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"So Shane, I should've told you before we fucked. But here's the thing. I don't do relationship. This is a one time thing. Meet Shane Gregory a player, club owner, and a talented architect. Then meet Trisha Bradley a player, galery owner with a dark past behind her. How would two strong individuals,  clash their personalities and molds their steamy sexcapades. Both having trails of lovers, making each one jealous. Will they end up in a happy ever after, or will their passion fades away like other sexy encounter they have previously. ********** *Warning! R-Rated for 18+ due to strong, explicit language and sexual content*

Romance / Erotica
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1. The Night Begins


Fuck it's too damn crowded. I'm making my way to the dance floor. It's nine already.

Where is he?

"Trisha! Bitch come here! Over here babe!" Devon my trusty wingman called me over.

"Damn woman! You're looking hotter by the day aren't you?" Devon looked at me from top to bottom.

"Dev, your such a tease! You're so gay I can't even be mad at you. Come! We need to search for our preys. Or do you need more liquid courage?" He sat back down and introduced me to his friends.

"Take some shots Trish! Apparently Gina here, knows the club owner and he gave us freebies." Devon explained.

"Don't mind if I do then, thanks Gina. To Gina!" I hold up the shot glass in the air and we were all wooing her, and she blushed. Oh, such a young woman, with a young mind. The owner probably wants to fuck her brains out.

I waited for Devon, until he finally get to my side and drag my ass to the bar. I order my whiskey on ice while Devon order his usual pink cocktail. I flirted awhile with the bartender, as he peeked down my plunging neckline. We take a seat and browse for our prey.

"White shirt, sneakers, arm tats." Devon started whisper in my ear. My eyes scanned the floor.

"Nice. Firm ass. Damn pinkie ring. Next." I muttered.

"Marron shirt, black leather jacket on the left. He got the boyish look that you like Trish."

"Nice ripples of muscles, but he has sideburns Dev, seriously? You know I don't do sideburns." I laughed at him.

"Oh Trish, you and your rules sometimes. You can just shave it off when he's sleeping of exhaustion, after you fuck him senseless. We've been club hopping for years. You're bound to fuck the same guy, with your many standards." Devon complained.

He knows I don't do the same guy twice. Not even if he's that good in bed. I don't give out my numbers, sometimes I don't even give my real name.

"Denim shirt, black chinos. Oh o.. his mine darling. You can take his not so gay friend with the black shirt and designer jeans. Nice leather boots though. Let's go and get them." He winked at me and grabbed his cocktail and drink it down. I mirrored his action and finished my drink.

Damn! This is strong.

Devon opens the conversation as I play the blushing girl trying hard to flirt with the boots man. When in reality, I don't even have to flirt my way to drop his pants.

They were flattered by us. And we move to the dance floor. We started to dance our way to the music, my hands are up in the air, swinging to the beat while his hands rest on my waists, flirting his way into my pants.

Right then, I'll give him another ten minutes before we go to his place and fuck.

I need to get back before twelve. I got some important meeting tomorrow morning, I'll be needing my beauty sleep.

From the corner of my eye I can see Gina, dancing with a hot looking guy. Is he the club owner? He's hot. Then he looked my way, as he arched his eye brow at me.

Hmmm....cocky much?

Jim the boots man starts to kiss the back of my neck, and grind my ass from behind. Resting his hand on my hips now.

The guy that's dancing with Gina is watching me now, she's facing her body the other way. His hands are all over Gina's body, and he starts kissing her neck.

I'm wearing my tiny body con black dress, with a very plunging neckline, under sheer white boyfriend shirt tied loosely on my waist. I start to move my body sensually, as Jim hums his appreciation making me laugh sexily at him.

Men! So predictable.

I turn to face Jim the boots man, moving him sideways making sure that I can still see Gina's dancing partner. I award him with a deep kiss, trailing my hands from his chest. Then to the back of his neck, playing with his hair, pulling his face down to me. I start to trail kisses along his jaw line, and whispering dirty things on his ear, as he pulls me in closer to him.

I peek to where Gina is dancing, seeing her dancing partner still glued his eyes on me. Making me winked my eyes to him and he lift the end of his lips, smiling at me as he kiss her.

Oh poor girl. She'll be forgotten by morning.

"You wanna get out of here Jim?" I whisper seductively in his ear.

"Yes, babe. Let's go. Your place or mine?"

He draped his hand on my shoulder, as I tapped Devon and said goodbye to him and told that I'll texted him later.

"Yours is good with me. Let's take a taxi yes? I don't do drunk drivers." I smiled sweetly at him. He nods kissing me pulling me closer, as we're out in the cold night air.

Rules of the game is, I never invite my sex partner to my place. Always text his address to Devon, as he mention his destination to the taxi driver.

I would usually leave their place before the night ends. Always be home for my beauty sleep. Always use protection. And most importantly is, I don't do commitment.

I'm happy with my current life style. I'm not seeking for love. With my busy schedule, I really don't need the distraction.

Devon has always been my wingman. He has been since the first time he decided to came out to me, as being gay in highschool, when I try to shove my tongue in his mouth. I never thought I found a boy, that don't like me kissing them. But instead he was using me, the prettiest girl in school he said, to test his theory of him being gay.

I was hooked by him since that day forward.

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