The Bewitched Knight

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Chapter 21

For the first time in my life, I was glad that I joined the London school of science. God only knows if my parents didn’t agree to send me here then I would’ve never met Veronica. Apart from being an astronaut, now, I do have another dream and that’s to be with Veronica.

She turned around wearing a satin maroon colour dress with her hair made up in soft curls and here eyes looked beautiful, because for the first time I saw them sparkling and I was instantly drawn to her beauty.

“Ve-Veronica?” I found myself stammering.

“What?” she laughed and it was when I took a hold of myself as I stood straight and adjusted my tie. She looked down at my shoes and then gradually up as she raised her eyebrow and made an eye contact with me which literally made me conscious, thinking if I looked okay.

“Someone is looking different today?” she said as she squinted her eyes with a sudden playfulness in her voice. “What’s the occasion today?” she wiggled her eyebrows and that made med laugh as I shook my head and instantly, I was growing at ease. The consciousness within me long gone.

“You look amazing,” I remembered that I didn’t really complimented her look and that made her smile. A genuine happy smile as dimples that I had no idea, she had, formed on her cheeks, which looked absolutely cute as she replied: “Why, thank you! I’m actually surprised that you are actually complimenting me,” she told me and that made me furrow my eyebrows, confused.

“What do you mean?” I asked thinking what she meant.

“Everytime, you either lecture me on what I do or tell me to study. Do you even remember any specific time when you actually complimented me for something?” she asked and instantly I opened my mouth to speak to my defense but suddenly and truthfully I couldn’t really remember any compliments that I had given her from her side.

Alright! Noted! Compliment her more often then.

“See?” she said as she noticed the abrupt stop and knew that I failed to remember such time when I actually complimented her. “But that’s alright,” she smiled and looked back at the gate where the other couples were going.

“I think we should also head out,” she told me and I nodded and it was when she gave me her hand and I took it and wrapped it around my elbow, utterly in bliss.

“Shall we then?” I asked and she nodded, looking excited.


In our way, we saw lanterns and lights decorated on each tree in the campus. Music could be heard from the distance and people cheering and enjoying was seen as we headed to the open field which was richly decorated with flowers and lights.

“Smile!” the woman photographer asked us as we stood in the artificial lavender flower entry gate. Veronica tightened her grip around my elbow and posed for the shots while I looked down at her and then back at the camera, all the while smiling like a goof.

“Lovely!” she said and Veronica looked smiling at me as I realised I had grown little taller than her.

It was the perfect moment of my life. It was everything that I had always dreamt of. Veronica, my friends, having the best time of our life as we enjoyed all the moments from talking selfies, to dancing like maniacs and then the moment came for couple dance.

I was standing next to Jung near the drinks table when I saw another guy walking towards Veronica who was standing next to Lily, Jung’s date. The guy looked like as if he was asking her company him for the dance and I looked back at Jung who looked back at me.

We saw Veronica politely declining him and the next moment she was searching for someone and then her eyes fell on me as she walked towards me from the other end of the field. The clock already read eight in the evening and while other were having dinner, some chose to dance and it was how the surrounding began. A romantic surrounding in which the lovers of our school took their time to have a last dance with each other because God only knew when they would have that similar opportunity again after graduating out.

It was really a special day.

Veronica was already in front of me as she smiled and signalled me with her eyes towards the direction where other were dancing. Honestly, I had never thought that Veronica would always be the one to ask me out to everything. Starting from asking out to the prom to dancing with each other.

I was really thankful that she took it to her hands or I would’ve never been able to do the part. The host of the night announced the King and Queen of the prom night and it was undoubtedly Elliot and Chelsea. Chelsea looked pissed somehow but Elliot was grinning like a fool as the host announced their name and asked them to come over the stage. While everyone cheered for them, I looked down at Veronica to find her clapping slowly and looking uninterested for them. That made me chuckle.

