The Bewitched Knights

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Book II: Chapter 27

Fourteen years.

Fourteen years, I couldn't stop thinking about her. I knew I was a stupid person but still with the only picture I had of her from the prom nights, I would simply stare at it and keep it back in between the pages of a book.

I used to think what she meant she told me that what happened in the school was because of her and what made her leave, without even saying goodbye.

But as life went on, I kept in the back of my mind, refusing to think about her but I knew she was there. Time went on, and I was growing acquainted with whatever I was and wherever I was, I had finally stopped thinking about her.

But it looks things never really goes the way, you always want it to.

So here she was, roaming around my office cabin, looking at every picture and certificates, on the wall and then to my bookshelf. She picked out a valuation book and opened it to read it as I sat behind my desk watching her still not believing she was actually standing before me.

"Can I get you something?" Chelsea asked and Veronica looked back at her giving her a smile.

That same smile that she used to have on her face back on the college. Smile, which didn't reach her eyes.

"Yeah, a cup of coffee, please?"

"Sure," Chelsea got off from the chair and made her way out of the cabin leaving Veronica and me alone in the room.

"So!" I heard her and looked her way as she closed the book and keep it back where it was "How have you been all these days?" she asked and then looked back towards me as she walked before my desk and took a seat before me.

"I am still not aware of the reason of your visit, Ms. Sullivan," I said as I kept my hand on the table and clasped my fingers together. She stared at me and then narrowed her eyes for a second before smiling.

"Ms. Sullivan?" she said softly more to herself.

"Well, I like your professionalism. So, coming to the point. I am here to visit your company because I had decided to invest in your oil company," she said as she smiled and I nodded.

"I see," I told her.

"What do you think?" she asked and that made me look up at her. As I stayed quiet, she challenged me with her eyes when all of a sudden a cup was placed before us and I didn't even notice when Chelsea walked into the cabin. Veronica looked up and gave out a smile as she whispered thank you, and Chelsea nodded, smiling as she took the seat next to her.

"So you are also working here," Veronica said as she picked up her cup and had a sip. "Nice, I like it strong," she complimented her coffee.

"Yes, from the day Ace joined the company. From a month," Chelsea told her and that made Veronica look back at her. "Ace?" she questioned.

"Oh I see, so you two are in a friendly term, I guess. Very nice," Veronica added and took another sip from her cup.

"Oh no! I mean Mr. Knights," Chelsea took her chance to correct herself and looked back at me with guilty eyes and all I did was nod at her, assuring her that everything was fine.

"Oh and by the way, I am also your new Landlord," Veronica told us as she stood up leaving the coffee cup on the desk.

"What do you mean?" I asked and she looked back at me little surprised.

"Don't tell me you don't the name of your landlord," she challenged.

"Zachary Udolf Sullivan, Veronica Sullivan...ring a bell?" she asked and that was when I inhaled deeply. Yes, that was it! I knew I had heard the surname somewhere before, but didn't have any idea that this two name were connected.

The office where I was working was a branch of Knights Corp and instead of working in the main headquarters, I chose to work in New York branch, so that I could be near my lab. Manhattan was too far away for me.

"Zachary Udold Sullivan, is your father?" Chelsea asked and all Veronica did was to look back at her and then back at the glass window from which you could see the whole city.

"I am planning to stay here for sometimes. I am taking the penthouse on the top of the building and I expect you take care of everything while I stay here," Veronica smiled back at me and all I did was nod as I called for Noah through the intercom.

The building had a penthouse on the top and I knew it was of the owner. Shit! Just why did I not ever think about it that she may have connection with the Zachary Udold Sullivan?

When I was a kid, I have heard that my father was expanding his branches all over and took a commercial building and I have heard the owner's name as Zachary Udold Sullivan. It was why when Veronica introduced herself in the first class, the surname Sullivan made me think where I had heard it.

All these years, we were somehow, connected?

"Noah, prepare the penthouse for Ms. Sullivan and make the arrangements for her. Ms. Sullivan is going to be staying with us for quite some time now," I told him and he nodded as he walked away and I looked back at Veronica.

"I would suggest you to take some rest as you have travelled from a long distance," I told her and she stared at me.

"Join me for a dinner," I heard her.

I stared at for sometime and then looked back at Chelsea with whom I had plans for dinner. She seemed to understand this as she nodded letting me know that it was alright. But that didn't stop me "Sorry Ms. Sullivan, I am already-"

"I didn't ask, Mr. Knights," Veronica cut me off in the middle. She was no longer smiling. She had this cold tone that somehow indicated she wouldn't listen to any kind of nonsense.

"I only talk business. I expect you to understand this and I expect you to show up in the details, provided by my P.A. Alright?" she asked and it was when she looked forward not even hearing my answer as she walked towards the door, perhaps to her penthouse.

"Let me show you the way-"

Veronica narrowed her eyes at Chelsea as she looked at her, clearly intimidating her. "This is my building remember? I know the way," she said and before Chelsea could speak up, Veronica chose to leave.

A sigh escaped Chelsea's mouth as she looked back at me.

"She is so intimidating. Just the way she was," she said as she exhaled out and turned to leave when my phone buzzed indicating a text message.

Eight in the evening.

My penthouse.

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