Adam and Grace

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One Girl. One Boy. One type of messed up Love. How they meet. Who they are. It's all a revolving around one thing -Their Past. Read On for more. We all look for adventure in our life. Whether it be Love. Winning a lottery. Going travelling. We all look for it. Well, she didn't. The adventure came to her instead. this is where She learns so many secrets, falls in love and fight the troubles she faces in doing so. this is where He finds reunion, Love, and importance. this is where they find EACH OTHER. Adam and Grace.

Romance / Thriller
J.N Williams
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Chapter 1

The loud swooshing sound of violent wind shook my bedroom window. The wooden frame, jiggling with fright, that at any moment it would fall off it’s hinges. I leaped off the bed, were I laid comfortably and rushed my way to the window to lock it, when my eyes were caught in the mist density of forestry that surrounded me.

The foggy atmosphere, made it impossible to make a clear image of the trees, and the chill breeze of shower poured carelessly. Tall oak trees of death, where many were taken and stolen by sharp fangs. Many sightings of coyotes and wolves were always heard on the news. So many lives lost. I rubbed my shoulders adding warmth, shivering at the impact. The thoughts unnatural, as I sigh with discontent.

I locked the my bedroom window, closing the curtains immediately, bringing darkness into the room. Cautiously, making my way to the lights, I switched it on and grabbed my phone on the charger. Seeing how there wasn’t any recent notifications, or means to venquish my thirst for attention, I threw my phone on the bed, as it bounced up and down. I stood, eyes looming the room quickly, to find entertainment, but I couldn’t find any. Huffing, I switched off the lights, re-inviting the darkness, as I exited the room.

“One heck of a rain, huh?”

My dad asked as he walked out of the kitchen, with a cup of coffee in one hand. The Worlds greatest Male, bolded with red capital letters on white. His brown curly hair, the short, messy ones that I inherited, tussled with each movement he did. His 6′2 height, shadowed over my petite self, as he stood two steps in front of me.

“It just came out of nowhere.” I remarked, running a hand in my brown curly hair. Some strands, mischievously falling in my line of vision. He nodded an agreement, as we both followed to the living room. The rain pouring loud and heavy outside the windows, adding more chills and cold in the atmosphere. I sat on the couch, beside him. Snuggling deep under his arms, trying to keep myself warm. His hairy armpits somehow, warm and chilly. It was like heaven had descended.

“Where’s Mum?”

“She’s working late tonight.”

“So your making dinner then?” I grinned at my dad, clealry humouring myself because the man beside me can’t cook at all. My dad scoffed, grabbing the remote and going through the Tv channels. Eyes rolling as he grunted. Knowing too well, that had meant. After a few more surfing, he settled on an old Tv show, and stood up.

“Got to go make dinner for my baby then.” My dad chirmed with glee. A little cheeky thin lined smile evident as he walked into the kitchen. Knowing how terrible his cooking skill was, there was bound to be disaster in that kitchen.

I sat for about an hour on the couch, fixated on the Tv. Trying to kill time. t say the day was fine -It absolutely wasn’t. School was slow, and with the bad weather, nothing had been fun these past few days. And today was any different. Half way through a 90s music video, dad called out that dinner was ready. I grunted loudly. My voice loud as it resembled to a fat pig. At lease, that’s what my mother would say when ever I did it. Switching off the Tv, I carried my feet and entire tired lazy self to the kitchen.

“What did you try and make this time?” I emphasised on the word try, leaning my elbow on the island, my head resting in my hands. My eyes teasing, as I waited for his response.

He rubbed his neck, chuckling at my understatement. Cheeks pink, as he chuckled with embarrassment.
“Let’s just see if it taste good, first.”

To say that he was trying to make mac and cheese was really a lie. Because that didn’t look at all like mac and cheese. There was macaroni present, yes that was visibly seen from a mile. But the cheese was not at all looking like cheese. It was liquified way to much, it was drowning the macaroni. Frankly, it was cheese soup, rather than Mac and cheese. And there was some burnt thing on the side, that it scared me to even ask. Times like these, I begged for mum’s presence. Her cooking was divine.

We sat around the island, my dad facing me. Eyes locked, as he watched me take in my first swallow. The yellowish orange water, sliding my throat with such speed. I heard it fall with a splat, mixing with the acids and enzyme. Hope they can digest that thing.

But, shockingly, it wasn’t at all bad. Unbelievably it was. I took in another, then another. I just couldn’t believe it. My dad finally made edible food. With my eyes dilated, and seeing how quick I was being, with each swallow, my dad scoffed with a large ear to ear grin plastered on his face. It wasn’t restaurant quality but it was good in the mouth. Terribly good.

