The Bewitched Knights

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Chapter 26

“Here is your coffee,” I heard Chelsea and looked up as she kept the cup of coffee down on my desk with a smile on her face.

“Dark and with less sugar, as you like it,” she added and that made me pick the cup up as I inhaled the aroma of the coffee, and had a sip. “Amazing,” I said as I nodded and gave her a smile. “Thank you,” I replied and she nodded keeping down a file. “I will take the leave, Sir,” she smiled and put stress on the last word which made me chuckle and then she walked out of my cabin.

It has been a lot easier to work in the office, since the day, I resolved everything out with Chelsea. Turns out she has grown to a really mature and warm person. Well, everyone learns from their mistake. But seriously, I had never imagined that a person like her could change and turn up to be such a mature and kind person. I have seen her many times helping, caring for others. The woman has seriously changed and from the past weeks, I have grown more comfortable to her and her ways, letting her bring lunch and even my coffee.

Even though I had obviously denied her from doing that, still she insisted that she liked keeping herself busy.

It’s been a month since we went to Vancouver and since then the only thing I know is work. The last time I went to my lab was three weeks ago. I get so tired, that I sleep in my penthouse and then hurry back to work. All these weeks, I have been travelling a lot. Not for fun or vacation ofcourse, Hell, I don’t even get time to go to the balcony of every hotel to have a view of the town or city or wherever I was. My dream was tumbling down before my very own eyes and there was no sign of Amelia, returning back any soon.

The last time, I talked to her, I got to know that, dad hired a physiotherapist for mom and they have been busy looking after her health. So, there is probably no possibility of Amelia returning back any soon because mom was her life. Even though she never confessed it before anyone, still she would go to the end of the world for mom. Amelia was the exact replica of my father.

But I felt drowning. Even though I was busy, still I couldn’t grow the interest in whatever I was doing. It was like the daily routine of my life. Wake up early in the morning, get ready, eat, work, get back home, sleep. I had no fun or enthusiasm on whatever I was doing. Because, deep down I knew my heart and my mind wanted to do what I had always dreamt of. Stars, celestial bodies were the things that had my interest and day by day, bit by bit, I found myself getting away from it.

“Sir!” the door flung open as a worried looking Noah came striding in and stood before me with panic filled eyes.

“Is everything alright?” I asked as I closed my file and looked at his state.

“Mr. Knights just contacted us,” he told me out of breath.

“And?” I asked and he showed me his tab which had an email from dad that the guest which had told me earlier will reach our corp in fifteen minutes.

“What the hell?” I groaned as I stood up.

“Any more information?” I asked and he shook his head rapidly indicating no. I groaned and picked up my phone to call my father only to find the call disconnecting each time I tried. “Just what the hell dad?”

“Alright, no worries.Go prepare for everything and,” I stood up as I adjusted my suit picking up my things. “Try to find something about him,” I told him and he went away calling the security.

I looked back at my family photo, more to my father. Just what is the meaning of this?

I got out of my cabin and was followed by my bodyguards and my manager as we hurried our way to the elevator.I heard my bodyguard, talking on his walkie talkie gathering all the security on the front gate of Knights Corp for the security of the guest. Whoever he was, he was suppose to get here at the first weekend of my joining. But somehow, he reached out and told us that he had cancelled the trip and out of all of a sudden he shows up and now we have only ten minutes, to gather everything and prepare everything for the one.

Just why can’t he call like a generic normal person and let us prepare everything smoothly?

That made me scoff at the guest. Whoever he was, I made it up in my mind to let him know about this.

I reached the front gate expecting a car or something to show up but was little taken aback when nothing did, I checked the time from the watch to find we have only five minutes left. So where is he?


Now what?

“What is it?” I asked as Noah came running from the elevator and stopped before me.

“They are not coming by a car. I got a message which says they will be on top in three minutes,” Noah said totally out of breath as if he just ran a marathon.

“Shit!” I muttered and was already talking long strides towards the elevator with the guards following me. I punched the top, sixty-two floor button and immediately the elevator door, closed as it took us to the top floor. It was what I have been thinking from the beginning. Why the hell was there no sight of anyone approaching.

As soon as we reached the terrace, we were already running and could already hear the rotor of the chopper. It was wandering just above our building and I looked up, shielding my eyes from the sun, as the chopper came right over my building and within a few seconds landed right before me. Noah was by my side and I looked at my right, to find Chelsea, trying her best to hold her skirt from the wind caused by the chopper.

The main rotor blade slowed down and I wandered who was the guest. The chopper itself was really expensive and the latest model and that made me wonder who was the owner and what was the reason for giving a visit to Knights Corp all of a sudden. The blade came to stop and I adjusted my suit and noticed Chelsea straightening her dress when one of my bodyguard went front before checking everywhere and then proceeded to open the door of the chopper.

“Oh, I got the information about her,” I heard Noah and saw him looking at his tab.


I watched as someone got off and it was the moment when I realized who the person was. I felt as if the whole world stopped at that moment when I saw the person’s face. My heart seemed to be pounding vigorously as I took in who she was.

“Miss Veronica Sullivan, all the way from Romania. Owner of XIX Real Estate and a major shareholder of Sullivan Construction Company,” I heard Noah from my side.

She stepped down from the chopper and looked over and it was when she noticed us and I watched as she adjusted her white suit as she made her way toward us. Her long brown hair flowing with the air as she stood right before me. I heard a gasp from my right side and instantly knew that Chelsea recognized the face.

Veronica was right before me as she got rid of her sunglasses and looked right into my eyes.

“I recognise this face,” she said as she angled her face to the side and faced Chelsea. The same voice that I had been dying to hear. I recognised her voice right there. It was indeed Veronica. Even if my eyes lied to me, my ears didn’t.

She was real, for real, right before me, some inches away. My fingers itched to touch her face and conclude if she weren’t a dream. The same woman who had my dreams invaded with her smile. For fourteen years, I dreaded to meet her, to see her again.

“So, we meet again. Mr. Knights,” she looked back at me. Her deep brown eyes, that same deep brown eyes, I wished to see again.

With her return, I felt the pain that I felt fourteen years returning back, the more I stared at her.

“Ace,” she whispered softly.

I closed my eyes for a split second before opening them and looking into her eyes and raised my hand for a handshake “Welcome to Knights corp, Ms. Sullivan.”

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