The Bewitched Knights

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Chapter 16

There was this solution, I had been solving from past two days and miserably failed, which brought me grief. For the umpteenth time, I crumpled the paper which had the wrong solution, in my hand and was just about to through it when a piece of paper flung directly towards my face and in no time, I dozed it as it hit my pen stand and scattered every single pen on to the floor.

What is this?

I looked out towards my open balcony door, from where the paper from come from and walked out to find no other but Veronica outside my balcony, under the street light waving at me...excitedly. This girl..

I went back in and picked up the paper that she had just flung at me, only to find a pebble inside and in a messy handwriting it was written...Come down.

I looked back at the clock to find it already nine in the evening. It was a Saturday and I walked back to the balcony only to find her waiting, tapping her foot on the pavement. She looked up at me and immediately a smile formed on her face as she motioned at me to go down.

But I signalled back that she should go back to her hostel and it was late, I was not going down. Being, the stubborn person that I had ever met in my life, she narrowed her eyes at me and motioned me that if I didn't go there than she would definitely come over. A deep sigh escaped my mouth when I thought of the possibilities. Knowing her, she would definitely come over. And it was why I chose to go down, locking my balcony door and passing the guard. But this time, I had to jump over a wall to go out because the guard was on his senses.

Thanks, to Veronica's friends or whatever that sat in the surveillance room, I wasn't really afraid to jumping off a wall not worrying that they would complain to our authorities. As soon as I jumped down, I had to dust the spider webs away from my hand but I was just about to turn when someone all of a sudden boo scared me.

I had to admit, I was caught off guard and I looked up rolling my eyes when Veronica laughed her ass off thinking she got me. "Are you done?" I asked as she continued laughing holding the sides of her stomach. But all of a sudden, I found myself admiring the scene. For the first time ever, it felt as if she was laughing heartily. A warmth, formed in my chest as I took in the sight of the beauty before me.

"Caught ya'!" she laughed and the pitch in her voice made me snapped out my world.

"If you have called me here to laugh at me then I'm leaving," I said and made an attempt to climb back up on the wall but she held the hem of my shirt and pulled down.

"Wait! Jeez! Alright...Alright," she breathed out and I turned to look at her, adjusting my shirt.

"So?" I asked and I watched as she put both of her hand behind her and rocked on her heels, with mirth in her eyes. "Have you ever been to an amusement park at night?" she asked and that made me furrow my eyebrows at her as I shook my head negatively.

"Great! We will have fun," she shrieked in excitement and as I understood what she meant, I was already looking at her as if she had two horns on her head and was slowly making an attempt to leave when she caught me by my forearm, refraining me from going anywhere. Her eyes held this mischievous glint as she locked her arm with mine and forcefully dragged me towards the front gate, while I literally sobbed not wanting to go.


"Just Why?" I found myself complaining, not believing my fate as I held the handrail of the front seat and slammed my head multiple times.

"You will leave a bump on your head," I heard her voice and looked to my left to find her seating, looking excited on the window seat as she pulled her jeans jacket closer to her.

"Today, not only did I climb up the hostel wall but also jumped the school boundary wall. I have been dragged to a public bus by a maniac girl who doesn't care what will happen back there if by any chance our hostel warden comes to check on us or if by any...any chance they get it, that we jumped off the school premises. We shall definitely be rusticated," I told her but all she did was shrug in response. A cry of despair escaped my mouth as I took in her childish behavior and slammed my head on the rail. Thankfully the bus was empty.


Twenty minutes later, we were already standing before the night themed amusement park and I wanted to get out. Sure, I had never been to one, but I never really wished or wanted to. I would rather choose a silent library than yelling and screaming my lungs out.

"Let's go!" she said as she bought the tickets and held my hand pulling me towards the gate.

"Look! Let's head back. We will be in trouble-"

"Shut up! You are coming with me," she said in a I will not take any of your nonsense tone and dragged me inside the park. "God," I whispered looking up at the sky.

As I had imagined, it was happening. I had already calculated that my heart rates would skyrocket and I would feel my pulses about to burst as I screamed like a maniac, all the while saving my eye glasses and then again screaming in anguish as the breeze hit my face, hard in the rollercoaster. Veronica seemed to be enjoying herself as she held the hand rail and excitedly looked here and there and occasionally laughing at my tormented face.

And suddenly, I thought of closing my eyes in desperation, thinking that the ride will end soon and I get to climb off and go back to the hostel, but suddenly much to my relief and as if god heard me, it stopped. Happily, I opened my eyes, thinking it was over but only to find bile rising up to my throat when I saw we were at the top of the rail, where the coaster would slide down in a tremendous speed.

At that very specific moment, I knew, I was done. It was the end of Ace Knights.

The level of fatigue caught me off guard and I was throwing my stomach out, multiple times. Whenever I thought, I was done, vomit was already at the back of my throat making me puke even more. My head was spinning and the level of bile continued to rise whenever I thought of that nerve wrecking ride.

"Here," Veronica gave me a bottle of water as I came out of the men's washroom and I took it gladly, gulping it down.

"Are you alright now?" she asked literally sounding worried for me and gratefully I nodded as I thought she was worried for me. "Yeah, I'm alright," I said with a hoarse voice and as soon as I said that her face beamed with happiness as she took hold of my arm and immediately pulled me towards the park.

"Alright then, let's go back to another ride," she said and I stopped in my tracks.

"What?" she asked as she looked back at me. She looked happy that day. It was as if, for the first time, I was witnessing the real side of her and that me have weird feelings in me. I wanted to tell her that I wanted to go back. If she didn't stop then I shall leave her there go back alone, but something in me stopped me from doing that.

I feared that as soon as I tell her about my wish, the little smile in her face would fade away and never come back. It was why I chose to speak, the total opposite of what I was thinking.

"Let's stop for some minutes. Okay?" I said and she turned completely to face me, arching her head to a side probably wondering what I meant.

"I want to have some ice cream now," I said pointing at the ice cream parlour and she looked at the way and immediately a hundred watt smile appeared on her face. "I love ice cream," she said and ran towards the direction. While I stood their in the same place, with a smile playing in my lips as I closed the lid of the water bottle and took a step forward.

"And Veronica," I called out when all of a sudden I remembered something. She stopped abruptly and turned around to look at me. "You are paying," I told her as I remembered because she had dragged me out without any warning, I had forgotten my phone and my wallet back in my room.

A laugh escaped her mouth as she nodded and ran towards the parlour.

"What a kid," I whispered to myself, happy with her reaction.

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