Wolves Ran Wild book one

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Seven: arriving at the new pack

I am driving south towards the Waxing Moon pack. I have to get there soon to unpack and get settled in. "Lena. We are finally getting to meet our mate at midnight. I can't wait to see him in person, can you?" "No I can't. I want to meet him so much. I hope he looks like what he did in your vision/dream." "Me too." I noticed that I'm at the Waxing Moon pack's territory line. And the patrol gives me the go ahead I nodded my head and just kept going. I am a little over a mile away from the pack house. When I get there Alpha Cole, Luna Cinnamon, Lettie, and Jack is one the stairs to the pack house. "Hello Alpha Cole. I was told by Alpha Eric that he called you to let you know that I was coming today." I said. "Yes, Mary. My brother-in-law has called me to tell me that you were coming today to search for your mate. We are related by your mother marring your father.

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