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A man with a dark past. A girl with lots of skeletons in her closet A love story made of possession and obsession. Her name? Gabriel's Calla. "You are so beautiful yet so mysterious. And I know you are hiding something. But I will find it, little one." He was so close that I could feel his hot breath on my neck. "You can try all you want but you will not make me submit Gabriel." my voice sounded calm yet I felt anything but calm on the inside. "You will submit, little one. And when you do I will fuck you until you forget anything but my name. Your throat will be raw from both screaming and my cock. Everytime you move you will remember that I had been inside of your body. I. will. own. you. Calla." Calla Matthews is the first borne child and only daughter of London and William Matthews. Because of her being the only daughter of the governor of Connecticut everyone believes that she has a perfect life. But no-one is perfect. Calla has alot of skeletons in her closet. To hide the truth she has avoided visiting her home for 2 years. Telling everyone she is busy with college. But what happens when her mother forces her to return back and Calla has no other choice? what happens when she meets the hauntingly gorgeous Gabriel Black? what happens when the monsters from her past make an appearance? Let's find out.

Romance / Thriller
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The room is quite. Too quite. People are looking around the room with questioning gazes. Everyone is confused but dared not break the silence. And then he entered the room in all his glory. He is beautiful like a God.

He enthralled me and by the look everyone is giving him I knew I am not the only one. His presence is powerful, suffocating even. He demanded attention with his aura. An aura that shouted danger. But his presence made the room 100 times more beautiful and serene. Every small detail was molded to utter perfection like a Greek God. The black three peice suit he wore clinged to his body and muscles. I wanted to run my hands over the firmness of his body. Lick all of the crooks so badly.

He is like a magnet. Attracting everyone's attention, respect and submission. He towers over everyone in the room with his 6 feet 4 inches height. He is lean but muscular and well built. His Raven black hair is slicked back and styled perfectly leaving not even a single strand of hair out of place. His gaze is calculating as he looked around the room with precision. And in the moment I got a glimpse of his face.


He has Grey eyes that could penetrate your soul, shadowed by thick eyebrows. Plump pink lips surrounded by dark beard. Even behind that beard I had no doubt he has a sharp jawline. His nose was slightly crooked. But it did nothing but enhance his beauty. Little imperfections made things even more beautiful.

His eyes are accessing every person and were slowly making their way towards the corner of the room where I stood timidly. But I didn't want him to look at me. Those eyes haven't even looked at me yet and I want to crawl at his feet and revel all my dark secrets. I want to beg for his mercy, his touch. And that thought scared me like no other. so I prayed with every fibre in my body to distract him and stop him from looking my way.

And my prayers were heard because the next moment a short, bald man that looked to be in his mid - 50's stepped forward towards the God like creature. If I'm not wrong my Mom introduced me to him at the beginning of the party. His name is Mr. Ballock, I think. Mr Ballock stuck his hand out towards the man for a handshake I presume. But the man just looked down at him. After a few moments Mr. Ballock started fidgeting In his place. And I think it satisfied the man because in the next moment he took Mr. Ballock's hand in a firm handshake.

But when I looked at his hand a cold shiver ran down my spine. On the fore finger of his right hand he wore a ring. A ring that was all too familiar. But it can't be him, right? He looks so different. He can't be him. I felt panic building up inside of me. I wanted to scream and run but I stood immobile. Mr. Ballock was saying something but I couldn't hear a word instead my eyes were fixed on the face of the beautiful stranger.

"........... Mr. Gabriel Black. ............... graced us with his presence. ........... thankful to him......."

He is looking around the room again. Slowly his eyes made their way toward me. And then our eyes met. But he didn't move them this time. They were stuck on my face. His eyes are like molten lava. And the longer he maintained eye contact the weaker I felt. In the moment everything else vanished in the room. All I could see is him. He truly is a God.

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