her clit while adding another finger to her drenched pussy. I growl into her pussy and she starts to scream "Oh god, Eric. Don't stop. Please don't fucking stop. I'm so close, baby." I go rougher and I start to feel her hands my hair and grip the living hell out of it while she climaxs against my face. And while her climax I in full bloom moved up her body and thrust my rock hard cock into her contracting pussy and start to pound the hell out of her and she comes a second time and I feel my own climax coming very soon and goes harder. I bite her mark while I'm shooting my hot white cum all inside of her pussy. Panting I said "Damn babe. I needed that with all that is going on. I love you." And I licked her mark to close it it. And pull out of her. Bringing her to my chest to cuddle she tells me "I know, my love. I needed it to. I just hope nothing happens to our niece. She is all we have of your sister." I nodded my head and start to fall asleep.

A few minutes later.
Mary's POV

I am in my room getting ready to walk about the pack lands to try to see if my mate is here. But I'm sure he's not. I'd have sense him if he was here.

But I have to try to see if he is. I can't not look. So dressing in jeans and t-shirt I head towards the door. I go down stairs and I see my cousins in the living room watching a movie on Netflix. I walked up behind them hiding my scent and screened they jumped and popcorn went everywhere and they screened too. I was laughing at them since they were watching a horror movie. "I am heading out to see if my mate is here." "Ok. Just be careful." "I will." And with that I'm out the front door and started walking. I take a deep breath and try to see if I scent my mate. So far nothing yet. I keep waking to see if I can get closer to try to scent him out. But I don't smell him. I turned back to the house, that is when I noticed it was dark out. I ran back to the house. I don't like being outside when it is pitch black out. It brings back bad memories of how I lost my mom. I came up to the porch and inside the house. I still don't want to go outside with what message I got earlier today.
I got inside the house and locked the door before I went upstairs to the room I'm using while I here. I went to where my clothes were and changed into some pj's. And go to the bathroom that is connected to my room I brushed my teeth and then I went to bed.
In my dream
I am running through the forest from what I don't really know. I keep running I was barefoot so my feet were cut on the bottom of them. But as the cuts form they heal instantly which is good for me. I hear a deep vibrating growl and I knew it was a alpha wolf. I looked behind me and there was nothing. I tripped over a tree trunk and started falling but as I tensed up for impact it never happened. I opened my eyes to see what was stopping me from falling to the forest floor and I was being held bridelstyle and I looked up at the person who is holding me and he was beautifully handsome. He told me "You are close to finding me, my little white wolf." He nuzzled my neck and it sent shivers down my back and my nipples harden. He sensed this and placed me down on my feet. I looked up at him and he had beautiful green eyes that where the color of emeralds. He looked down at me and his hands went to my breasts. I moaned lustfully. He grins at me and pinches both of my harden nipples. He leans towards me to whisper in my ear "I need you to find me. I feel like I'm going to give up on finding you. I'm near the Waxing moon pack. Please find me, my little white wolf."
And just like that I woke up
I sat up straight like a kiddie punching bag. I'm panting hardcore. I know where my mate is. I screened when I'm door is flung open and standing there is my uncle Eric and aunt Ava looking for danger. I put my hand to my chest to try to keep my heart inside my chest "What are you doing in here?" I asked them "We heard your heart pounding like you were in danger. We came make sure you weren't. May I ask you what had your heart pounding like you were in danger?" "I dreamt of my mate. I now know where he is. I have to pack. I am going to the Waxing moon pack today. He'll be there at night." I told them. They looked at each other and their eyes glazed over and I knew that they were mind-likning each other. I joined in "Is she telling the truth Eric?" Ava asked "I'm not sure, darling." "I am telling the truth you guys. And before you freak out I'm a white wolf, too. This is how I can get into your mind-link." I told them. The get out of the link and gave me a weird look. "What? I thought you guys knew that." "Actually no. That is a new one for us. I guess I can call their Alpha and let them know that you are going there next." I grinned at him and hugged him. He sniffed my hair and drew back and asked "Why do you smell like smoked wood? I looked at him and asked "What are you talking about?" "I'm talking about the fact that you smell different some how." I sniffed myself and I smelled like chocolate and coffee. I looked at him and said "I smell like my mate to me. I'm smelling chocolate and coffee. That was how he smelled like to me." He looks at me weird. "I'm smelling smoked wood. I guess that is his scent to everyone else but you." I shrugged and said "Can you guys go? I need to get dressed and pack up to leave." They nodded and left shutting the door on their way out. I dressed in dark blue skinny jeans and a black tank top. I looked down at my shirt and it says "be afraid of me. I have all bite and no bark" I like this tank top because I really do have all bite and no bark. I smirked and finished packing. I went downstairs and smelled something really good cooking in the kitchen. "What smells so good?" I put my suitcase near the front door and walked into the kitchen. "Oh good. You are just in time for breakfast. Which is waffles scrambled eggs with sausage links with coffee." Aunt Ava said knowing how much I love coffee. I smiled and said "Thank you. I will bring my mate by to meet you guys." She smiled and said "I would like to meet him." While she put a plate of food and a cup of coffee in front of me.

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