The Bewitched Knight

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Chapter 17

“How was the ride?” she asked as I sat on the bench and she followed my actions sitting next to me.

"It was dreadful for me," I said and sighed not even wanting to go through such experience again.


“Yes. But I think at the same time it was exhilarating for me," I had to agree that even though it was scary still it was exhilarating. The scare gives you a feeling of excitement and it amused how can a person be scared and excited at the same time. You know that you are going to be scared shitless, yet you wanna try it out wanting to experience the scare feeling.


"That's great so let's go for that ride then," she said as she pointed at another ride. As I felt the blood falling from my face, I got up from my place ready to leave. "I think, it's enough for today and its already too late. Let's just head back home, " I told her and while I was walking back, I heard her laughing, hard.

"I can't believe this," she laughed and I looked back at her squinting my eyes at her reaction. "But whatever it is, do you agree that it was amazing to be out here?" she asked and I don't know why but I rubbed my hands and looked her way. I don't know if I liked the rides or not but I was sure, I definitely liked her company.


"See this? See this? Now what are we going to do?" I breathed out as I held my forehead knowing that the last bus has already left.

"How would I know?" she shrugged and I gave her an incredulous look. Okay, forget about it. Why did I even agree to come here in the first place? Wait! I didn't agree, I was forced to come. I had no choice left but to glare at her and all she did was show me her toothy grin. How can she be so frivolous?

We had no other option left as we walked with the roads back towards our hostel. I was hoping to at least get a taxi or something and I kept on looking back for any other vehicle coming our way. The roads were calm with not a single person on sight. The night was cool and as we were walking in silent, she ran past me and I saw her running towards a street light which was blinking.

"Disco light," she laughed and looked at me, excited. As the light went off and back on she would change her position into a funny pose as she did that multiple times.

"Are you a maniac?" I asked slightly annoyed by her. She just doesn't understand the situation. First of all, we were out, jumping our school boundary and it would be okay to say that we are in trouble if anybody finds out. And to top of that we are stuck in the middle of nowhere in the middle of night.

"Do you even understand the situation?" I asked as I folded my arms over my chest. She gave out a sigh as she walked to me under the blinking street light and the light fell on her face as she looked back at the street light and then at me.

"Situation," she muttered and my eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

"Have you ever thought about this word? Situation? People only use this word when they are in bad conditions," she said and that confused me even further thinking what she was talking about and where this was going.

"There are two situations. One obviously good and another bad. But you will never hear a person saying, 'I am in a good situation,' whenever anyone talks about a situation its always bad. 'Help me, I'm in a bad situation or my situation is very bad,' do you get what I mean?" she asked.


"So, tell me Ace, what type of situation are we in right now? Good or bad?" she asked and that made me huff at her. "Obviously Bad!" I retorted as I stomped past her I did hear her when she said. "Wrong! We are in a good situation," she said and that made me look back at her.

"I don't understand what you mean but I need to get back. Heck! We need to get back as soon as possible or we are dead! So stop with your philosophical thoughts and hurry up!" I told her as I saw a Taxi coming our way.

"How much do you have?" I asked as I looked at the taxi on the other road but hoped it would come our way.

"A lot!" she chuckled and that made me glare at her.

"Alright! Alright! Sorry. I have fifty euro," she told me and I exhaled out a sgh as I saw the taxi coming our way. Finally the situation was under control and we would head back to the school.


The whole ride, she sat quietly and I would occasionally look her way. She was awfully quiet and her cheery personality was long gone as she sat quietly and looked out of the window playing with the cap of the water bottle.

Earlier, what she had said came rushing back into my mind as I thought about it.

Just what does she mean?

What was she even saying?

Good situation...Bad situation.

Two types of situations.

All of a sudden something struck me and I jumped in my seat totally shocked thinking about it. "Alright! So, it was the problem. Oh my god! How could I not know that?" I laughed thinking about it.

"Ace?" I heard her confused voice and looked at her.

"It was the problem," I told her and she furrowed her eyebrows obviously oblivious to what I was saying."I had been stuck in this math problem and today I get it what I was doing was wrong. I have been adding the solution all this while, but all I had to do was subtraction. Shit! How could I not understand that? "I laughed as I thought about my stupidity.

She gave me a small smile as I got excited to solve the problem as soon as we get back.

The taxi took forty-eight euro and we asked him to leave us in the main road just few miles away from the school. We ran back to the school premises and helped each other jumping and climbing the wall to get inside but as I took a sigh of relief as I thought we are back without anyone noticing our absence.

But then we saw people running around and I was scared for a second thinking if they were searching for us.

"Ace," it was Jung who ran to me.

"Jung what's going on? Where are they going?" I asked and looked back at Veronica to find her rubbing the dust off her pant.

"The Dean. The Dean had killed himself. His office and the whole building has caught a fire," he said in a hurry as he ran towards our school building. I was shocked for a minute but then joined everyone as we ran towards the building. And truly, it had caught a fire with high intensity. The fire had engulfed the whole building from all the sides, fire was just coming out of everywhere, through the windows, doors and every other openings. The flame had a deep red and amber colour as it burned the building down vigorously.

The situation was chaos as everyone yelled and the firefighters came to help. I couldn't believe it. Our school, where we were studying and roaming around just the same day had caught a massive fire and the building burned down before everyone's eyes and nobody could do anything to stop it.

All of a sudden, I remembered something and I looked around to find her little away from us, watching the fire in silence.

"Bad situation," she mouthed at me when she caught me staring at her.

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