“Well this is new.” He commented, as he began eating. Very amused that I had taken a liking to the cooking. I didn’t bother to speak, for increasing his ego would only make things worse. We both sat silently, eating cheese soup.

After the pleasant meal, my dad decided to pay Mum a visit and bring her some food for the night. She worked as a nurse, and at times the rush hours deprived her of her family time. some times, she would stay at work for two days straight. working on constant speed with the sick and injured. She did it out of love really. Even when it was her days off, she’d suit up, and drive of her to work. Her passion was what she loved. No one could stop her.

“I’ll be right back. Lock the doors and windows, once I’m out of the house.” He began, grabbing the little blue lunch bag for mum.” Call me if anything happens. And most importantly, don’t get -” My dad preached and babbled, constantly a nuisance. But I cut him off, knowing exactly what he was going to say. Those lines used too much, on every nights.

“Kidnap. I know dad, you keep telling me all the time. And yet, I’m still here.” I said, waving a hand up and down my chest, to emphasis on my spoken words. He was always over protective. Always watchful when it came to me. The only one they had.

Seeing how fustrated I was in hearing the same nonsense everytime he decides to leave me alone at home, he sigh heavily, running a hand in his hair. Smiling, he side hugged me, placing a kiss on my forehead. “I know baby girl.” He softly mumbled, squeezing me one last time before breaking away.

He waved me off, as I blew him a kiss and watched him walk out of the door. He figure soon disappearing with the dense midst of the heavy rain. I closed the door quickly, as the wind began blowing tear drops all over me. I Chuckled lightly at my dad’s crazy notion of me being kidnapped. His strange ideas at times odd.

That was a long time ago.

After washing up all the dirty dishes in the sink, and tidying up the place, I went up to my room searching for my phone.

“Why did I even throw it!” I screamed at my stupidness, throwing all my neatly placed pillows and comforter on the floor. The tidy room no longer appearing as it was ten seconds ago. Just as all hopes where gone, I heard a chime indicating that I was getting a call. Ritual by Marshmello boogied through the scene, as my cheeks flushed itself automatically.The ringtone was indeed childish for my age, but I couldn’t care. That was my jam.

Following the noise, I found my phone casually placed under the bed, under one of the pillows I had thrown. An unknown number, loudly displayed on my brightly lit screen. I coiled a frown, as my furrowed a brow. Working hard all my brain cells, recalling any people with such a number as this. But soon, the call ended, and after three more minutes the room was still silenced. No calls from this unknown number. Dumbfoundedly, I switched off the lights and left my room as it was. Pillows and comforter flooding the floor messily.

I went downstairs, jumping on the couch, plummeting down on my stomach with an oomph. My body jiggling like jelly as I tittered at my own silliness.

However, the humor died out, quickly. I gritted my teeth in agony and frustration once I saw that my phone battery was low. 10% glowing, reminding me of how idiotic I was to ignore this. I could’ve charged it hours ago, but I was too stubborn to listen. And the consequences where a killer. To comfy and lazy to get up and charge it, I placed it on the coffee table, with a slight bang. The glass screen making a harsh contact with the wooden coffee table.

A sudden urge to use the bathroom struck me, instantly out of nowhere. Groaning, as I held my stomach with strength, running a marathon to the bathroom upstairs. The cheese soup was taking it’s vengeance against the enzymes.

Minutes later, after I finished, I was washing my hands, when a rattling sound grabbed my attention. My hands frozen in the cold water, with my beating heart. I picked at the window and saw how windy the wind was still blowing, the rain still pouring. Thus I shrugged thinking it was the violent wind causing some damage. But I still quicken speed, as I hurried to leave.

Just as my fingers grazed the doorknob, a loud heavy thump froze my movement. The noise imcreased as if it was heading my way. Loud steps echoing the house. With no hesitation, I locked the door. The locks noisily clicking against the wooden door. And just show how frighten I was, I even threw my body against the door, back against it, as I slid down. My chicken self, evident. I held my knees, heightening my senses, my ears specifically, listening to the other side of the close door. The room went quiet after a few, as I no longer heard the alien noise.

A rainy day, windy and at night. Home alone -it was just my mind playing tricks. I said, as I slowed my breathing. Calming myself a little.

Then a darkish shadow appeared under the door, hammering my heart more then it already had and heaving my breathing. My whole life flashing before my eyes.

“Grace, dearest, open the door please?”

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