The Bewitched Knight

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Chapter 22

The buzzing of my phone broke my sleep as I turned the alarm off and rubbed the sleep off my eyes as I got from my bed and made my way to the glass slide balcony and looked out towards the sky. It was only four in the morning but still, birds flew away and the ocean of buildings before me stood silent as I stretched a little and went back in to take a shower.

The clock read five and hurriedly, I threw a grey shirt and a black pant jeans on as I made my way towards the front door, picking my car keys in the way.

Today was the day, when my parents were leaving for abroad for my mother's treatment. My dad has been agitated from the day my mom failed to walk and his brain didn't let him work and it was why he was so keen on leaving the company on me and go abroad for her treatment. The doctors in New York have failed to diagnose the problem in my mom's spinal cord which was troubling her from walking. While some said she was paralysed, in the same time others gave us hope that she could stand back on her feet if she gets the right treatment from the right doctor.

My father did his part. He left no stone unturned in search of the best doctor and finally when he found one, he left no time to reach him and it was why I was driving to the airport wanting to see them off before they leave.

I had been living in my penthouse apartment from a quite a time as my penthouse was nearer to both my lab and my dad's company. So, I thought it would be easier to transfer back and forth and it was how I ended up living, alone in the penthouse while my sister, Amelia stayed with our parents.

The ride took an hour and as I parked my car, I saw my sister waving at me from the gate of the airport. She was also leaving with my parents. She had this in her mind that she would be accompanying our parents for some months before she comes back and help me in our business while I go back to my lab for my work.

"Private jet is ready, we would be off in just fifteen minutes," Amelia said as I held her luggage and together we walked in towards the runway, where Knight's private jet was. "Make sure to get back as soon as can. No pressure though!Just take care of mom and specially dad. He is just not thinking properly these days," I told her and that made her laugh.

She pulled her brown trench coat to her and shook her head, laughing. "Don't worry about us, worry about yourself brother. It will be entertaining to see my brother juggling through two works at the same time," as she said that I glared at her and she put her hand in surrender, chuckling at me.


"Alright! Alright! I got it," she said and that made me sigh.


I could see my mother sitting on her wheelchair as the car took us to the jet. My father came out of the jet followed by the pilot and as the car took a halt, I got of the car feeling tears welling up my eyes seeing my mother. Instantly she smiled as she saw me and extended her arms for me and that got me running to her and hugging her tightly as I felt her patting my back.

"Take care mom. I'm sorry I can't be with you at a moment like this but I will make sure to give you a visit every often," I told her and she shook her and I saw tears welling up her eyes as I knelt down before her and she put her hand on my head.

"You don't have to. I want you to focus on your work now. I know we are forcing you to do something that you don't want but still, please take good care of yourself and don't worry about me. I have Xavier and Amelia with me. And to top of that, Emily and Lily are also joining me. So, don't worry about me," she kissed my forehead and I plant a kiss on her hand as I saw my father hovering over me to look between us.

"An emotional moment?" he joked and my mother laughed as I smiled up at him and saw the flight attendants waiting on the stair of the jet.

"Time to leave," my father told us and I nodded as I gave a hug to my mother one more time.

"Oh! Ace, son this switch over here is not working," she told me as she showed me the switch on her wheelchair. I had specially designed the wheel chair for her and the button which was not working was the bluetooth switch which connects with her phone and helps her control the wheelchair using her phone.

"Must be some issues with the device," I told her as I checked the switch and its connection only to find it not working.

"Its okay mom, you know its not an experiment if it doesn't fail," my sister made a sarcastic remark and that made me give her a sarcastic smile of my own to which she laughed like a hyena and waved at me before being the first one to go inside the jet.

"Don't worry, I shall have it repair and send it to you," I told her and she smiled at me before holding my hand one last time as she whispered "Take care." The attendants reached forward to help her into the jet but my father stopped them as he looked at them though his cold brown eyes, which made them take a few steps back.

"Don't worry about her, I got her," he said as he scooted her up, bridal style making her gasp but then he held firmly and together they went into the jet and out of my sight as I waved at them.

Just when I thought they would leave, my father came out of the jet and directly towards me as he stood right before me and got rid of his glasses.

The sun was rising and the sun ray fell on his face as he looked at the sun and sighed. "I know how it feels to be forced for doing something that you don't want to. And I know I have pressurised you a lot but trust me last time my father was right and being your father, I will always think the right for you. Just don't be pressurised and keep your mind calm. I will send Amelia as sooner as I can. But for now, remember that the company is in your hand, my son," he told me and all I did was nod at him.

"Ms. Chelsea will be helping you. Please be generous to her help," as he said that I couldn't help but sigh as I looked up, annoyed.

"Dad, I don't need her teaching me what to do," I said and my dad smiled.

"Alright, but be good to her. She is my business associates daughter. I don't know what problem you have with her but try to keep your personal feelings away in profession. Alright?" he told me and again even if I didn't want to...I nodded, not wanting make him worried. He smiled and patted my back.

"Also, I came here to tell you, a very important guest who is going to help our company grow is going to come in these weekend. Noah, your secretary will give you all the details," he said as he adjusted his coat and for the last time spoke "And don't worry about your mom, I will take care of her," he said and I gave him a side hug before we parted ways.

"Take care," he put his hand on my head before ruffling my hair which made me smile as he turned around and left. I watched leaning to the car as the jet took off and I waved at it a little already missing my family.

My eyes fell on the sun and I sighed thinking it was also the beginning of my new and hectic life. "Just what to have planned for me for today?" I asked looking at the sun referring to the day that I had ahead of me.

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