The Bewitched Knight

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Chapter 2

I could hear Jung practically, gritting his teeth in aggravation as he paced here and there in his room while I sat down on his study table to help him out with his assignments. The eraser in between my finger as I found myself lost in the thoughts of that new girl named, Veronica. I had no idea about her full name or on what subjects she has chosen and why was she transferred in the last year but I didn’t really care about it. But the incident, of her with Elliot is what kept on playing on my mind and the eraser fell off my hand and I took in a sigh.

“This Elliot! He is never going to reform his ways. I’m telling you Ace, let’s complain about him to the dean,” he exclaimed with a hoarse voice that made me look back at him. “I think, you should go to the doctor. Your voice is turning hoarse now,” I told him and he shrugged in response.

“Just the cold maybe,” he replied and I hummed in response as I picked up the eraser and went back to do my work.

“But that girl, who exactly is that girl?” he asked as he came and took a seat next to mine and looked at me wanting to know more about the girl. “I don’t really know but whatever happened back there, I think she probably has gotten herself in trouble. We should probably stay away from her if we don’t want any trouble with Elliot,” I said and he scoffed at me.

“We are already in Elliot’s hit list, Ace. What more can he do to to us? Do you know what I think?” he said and that made me stop my work and look his way.


“That we should totally team up against Elliot and teach him a lesson,” he remarked and that made me scoff back at him. “Forget it!” I shook my head at his foolish idea. I agree that half of the population in our school were bullied by Elliot, but none had the audacity or courage to stand against him. Last time, a guy named Jeffrey stood against him and complained the dean, he ended up being transferred to another school because of Elliot’s father. So after that, everyone in our school wanting to remain in the prestigious school, concentrated more in their studies rather than focussing on Elliot’s bully. But to top of that, Elliot was a good student too.He had brains but the only problem was he had no idea where to use it.

Everyone in our school were either merit or scholar students who came from across the world to compete with each other. The only who had knowledge and could break the entrance test could only gain a seat in the school. So was Elliot. His father’s connections had no link with him of being enrolled in the school. Like everyone, he gave the entrance test and got selected in the school. But his problem was, he was douchebag.

Considering Veronica’s sudden enrollment. I was sure, she had also appeared the entrance test to get the enrollment or it wasn’t possible. Even transfer students go through the entrance process and everything to get the admission possible.

“Look Ace! No everyone thinks the same way as you do. I know you do not like violence but let me tell enduring violence and bully is also your fault. I am with Veronica. I think what she did was right! She showed him her place from the very beginning and I think she is going to stand her way till the end and we should definitely support her,” Jung breathed out as he walked to his bed and plopped down on it.

I watched his actions and thought about he just said.

“Still, just a year left to go and it will be gone and forgotten,” I said under my breath but Jung heard it as he clicked his tongue in annoyance.

“Its very hard, very very hard to convince you for something,” he said as he got up and walked out of the room, slamming the door shut in rage. Not a new thing for me. He had little anger issues but he was the type of people who would quickly get out of there angry zone and be there usual chirping self.

It was Sunday and the clock read seven in the evening as I finished up Jung’s work and got up to leave his room. We lived inside the school campus. The school had its own boys and girls hostel. The boys hostel had five wings and Jung’s room was in the second wing in the second floor while I was alloted to the fifth wing and in the third floor.The boys hostel was in the right side of the school while the girls hostel was partitioned as a different area and was in the back side of the school and they had six wings constructed for them. But still, they had to cross the main road before our hostel to reach the school and my fifth wing was near to the road from where I could sit in my balcony and study or look down at the road.

We had different types of rooms in which two to three students could live in but I took the individual room which was only available in the fifth wing and it was why I ended up walking back to my wing in the evening time. Seven in the evening, and the dusky night rides down the sky. The birds chirping and flying away to their nest while the bats squeaks and squawks as I walked back to my wing.

Almost to my wing, I saw a shadow near the street light and I stopped in my tracks to see who it was.


She sat under the street light on the pavement of the road as she scrolled through a mobile phone completely unaware of what was going on. Behind her was the first wing in which, Elliot lived and like mine, he also had the balcony room to him. If he saw her down then I was sure, he would definitely make his way to her to avenge for the things that she she did back in the afternoon.

I clutched my bag and looked up at Elliot’s room. It was close and I was sure, he was inside studying or dancing or whatever and then back at Veronica. Why is she sitting there? Alone?

I wanted to tell her that she better walk back to her hostel or her warden or the security guards would made their way to her because the road was always guarded by the under surveillance CCTV camera, guards and sometimes wardens go out for a patrol but then it crossed my mind that it was none of my business. Elliot would never do anything to her because, even he knew the place was under constant surveillance. And I looked at the right to find security guards, sitting in the entry door of the First wing and they were already looking her way. So they were already aware of her presence.

Adjusting my glasses, I decided that it would good if I didn’t bother her or anything and mind my own business. So, I walked past her but as I walked past her, she looked up from her phone and for a second we had an eye contact. She seemed as if she didn’t even recognise me because she was the one who broke the eye contact and went back to her phone while I looked forward and walked back to my wing, ready to finish my assignment which I didn’t even start.

I knew, it would take a whole night for me to complete the assignment work but the whole time as I came back to my room, I had no idea why I kept on thinking about Veronica sitting there alone in the evening. Even though I found myself going to my balcony to check on her two to three times, I found her sitting on the same spot still busy in her phone. The fourth time, I went back to check on her, she was gone.

The time read eight in the evening and she was nowhere in sight or near to any of the boys hostel.

“Good for her,” I thought as I concentrated on my work.

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