Punishing the BILLIONAIRE ABS # 1

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Unedited! "Kian?? What are you doing? Are we going somewhere?" I asked. "We? There's no 'we' now lexi .. it's just you going out of my life, out of my house!!" Kian Martin aka Smart, handsome, talented,rich but angry person. He loves Alexis Texas with all his life. But is love enough for marriage to remain as blissful as ever?

Romance / Children
Sonam Gokhru
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This is last thing remaining for creating heaven at home...... Noooo let me again go through all these things

Cake? Done

Decorations? Almost done

Gift? Ready

Me????? Not at all ready

I am looking like an idiot with oily and dirty hairs, sleepy face and to add few more negative points in my appearance is I am sweating..... Like hell!!

It's 7 p.m. and Kian will come home by 8.30. I just hope he likes my birthday surprise....... Ohhhh god! Lexi you have to get ready, do it in a rocket launching speed.

After last review of all the things I went for shower........ All my tiredness disappeared by warm shower. I changed into my attire for this wonderful evening. I want to make Kian's birthday very special. The surprise for him is in my stomach.... giving me hard time.

Ahh Kian Martin aka my husband is CEO of Martin Industries pioneering in textiles. I met Kian when I was working as a tailor in his Company. Weird!!! Welll it is weird and funny...... Actually two years ago he came to our branch for reviewing the work and I was unaware of the fact that he is the KIAN MARTIN. I was sewing and he was standing with his back facing me, talking to our manager about some production issues.

Suddenly my eyes landed on his butt area and I saw one thread of his pant coming out may be it had stuck to some needles kept somewhere. I don't know what came over me I went to cut that thread and he came a little more backwards and the pant was torn and the worst part was the scissor poked to him and he turned! I had to admit he was and still is handsome. When he touched his butt he gave me annoyed look and I.... Well I said sorry and tried to explain him what happened. Keyword Tried!!! He bursted and I being I started laughing.....

He gave me confused look and I said your underwear is on display and you are shouting?!! But that was funny. From that day he always used to annoyed by me. Now you might be thinking how we fell in love??

After that day I used to bring him something to eat everyday as a compensation for that high class, super model, expensive pant... Not my words... His words. I started talking to him and then I got to know he is Kian Martin. May be he liked the fact that I didn't know him and he started getting comfortable with me. And boom I married to him!!!!

I am ready and excited for today. Just me and him, this peaceful ambiance, my surprise... Perfect Combination. Can't wait for him to come home. 8.30 now!

He might be coming!!!!

But door is still closed. He is never late on any occasion. I decided to call him.


"Hello Kian baby! Where are you?"

"In hell. Wanna come?" What?? Why he bursted?

"Kian it's 8.45! Come home fast.... I miss you and I will forgive you for bursting like this but just for today okay? How much ti..."

"Just leave me fucking alone you bitch!" What the hell!

"Kian? Are you drunk? Come home and talk" I ended the call.

What happened to him?

After what felt like years he came and went directly to our room!! Not even glancing at me, the decoration!! Something happened in office? But why is he spoiling his birthday??

I went to our room saw him packing...... MY STUFFS!!!

"Kian?? What are you doing? Are we going somewhere?" I asked.

"We? There's no 'we' now Lexi .. it's just you going out of my life, out of my house!!" He yelled.

"What? But what happened? Just explain me situation at least....wait you are joking right?" He must be joking!

"Haha... Joke? Do I look like I am joking? You bitch, slut, illiterate, pathetic women going to every man and spread her leg..... " That's enough for me to control so I slapped him.

"You are out of your mind Kian ... I am pregnant for godsakes how can you even think like that!?" I shouted at him.

"Pregnant? Whose? Liam's? After all you both are sleeping behind my back right?" He is mad!!!

"Shut up! You have gone mad to think this Kian!! I can never cheat on you!" I said.

"Seriously? Look I know your true identity ok! Just sign the fucking divorce papers and leave! You bitch.... You are illiterate and then also I loved you. My friends have wives with impressive degrees but I didn't care of my reputation and loved you and you.. you mere tailor cheated on me?!" He yelled.

"Kian that's the limit! Give me papers and also give away parental rights to me" I yelled.

"Fine! I give all the papers now just sign and leave!" He said and left the room.

I just stood like a mental staring at our room. All the memories of our love making, cuddling, fighting, caring started to appear in front of my eyes. After sometime he came in and said "Papers are coming in 15 mins..... Pack your things and come down... And don't leave anything here that is related to you. Disgusting creature!"

I packed all my things that were actually mine and went downstairs. Signed all the documents and took the parental rights papers amd left. God will be leading me to the new beginnings of me and my baby!!!

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