The Bewitched Knight

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Chapter 18

Everyone stood silently, mourning Mr. John Darwin, the Dean of our school. It was a black day for the whole school as we came to know that he killed himself pointing a gun to his forehead and he left a handwritten letter in which he told everyone he was depressed and he had ruined many people’s life in his whole life. Now, as he was growing old, this was eating him in the inside and finally not being able to take it anymore, he decided to take his own life.

Regarding our school building, the fire took place because of a short circuit in the chemistry lab which caused the fire. The cops are investing the matter and the clases had been suspended until they make the other building ready for the students, which would take normally two to three days. Everyone looked shocked to find the Dean dead. While some said, it was really unfortunate, some who were closer to the unmarried Dean, said that the Dean deserved it.

Whatever it was, I believed it was not right. Why do he had to kill himself? Just what had he done that came biting him and made him to have depression? Whatever it was, I believe ending life is not the right choice. If you were the one who caused pain and trouble for somebody else then you should be the one to fix it. Face it! But killing, suicide is cowardly.

My parent tried to persuade me to get back home. They were worried about me because of the fire, and the news of the Dean's suicide of a reputed school was all over the news both national and International.Bujt I told them, I need to be here, for my friends who couldn't go back home, especially Reyash.

We sat in the lawn looking at the now burned down building as a sigh escaped Jung's mouth and he looked down at the ground, plucking some grass and throwing it away "This is ridiculous," he muttered and I looked at Veronica who gazed at the sky. The classes were still suspended and its been three days to the damn incident.

"I can't believe we used to go that building to study and look at it today. All left is the damaged structure," he grunted as Reyansh sat their with his lips sealed. Some students chose to go back home but we stayed back. "I have heard the officials talking about making the Wing two's building as our school until this building is restored," said Reyansh and I pursed my lips thinking of heading back to my hostel. I should just self study for awhile then.

"Okay guys, I'm heading back to my room now," I told them as I picked up my bag.

"Yeah, we should get back," Jung said as he got up and the rest two followed his actions and I looked at Veronica. "Where will head to?" I asked and she shrugged. Almost ninety percent of the girls from her hostel has already left. "I'm off to the Cafeteria," she said and it was when Jung replied: "Oh! I shall come with you too then. I feel hungry after thinking too much," he said rubbing in stomach and while Reyansh chuckled at his actions, I rolled my eyes and nodding at Veronica, I chose to walk back to my room.

"Ace," I heard Rey and looked back at him to find him following me.

"Can I come to your room now? I have some problems that can't solve," he asked and I shrugged "Sure! Why not!" I told him and we both walked to my room.


"So, if you integrate this with sin 30 then.."

"Do you like Veronica?" he asked all of a sudden and that caught me off guard as I kept the pen down on my study table and concentrated on him.


"Do you like Veronica?" he asked once again even though he knew that I had heard it in the first time. A faint smile played on his lips and I adjusted my glasses as I turned back to solve the problem.

"So where was I?" I asked totally ignoring his previous question. But he seemed not to be fazed at it as the next moment he stood to my side and looked at me with a mischievous glint in his eyes. "Don't try to ignore my question."

"Why does this concern you?" I asked as I looked up at him and crossed my arms across my chest. "It doesn't concern me but I want to know. C'mon now! Why can't you just answer this? Do you like Veronica?" he said as he put more emphasis on her name.

I sighed as I got up from my seat and walked to my balcony, putting both of my hands on the rail, I looked at nowhere lost in deep thoughts. "I have always marked the way you pay attention to her. You search for her without even asking anyone where she is. You care for her and most importantly the way you look at her," he chuckled and I closed my eyes shut.

I don't have to answer him. Do I?

"See, the fact that you are quiet and you are not even denying the fact makes me believe that you do like her," he said nonchalantly and I opened my eyes as I looked back at him to find him sitting on the chair that I just left.

"The thing is, it's so obvious. Jung was the one to point this out," he told me and that got my attention. But Jung never spoke to me about this.

"He is waiting for you to go and tell him," he answered the question that I had in my mind. Was it really that obvious?

"Does Veronica know about this?" he asked all of a sudden which made me lean on the railing as I thought about it.

Why do I need to tell her so soon? And most importantly, what will I tell her? I can't just go to her and tell that I have started liking her. Knowing, the crazy girl, she would laugh and die.

There was a minute of silence until Rey broke it: "Really? So you are yet to tell her that you like her? C'mon how many days left for us to graduate do you think?"

"Merely four months left for us to graduate and then we will be choosing our path. God only knows, if we would ever meet again. Jung will be going back to Korea, I don't about myself. You're going back to America and she would probably head back to Romania. Do you think it is worth the wait? Only four months left, Ace, only four months left...."

His words were like blades cutting through my heart and I felt uneasiness thinking that I would never be able to see her again. Truly, we have only four months left. I can't even understand how quickly the time passed by, since the day I met her in the canteen.

"I think she deserves to know," Rey said and that made me tense. Yes, she deserves to know but what if it affects our friendship? What if she doesn't feels the same about me? Would it really affect our friendship?

I was totally in confusion and I couldn't understand what to do. Rey was right, she need to know about my feelings but I don't really want this affect our friendship. Talking about this, I would have to talk to Jung soon.

"You know, you can simply tell her and if she reciprocates your feelings, then Voila! You both can enjoy the remaining four months and think what to do!" he laughed at the end that made me roll my eyes at him as I turned around and looked down towards the other buildings when suddenly my eyes fell on the two figures walking on the road.

Jung and Veronica!

Jung's hand was filled with bags as if he had brought food for the whole year while Veronica had only one food bag as they walked and in one point Jung nodded at her went the different direction, which was towards his hostel. Veronica walked on the road towards her hostel, which meant she would be passing by my building.

I was patiently waiting for her and the nearer she got, I felt my heart beat growing in my chest as I watched her.

"Boy! Look at you! You're totally bewitched," Rey caught me off guard as he punch my back and I looked back at him with a glare. He saw my reaction and laughed and all of a sudden waved at someone and I followed his action to find Veronica under my building waving at us.

"Are you not going to wave?" he whispered smiling down at the brunette girl. I had no idea, why my palms were sweaty and nervously I waved back at her as she smiled at me and then walked away.

"What's with the sweat on your forehead? Are you having an heart attack bro?" and all I did was, heave out a sigh.

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