Gonna Love Me

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Miguel grew up in a home where he had to bend his back to survive. He spent all his life providing and loving everyone, but who was going to love him? The sound of the annoying alarm blared through his ears, sending a vibration throughout his body and the bed itself. His phone was located right under his head and he knew that it wasn't healthy to do that, because of the radiation, but that was the only way he was going to be able to get out of bed. Slowly, he sat up on the corner of his bed and placed his arms against his knees as he prayed to thank the lord for waking him up and to give him the strength to continue the day. He wasn't big on praying before, but slowly he was getting into it. Who else was he going to be able to talk to. He made his way into his small bathroom and began his hygiene routine before heading out of his room with his bag. Not being like most college students, Miquel decided not to stay on campus. He wasn't one to be around people and he thought that it was a waste of money. Money that he didn't have. Now that he was basically finished school, he still remained in the same house he was living in before. Miquel wasn't big on changes. "Pops. C'mon wake up." His thick accent poured out as he entered his fathers room. Grabbing his wheelchair, he placed it by the bed and headed to the bathroom t

Romance / Drama
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Miguel grew up in a home where he had to bend his back to survive. He spent all his life providing and loving everyone, but who was going to love him?

Nayeli grew up to be a successful woman and to only love what gave her the most evil thing on earth. Money. She craved love and attention from anyone, even if it was negative attention. But who was going to really love her.

Join the two from different cultures and lives on their individual journeys. But will their journey ever be joint?

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