Tempted By My Boss II

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I was your sky, you were the stars that decorated it. My lonely heart shattered. Who did I forsake, that I should be in such despair. Was this all a dream? Come back to me my love. Please don't let me fall. This is a Sequel. I suggest you read the first one, so you can have a better understanding.

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Chapter 1

Hailey sat by her office desk, she saw her name tag and smiled. Her name on the door always gave her a warm sensation. A year later and one would think she would be used to it by now, but the same pride and joy was always there.

At times she couldn’t believe that she had her own office, that was huge and furnishings. The same joy she felt when her staff greeted her with so much respect. When some aspired to be like her or better yet to be successful as she was.

She got up each day with a re-established goal. She would feel as if she was in a dream until her driver pulled up and opened her door for her. She would slip in the car and would look out the window for the whole drive.

At times she would look at her signature and be in awe that it made such a huge difference. That it was needed for such a major deal.

Her accomplishments over the past year seemed to grow bigger and bigger. She was glad that she had taken the leap of faith and made something for herself or else who knows where she would be right now. Probably sitting with regrets over the opportunity that she had passed up. She sighed in relief. That she would not have to live with the what if’s for the rest of her life. She was young and needed to do what was best for her.

At times people would ask her if she had any regrets? And she always told them the same answer over and over. She didn’t have any, in life on got a chance that they can’t pass up. You have to give up something to be somewhere in life. Sacrificing something was a small price to pay for a better-established future. She knew that there was no going back.

Her goals were never tainted by anything. By now she learned to never look back but to look forward, for bigger and better things were yet come in her way.

Hailey was the chairman of a company that she had also helped to grow from the start.

She grinned, Hailey couldn’t believe that AH Corporations had grown so quickly in such a short amount of time. She was young, with so much success.

She is broken out of her thoughts when she hears a knock by the door,

“Come in.”

Bethel walks in, “Mam there is a huge media channel that wants to do an interview on you and your success.”

“I told you before that I don’t do interviews.”

“But why? This is a huge opportunity.”

“No buts, tell them no.”

Bethel leaves the office without another protest. The one thing that she wanted to avoid now came back. She refused interviews because she didn’t want to be found by a certain someone. She couldn’t face them after all this time.

She shrugged off the thoughts and went back to her work that she was doing. Hailey knew she couldn’t afford to daydream because this job was demanding from the get-go. Yet it felt great.

Bethel walked in to her office. “Did you get a dress for tonight?”

“Tonight? For what?”

“It’s the Lecrow auction for the super-rich and a great place for one to find potential clients.”

“Can’t you go instead of me Bethel?”

“I am afraid I can’t.”

“Where would I find a dress in such a short amount of time.”

“Lucky for you, you have a caring and reliable secretary.”

“I owe you one Bethel.”

“Don’t you forget it.”

Bethel went out and a few minutes later she came back with a long bag,

“Here you go, Go change.” She handed her the bag

“Of course,”

Hailey got up and dashed to the bathroom, she quickly took off her work suit and took out the gown that was in the bag. She must admit that Bethel had done an exceptional job. She put on the gown and removed the hair tie from her hair.

She touched on her makeup a bit and when she was satisfied with her look, she went out the office.

“Well aren’t you the stunner.”

“Wait, what are you doing here?”

“I am your date for tonight.”

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