The Bewitched Knight

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Chapter 23

A stack of files was slammed before me on my desk and I looked up at Noah who adjusted his eye glasses as he dusted off the invisible dirt from his suit and looked at me. I had never really thought that from my lab, I would be transferring to a work like this. Even if, everyone around me encouraged me that I have been doing a great job from last two days of joining, it was only me, who knew how bad my condition was, as I drove back to my lab at night and slept there and again back to my apartment to change and then back to the company.

"This is the reports of the shareholders of Knights co-orp," he said and looked down at the files before picking one and forwarding it to me.

"You can start from this one," he replied and I heaved a sigh as I put my glasses on and took the file from him to go through it. It was getting hard for me to cope up with the company. Sure, I have been here before but those were truly minor works and my father was always aware of what I was doing. So no mistakes were seen. But today, I am the sole person who is going to be blamed if any mistakes is seen and if the company is in trouble. I will be the only one to be blamed and not wanting to go through the humiliation, I concentrated hard on my job and thanked Noah who was great help to me as he filled me with details about everything.

"Alright," I told him and concentrated on my file.

"And what about the guest? Did my father send any more details about it?" I asked looking through the pages and heard him replying a no.

"I was told, he or she is going to arrive this week and still we don't know anything about him or her? How is this possible?" I asked and he looked at his tab.

"We were informed by your father about it directly. Mr. Knights is the only one who is going to provide us information and as we are not being able to contact him right now, I think it is why we don't have any information," he said and I nodded knowing that my family must have been tired due to continuous travelling and they might have shut down their mobile phones to get some rest.

Knowing my father, I know he would have already asked his secretary, Ron to reach out to me for all this.

"Alright," I replied.

"Shall I order you your lunch sir? You have even skipped your breakfast," he said and I looked up and was just about to nod when the door opened and a woman walked in with a bright smile plastered on her face as she kept what seemed like a lunch box on my table and smiled down at me.

"No need! I have brought the food," she smiled and Noah bow to her before taking it his cue to leave.

"It was not really necessary for you to bring me food, Ms. Kinsley," I told her as I ignored the lunch box before me and looked back at my file.

"Again Ms. Kinsley!" she threw her hand up looking annoyed.

"Why are you being so formal with me, Ace? We already know each other," she remarked the same thing that she has been doing from the last two days. Sure, she helped me with my work but she was a bit invading my personal space. She would talk to me about personal stuffs and bring me food or ask me out for dinner.

"Ms. Kinsley, I hope you do remember that we are in my office. So, I do need to be formal," I told her and then looked back at the lunch box and pushed it away a little. "I told you yesterday, you don't have to do this for me. I have Noah, my Secretary for this work. I can order food an-"

"Exactly!" her eyes brightened up as she took a seat before me and pushed the lunch box back.

"Why order when you can have home food? Don't worry, I have already talked to your father and he was more than happy when he knew I got you lunch box," she told me and that made me slam the file back on the table.

"What?" I exclaimed truly annoyed with my father.

Dad just what to do you think you are doing?

I need to have a word with him as soon as possible.

"What?" a crease formed on her forehead as she looked confused to my behavior. Unlike the other time, today she had tied her hair up neatly and wore a purple coloured top and a black pencil skirt, and truthfully she looked very different to what she used to look in London school of Science.

"Ace, it's just a lunch box with food inside it. You don't have to glare at it!" she told me and looked back at her.

"I told you, I appreciate your effort, but I don't want it," I told her and got up adjusting my suit.

"But it's home food. I cooked it specially for you," she said as she smiled softly at me and took the box ready to open it.

"It is the problem. I only like to my mother's home cooked food not from any one from my office. I like things as it is. So, excuse me, Ms. Kinsley," I excused myself and walked round the table when she stopped me getting right before me.

"But sometimes, it good to have a little bit changes right? Changes are not bad. Look at you! You are a famous scientist, graduated from a well known elite school, London school of Science, but still you are here, in business line. You are the CEO of your father's company now. Changes...right?" she told me and my jaws clenched at her words as my fist formed into a ball and not wanting to create a scene, I shoved my hands into my pant pockets.

"See, Ms. Kinsley. I would like to remind you of your limits. You are right, I'm the CEO of this company and this company is mine. You need to know your position as a manager. Next time, you walk in make sure to have my permission and I would like you to not discuss about my personal things over here," as I told her that, she closed her mouth and her hands fisted her skirt as she looked she was about to cry, before she took a bow and and left my cabin, without a word.

A sigh escaped my mouth as she went away.

Was I too hard on her?

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