The Bewitched Knight

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Chapter 24

A cup of coffee was placed before me and I reached out to take it, ready to thank Noah but then as my hand touched the hot cup, accidentally, I winched and looked up only to find Chelsea in place of Noah.

She gave me a smile and kept a file before me. “I was already in my way to bring you this file and I met Noah on my way, with your coffee, so I offered to help,” she told me and I placed the cup down.

“You should know, the work suits in the hands of the one skilled to do it. If someone else does it, he’s sure to mess it up! Look at the cup, in your hastiness, you've managed to pour some coffee out of the cup," I told her as I pointed at the spilled coffee on the saucer.

"Oh my!" she whispered and immediately took the tissue from the tissue box from my table and worked on to remove the spilt coffee.

"Let it be!" I remarked and looked at the file in her hand.

"This is the new policy file that I've made and I need you to go through it and let me know for any changes," she said as she kept the file on my desk and I took it to have a look on it.

"Alright," I mumbled and opened the file to go through it while pressing on the intercom, asking for Noah to show up.

"You may leave, Ms. Kinsley," I said as I found her still standing. She smiled softly at me and was just about to leave when the door opened and Noah walked in.

"What are the guest's details Noah?" I asked and he kept his tab before me. "I have still no details on the arriving guest but I have this. You have to attend this meeting tomorrow anyhow," he said as I read the scheduled date only to find that I have a scheduled meeting with the board directors in Canada.

"Shit!" I cursed under my breath totally forgetting about it.

"Book the tickets right away, Noah" I told him as I stood up and adjusted my suit. "Already booked, sir," he told me and I took a breath of relief.

It was already six in the evening and yet I had not prepared about the welcome speech, I would be giving for joining the company. "Sir, Ms. Kinsley will also be joining us for the trip," Noah said all of a sudden and I looked up to find Chelsea, still present in the room, her lips formed into a thin line as she looked between me and Noah.

"The reason?" I asked and Noah looked back at Chelsea through his glasses and nodded. "As informed by your father," he said and I had an urge to roll my eyes but I resisted the urge and gave out a forced smile before picking up my phone and car keys, ready to leave.

"Whatever, you think is good for the company," I said and walked around the table.

"Are you going home? Can you drop me too? I live in the same dir-" I had to cut her off as I interfered "I'm visiting someone. You can take the shuttle bus provided by the company," I told her and walked out in a haste wanting to reach my lab as fast as I could to do my work and have a sleep to catch the flight early in the morning.


It was four in the morning, and I checked the time from my phone and looked to my right to find Chelsea, putting her seatbelts on and she threw a smile at my direction as I forced a smile out, being fake, early in the morning and then looked out of the glass window, totally ignoring her.

Noah was sitting next to Chelsea, as we were in a business class and I was allotted a single seat and both of them sat together in an adjoining seat, thanks to my relief. I just wanted to get away from Chelsea. Even though, I never reacted or told anyone about the way she treated me back in the school, but that doesn't mean that I forgot. Every time I saw her, I remembered the time, when I had to shave my hair off.

I didn't really dislike her, but I didn't really like to be with her. I avoided her presence. If it was anything then it was only the profession that made us to talk to each other. Somehow, she seemed persistent to me. As we met after so many years, I got to know that she changed her stream from science to commerce and then to business and ended up being a manager.

"Changes," I mumbled as I scoffed recalling what she had told me earlier.

But she did not really bully me or anything. Perhaps, I, being her superior stopped her from being her true self. Or whatever it was, I preferred to stay away as it was none of my business. I concentrated on the work that I was about to do and thought of having a nap before we reach Canada, wanting to refresh myself.


The meeting went out good and I took a sigh of relief as I untied my tie and gulped down water from my glass.

"You were amazing, today" I heard Chelsea behind me and I looked down at my now empty glass, ignoring her presence as I only hummed in response.

"You came prepared," she laughed and I looked out at Canada's cloudy evening weather. We were at sixty-four floor, and I could literally see the whole Vancouver city when I felt a presence next to me and looked to my right to find her standing next to me, with a smile on her face as she took in the beauty of Vancouver's city.

"It's a beautiful city," she whispered and I looked at her face. The twilight reflects on her face, as for the first time, I noticed how different she looked from the time she looked back in the school. Her blonde hair was neatly made into a braid and her small nose and her eyes shining to th- and the mole under her eyes, her beautiful brown hair made into a braid, her deep brown eyes, her luscious pink lips. "Veronica," the name came out of my mouth as I saw Veronica in her.

"What?" I was snapped out of my thoughts when Veronica disappeared out of my sight and I was clearly been in front of Chelsea before me.

Again. Damn it! Just again, I was seeing Veronica!

"Did you just say something?" Chelsea asked and I shook my head no.

"Nothing," I replied as I clutched the glass tightly, all of a sudden agitated that all these years and I have still not been able to forget her.

It was only because she left the school all of a sudden, without appearing the exams and she disappeared without a proper goodbye. I failed to tell her how I felt and I even failed to met her before she left. The prom night was the last night I saw her and the next day, we were informed that she was gone.

Since that day, she didn't even contact me or Jungor anyone from London school of science. And it was the particular reason why I failed to dissolve the feelings that I had for her. I refuse to believe that I still have any feelings for her. But then why do I see her everywhere, whenever I was happy?

"Ace, it's only six in the evening. We have the night. Can we go out for dinner or to tour around the city?" I heard Chelsea and I shook my head no.

"You can go ahead. I want to have a sleep," I said as I kept the glass down on the table. My mood immediately turning foul, for thinking about the girl, who I didn't have any idea how she looked now after all these years or where she was.

"Ace, can I ask you a question?" I heard Chelsea and I was still in my deep thoughts not bothering to reply.

"What is your problem with me?" I heard her.

"I have seen you being nice to other people who were not me. I want to know what is the problem?"

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"What I mean is this. Why are you always so rude to me? What did I do? I have been trying to make you believe that like you I'm also working hard for Knights Corp but you never acknowledge me or my presence. Am I not efficient?" she asked which made me rub my face using my palm.

"I have always been nice to yo-"

"Nice? You call yourself nice after what you did to me in the school. Do you really think I think you are nice?" I blurted,out of frustration but immediately regretted, when I saw her expression. She had a shocked expression plastered on her face and soon as she recovered, tears welled up.

"So is this why, you are so rude to me?" she asked with a breathy tone.

"Look. Ms. Kins-"

"I would like to remind you that we were kids back then. I have already apologised to you for what I had done. I was immature and stupid and a teenager with wrong acquaintances. If you are judging me for what I did when we were young and immature then believe me Mr. Ace Knights, I have never met a judgemental and immature person like you in my whole life who just simply ignores how people are today and judges them for what they have done, seven years ago," she said and I think I saw tears falling off her eyes, because she quickly wiped her eyes and stormed out of the room leaving me behind.

I exhaled loudly and looked when Noah walked in and looked back to the door where, a distressed Chelsea just left. But being professional, he ignored the matter and gave out the information.

"As informed by your father, our guest has changed the dates and will be arriving next weekend," he told me and I nodded.

"It's good for me. I am in no mood to welcome an important guest at the moment," I mumbled as I sat down on the sofa and closed my eyes shut.

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