Match Made in Hell

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She had chosen a life hard to live. She had sacrificed without a regret. It wasn't easy to be the man of the house being born as a girl. Yet, she live Right from the Devil-- 'Made in Heaven'....'Made for each other'..... 'beautiful couple.' Aren't these the endearment new couples are blessed with by their friends and relatives? I tell you, half of them are lies. In reality, these words are just to hide the real feeling which are like,, 'Seriously,couldn't he or she find someone better.' 'Who asked them to wear this colour?' If you ask how do I know, well I am the one who makes them say that, hiding in the little corner of their god fearing heart. Even after all this, my contemporary gets the credited of making these so called lovely couples. Though, I won't deny that he matches them quite fine .Sometimes I am jealous. Why? Well, though I get my share of praises with devilish bosses, wives or naughty kids , I still wanted one couple to be called 'Match made in Hell.' Guess what, my wish too got granted. If you think it's a Bad Boy Good girl story, no its not. They both are equal in every sense. They bring the best of me from them when together.

Romance / Drama
Abha S Dixit
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Chapter 1


Shreya and Rudra were destined but to bring the two people together, life creates its own set of drama called as coincidences.

Life made many such coincidences to bring them together but the stubborn heads never paid attention to each other. This is the reason I had to step in.

The moment they crossed their paths for the first time, I almost squealed in delight. It felt like the crowning moment of a beauty queen, a happy ending. That day I knew, only these two could make me famous, and prove how necessary my presence is to keep the world colorful. Let me take you there.

The Past- Encounter Number 1

It was a bright sunny day in April. The University campus was buzzing with a young dreamy crowd who were busy enjoying their first taste of freedom. They were happy to get rid of dull school uniforms, crazy hairstyles, and strict rules. The thought of college felt like freedom. They were loving every moment of adolescence which had just kissed their baby cheeks.

While the new bloomers couldn’t wait to experience the new life, their seniors were waiting to boss them. They were the serious believer of what goes around, comes around and wanted the inexperienced peers to know who was the boss, just the way they were made to feel a few years back.

In this crowd, was a girl who looked unperturbed by all this. All she cared was the room she had to go to attend her first class.

Her eyes scanned the list as her finger ran down the room numbers allotted to the bachelor courses. She tapped at hers twice before adjusting her backpack, ready to enter the new world.

As she walked up to the stairs, she found her path blocked by a few pairs of feet blocked her path. She frowned moving her eyes up, ″Are you a fresher?″ Asked one of them.

Shreya knew they wouldn’t let her go if she accepted being a freshman. She took a deep breath, locked her eyes with them and replied, ″Do I look like one?″

″Never saw you here before.″

″Ever heard of transfer student jerk?″ Shreya’s voice came sarcastically. Her eyes read the ID of one of them and realized she was just a year junior to them. She smiled, ″I am a third-year student. Any more questions?″ The group parted giving her the way. She smiled running off, she knew they would eventually know but then she would come up with a different idea.

Little did she know the rouge group had a boss who loved making others lose. When he learned of her audacity, he decided to teach her a lesson. Rudra felt it was beyond his class to confront her in person, so he assigned the job to his brainless followers. His gang kept an eye on her and one day she found her bicycle missing, as a memento she received just the handle of her bike. She was agitated but knew no one would take action so she decided to do her R&D. 2 weeks later she gave back and with interest.

″What the hell? Who did that?″ Rudra screamed looking at his expensive car. It had been spayed all over by paints. The tires were punctured and the window glasses had been turned completely black with paint. Rudra was going mad with rage. His eyes went to the fluttering note against the bonnet, ″I hope you pay more than I paid for my new bicycle. And don’t repeat, I have already made you and your group famous with teachers and senior authorities ″

Just when he decided to retaliate, one of his followers came to him running. ″Our pictures troubling the juniors are all over the campus. She was lying low to gather proofs. We are screwed.″ And they were. The college had strict rules against bullying but no one complained till date. Shreya did, she had never been scared and that resulted in Rudra and others getting expelled.

What happened next? Rudra was send off to a foreign University for the next few years and he never got a chance to retaliate. Until they met again.

A few years later - Encounter number 2

Shreya sipped the hot coffee from her mug. She had come to the cafe to escape the daily drama of her house. She wanted some peace and it wasn’t possible in her house. She was happy the way her career was moving but peace eluded her personal life. There never had been a day when she woke up to peace. The parents she did so much for favored their Son, her brother Sanjeev. She wondered when they would be able to see his selfish attitude.

She recalled how she sacrificed her chance to be in a prestigious university and her dream course. She compromised so that his course could be financed and now he didn’t leave a single chance to put her down. If he wasn’t less, his wife too had joined the brigade. What pained was that her parents never stopped him from hurting her. She shook her head, it never worried her but she decided to face him the way she faced every bully all her life.

″Would like to order anything else?″ A waiter asked breaking the chain of her thoughts. Shreya smiled at him shaking her head. She cleared the bill and got out to leave to dash with a passing man. He walked past her busy with his phone, unapologetic about making her fall in the process.

″Are you blind.″ She screamed

He looked over his shoulder, ″You look alive to me. Why so much fuss?″ His audacity triggered her anger. The anger she had towards all who put her down. Walking to him, she turned him around with a jerk. His phone flew off his hand landing on the tiled floor, splitting into two ″Apologise.″ She demanded

″You better do because you broke my phone.″ he countered

″That’s just a nonliving thing which feels no pain, I do. Apologize.″ She warned.

″I won’t but you should because you cause me a big loss. Do you even know how much that phone is worth.″

″More than human life?″ She asked sarcastically. To her ears, she sounded a childish but something in her wanted to teach the man a lesson.

″what human life? You are a monster who ate my phone.″

″Apologise twice! First for pushing me and then calling me a monster.″ She now turned persistent. He stared at her, she wasn’t going to back out. Shaking his head, he walked past her to gather his phone. She narrowed her eyes, that was an insult.

She watched as he bends down to pick his scattered phone. A smirk covered her lips as she kicked his butt making him fall flat on his face, ″We are even.″ Brushing her palms she walked out with a smile.

Rudra did follow but lost her, ″If I ever see you again, you will pay big.″ He decided. When he turned to his vehicle, he found few other customers of the same cafe walking out laughing at him. He felt insulted, this was the second time he had been put down and by a female. Only if he knew, by the same one.

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