“Do you wanted to be the Prom Queen?” I asked and she shrugged her shoulders and pouted, looking adorable.

“Well better next time,” I joked and that made her roll her eyes as a smile broke on her lips and she looked back at the stage where Elliot was seen ranting how happy he was while Chelsea, stood next to him with a foul expression.

“What’s wrong with this chic?” Veronica muttered.

As the music tuned in and everyone went back to dance, we saw Elliot pulling a not so happy Chelsea with him and it looked as if he was forcing her to dance with him.

“Can we dance?” Veronica asked and I kept the glass from which I was having water down on the table as I asked her hand out and we walked to the dance floor. It was a slow rhythmic music to which couple were moving to. Veronica put her hand on my shoulder as I held her other hand and we moved synchronising and accordingly to the music.

While, I was following her lead, there was a moment when she put her head on my chest and it was at that moment, I knew that I had to tell her everything that I felt for her and somehow, deep down I knew that she had the same feelings for me too.

“Veronica I-”

“Ace?” all of a sudden I heard her timid voice and that made me stop as I gave her my attention.


“What would you do if you can’t do something that you really wish to do?” she asked and even though for a moment, I was confused to why she was asking the question all of a sudden then I composed myself and put my chin on her head and replied: “In that case, I want to know what would you do?”

“I’m bound. I want to do something but I can’t because I’m bound. But my heart doesn’t allow me to do what I’m doing right now. I know I’m wasting my time, but I had an ambition. I had something else in my mind and something else in my heart but as I’m following my mind, I am very unsatisfied and always feel suffocated,” she said and that made me think what was that keeping her bound. But I knew, I was not really that close to her for her to answer me everything. If she wanted to tell me than she could’ve told me by herself.

“I don’t really know what is that which is keeping you bound but if you are unsatisfied with what you are doing than don't do it. You have to stop right there. Follow your heart, for it will show you the light to your gratification," I told her and she looked up at me. Her eyes glistening and for a moment I thought she was about to cry.

"I'm so sorry, Ace" she said and all of a sudden as I furrowed my eyebrows not understanding what she meant, she took a few steps back and ran away.


I was already after her as I followed her out of the field and towards the garden. The moon was shining brightly, making it easier to see in the night and I found in the middle of the garden, next to the fountain sobbing.

"Veronica?" I asked as I grew worried seeing her sobbing. It was the first time, I saw her sobbing and I had no idea what to do.

"Veronica are you alright?" I asked as she wiped her eyes and turned around to look at me.

"I am really thankful to you, Ace. Because of you I was able to score good marks in the exam and you helped a lot with everything. I must tell you everything before we graduate. It has been eating me from the beginning and I can't hold it to myself anymore," she told me and that made me even more confused than I already was.

"What do you mean?" I sounded unsure.

"The only reason, I wanted to be your friend because I knew you were the only who could help me with my studies," she said and I pursed my lips, nodding.

"I know," I told her and for a moment her eyes grew bigger, "Yo- You knew?" she asked and I nodded again. "I knew it from the beginning because remember we started talking to each other because you wanted my notes and help in your studies. So I knew our friendship began with you wanting to learn more from me and honestly, it's not a bad thing. You don't have to worry about it," I told her and she nodded.

"You don't really understand. I have a bigger problem than this and I used you as a shield," she told me. "That's alright. Whatever it is, that's alright," I told her as I took a step forward wanting to touch her shoulder but she took a step back as she looked straight into my eyes.

"I was the one who caused the fire in our school and I'm also the reason for why the Dean took his life," she told me and all of a sudden it felt as if the air got knocked out of my lungs as I took in what she just said.

"W-What are you saying?" I asked unsure to what I just heard.

"You heard me right. I came here for revenge from the Dean because he ruined my sister's life. It was the only reason I was here. I had no interest in science or anything," she said and her face had a weird expression which I couldn't comprehend.


"And now I'm leaving," she said with a stern voice that had my heart breaking down into pieces.

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