The Bewitched Knight

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Chapter 15


It was the day. Finally, the day came and the majority of votes from the board of directors were on me. The other candidate was the son of one of the directors, and even though he lost, he said he was happy with everyone's decision and backed off with positivity as I finally took over my father's company as the new CEO of The Knights corp.

I had never felt such thing that I was feeling when I saw my father sitting there in the boardroom clapping and looking happy when I got the vote results. He seemed way too happy comparing the day when I was graduated or the day I got the national award for my pollution invention.

My sister stood at the corner of the room with my mom on her wheelchair as they clapped for me. The moment was supposed to be the happiest moment of my life but somehow I felt empty and burdened. I was taking on a responsibility for which I was not ready nor I had any wish to. But only for my family...


The celebration party was set in a banquet hall and I watched as my father walked around talking to his associates seeming utmost happy. This was the first time, his emotions were reflecting on his face. The last time, I saw this was when I left home for London. He was sad but he let me go.

I sighed, as I turned around and walked to my table and sat down, gulping down a glass of water, too exhausted. I was fine being in my lab as I experimented through different chemicals. It was what I liked. But this, isn't what I want.

The main problem is I'm not really sure if I could stand up to my father's desire. I don't really believe I could take care of Knights Corp. Dang it! How did I even let myself be in this situation?

"Ace..." immediately I got of my seat as I heard my father calling for me. He stood there with some people and I mentally scoffed at the situation thinking that he would again make me meet some of his business associates. I was done for the day. This was probably the twentieth one and all I wanted was to get back home and sleep.

"There's my boy," he smiled as he extended his hand towards me and I smiled walking to them.

"Ace, meet Mr. Kinsley," he said and I looked at the man with blonde hair and probably, in his late fifties as he smiled at me. He wore a black suit and what had my attention was the deep cut scar on his forehead. The grey eyed man smiled warmly at me and extended his hand for a handshake.

"It is pleasure to finally meet you," he said and I took his hand and smiled at him.

"This is my daughter," he said and I looked to his side to find a woman who looked familiar. Really familiar.

He opened his mouth to speak but I beat him and we both spoke at the same time "Chelsea Kinsley," the name rolled out of my tongue and the woman's eyes widened in shock as she thought I had forgotten her or something.

"Of course you know her," the man gave out a laugh and I grimaced inwardly not really happy to meet her again. But she looked different. She used to have urban fashion when she was a teenager. She was the bully in our school and she had bullied me countless times back in the school. Also, she was Elliot's girlfriend.

Today, she looked different. Her long hair, which felt to her waist, was in a side braid as she wore a cream-colored long dress and looked far from what she used to look. What happened to her now?

"Ace, she is going to assist you in your work. She is really qualified and she is going to join our corp. All thanks to her father who has always helped us," dad said and even though I wanted to slam my head on the ground, I found myself nodding and smiling at whatever he said.

I zoned out multiple times, while they were talking and Chelsea tried to talk a few times but all I did was to reply with a yes or no whenever she asked anything. I had no interest in her and I knew what my father was trying to do. I don't really know why but my father always favored the blonde women. God only knew, why he thought every blonde woman would be like mom.

And I knew, what he was thinking.

So, I excused myself while they were talking and walked out thinking now, I could escape but suddenly I heard a feminine voice who called for me and I let out a sigh. Chelsea.

"Ace. Wait a minute," she called and I looked back at her.

"Yes? Ms. Kinsley?" I said in a professional tone and she stopped right before me, pretty much stumbling in her heels. She laughed nervously and stood before me holding the dress as she looked at me shyly which made me narrow my eyes at her but, I straightened up when she looked at me.

"Hi," she said awkwardly. I raised my eyebrows at her weird body language but nevertheless nodded and spoke up: "Is there anything I could help you with, Miss Kinsley?" I asked and that made her laugh softly.

"You can call me Chelsea," she said and I forced out a small smile. "My god, you have changed a lot. Where is that big rimmed glasses of yours? And how in the world are you so tall now? You used to be of my height. Damn! It is as if I remained in the same height and you all boys have grown so much," she laughed and I adjusted my suit button.

"I will just excuse myself now. I have some work to do," I said and turned around to leave but all of a sudden she ran in front of me and as I had imagined, she stumbled and was just about to fall when involuntarily, my hands reached out to hold her.

"Oh my god," she shrieked as I held her waist, stopping her from falling. She kept her hand on my mine and I looked up rolling my eyes, little annoyed. Why? Just why is everyone so keen on blocking my way?

"Chelsea, my sweetie, are you alright?" I heard a woman and assumed it to be her mother. I helped Chelsea stand up and she adjusted her dress and looked up at me. My height towering her petite form as I pursued my lips and looked at my impressed father. Just great!

"Yes, Ace here, saved me," Chelsea breathed out and it was when I saw my sister, Amelia Coming our direction. "Get me out of here," I mouthed her when she looked at me and immediately she nodded as she held her phone and ran towards me.

"Uh brother, there is an important call for you," she said and handed me her phone. I took it the chance to get out as I took her phone and feigned as if there was someone in the call and walked out.

"Uh Ace!" I heard Chelsea calling for me but I walked out, pretending that I didn't hear her voice. Thankfully, no one followed me out and immediately, I called the guard and handed Amelia's phone to him and asked him to give it back to her. As he walked towards, the banquet hall, I took it the chance to run away and I dashed out of the building having enough of the day.

I was tired and most importantly, annoyed to meet someone whom I never really wanted to see again. But now, all thanks to my father, I have to see her just everyday and tolerate her. Just why is my life turning out to be like this? Nothing really seems to be going like the way I had planned and that was what annoyed me the most.

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