The Bewitched Knight

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Chapter 19

"You think you are the big shot hu?" I was thrashed against the washroom door violently, and I winced up in pain feeling my sides hurting. You know the way a thirsty person runs to an oasis in the middle of a desert wanting to quench his thirst, the same way Elliot had made his life's goal to run to me in order to thirst his quench for madness.

"W-What did I do?" I muttered or should I say, tried to speak because he was holding me by my collar, which was blocking the air out of my throat.

"Shut up! Nerd! I have been noticing you growing big balls since the day that bitch showed up!" Elliot snarled at the end and I knew about whom he was talking about.

"Don't involve Veronica in this," I said with great difficulties and he narrowed his eyes at me. "Oh! So something is going on in between you two," he had a mischievous smirk plastered on his face and I took it the time to push his hands away from my collar and I gasped for air, coughing a little. 'You've it all wrong! She is my friend," I told him and that made him roll his eyes at me.

"Do you think I'm stupid?" he said and I looked up at him.

"Of course I know, there is nothing between you two and there can never be anything between you two. Have you ever seen yourself in the mirror? Nerd!" he scoffed at the end.

"You look like a dumbass!"

"And her! I admit the girl is little bitchy and pain in the ass but must I say," he laughed "she is a keeper."

"Have you ever seen her? She is beautiful, smart and is from a rich family, what else does a guy need more?"

"And you! We all know she is with you because the girl is a vixen. She is using you to gain knowledge and you like a moron help her and think that she likes you or whatever," he laughed and this made me cautious.

"Look! I don't care what you think off!" I told him and tried to move past him to leave but he held me by my collar and thrashed me back to the door with a loud thud and I winced in pain for the impact of my back hitting the door.

"Listen here Nerd! Don't you dare make me lose my temper. I don't give a damn to what is going on between you two but the girl is my target now. Do you know why? She hurt my girlfriend. Chelsea told me everything that had happened and I am going to make the girl's life a living hell, for even thinking of hurting my babe," he snarled and I gulped thinking of the possibilities. He would definitely go after Veronica.

"She didn't do anything!" I told him but all he did was thrash me back on the door and stood straight.

"And to top of that, I think this all is happening because of you. If only you had done my assignments like a good boy, I wouldn't have to tag her because of you. So yeah! It's your fault!" he smacked my head which caused the glasses being out of my eyes but I held it on time and adjusted it back as I looked back at him.

"Yuck! Why is your hair so sticky?" he looked like he was grossed out as he examined his hand.

"Fine! I will do all your assignments but you have to promise me that you won't drag Veronica into you games," I said and that made him look at me.

"Really?" he asked, astonished.

"Oh well! As long as you do my assignments I won't disturb your girl," he smiled but that didn't assure me that he won't do anything to her. "I promise!" he sang as he got it that I didn't believe him. I nodded at him and with one look, he left me alone as he walked out of the bathroom.

I leaned back to the door, exhausted and tired of Elliot.


It's been a month and everything was back to normal as we were transferred to a new building and the classes continued like it used to be. As I had promised Elliot, I did his assignments which caused me sleepless nights as I had to do my own assignments and I had to study.

But to top of that, it was amazing because Veronica seemed to be noticing me every now and then as she looked genuinely worried for me as I grew to look sleepy and exhausted. Every time, she asked me anything about my health, I would always brush it off saying I was studying for the main exams.

Sometimes, she would advice me not to stress myself but sometimes, she would tell me to leave everything and have a good sleep. But as I knew that we were closer to our exams, attendance would also play a big role in the end and it was why I refused to leave.

I had to talk to Jung and finally I told him that I liked Veronica and since that day both of them, Rey and Jung had not stopped pestering me of telling everything to Veronica.

After thinking a lot, I have finally decided that I would tell in the prom's night. And we have more three months left for graduation and until that I would just enjoy the time with her.

It was truly amazing. The more I knew he, the more attached I grew to her. She was funny and it turned out she was the only one who could make me laugh, even though she annoyed me too much.

I would listen to her when talked and help her with her studies. Science was the only subject that I was interested upon and I had marked that she never really paid attention to whenever I talked about science.

But whatever it was, the girl was smart. She scored better in class every single time from the other students but of course failing to stand at the top as I was the one who was in the top. But she never ever complained. I have noticed that she had no interest to be the top or whatever. She didn't really care if she beat other students in anything and sometimes, I have seen that she was lost.

Like...she was there, but not really there.

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