The Bewitched Knights

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Chapter 29

"Make sure the files are kept confidential and should only be shared with the client who are really interested to-"
I watched as Noah walked in with his tab in his hand.
"Alright, that will do," I hung up the phone and looked up at him.
"Yes?" I asked and that made him look at my direction.
"Ms. Sullivan is here to inspect about the company's status," he said as I kept my phone down on the table and got up. "Then keep her entertained," I said as I picked my suit up.
"Sir? Are you leaving?" I heard Noah and that made me avoid him.
"Sir, as per the information provided by your father, it is said that Ms. Sullivan should only be escorted by you," he said in a nonchalant voice which made me stand still in my place as my fist turned into ball, truly annoyed by my father.
"I have other works to attend, let Mrs. Miller, help Ms. Sullivan with the details," I said and he shook his head negatively which made me sigh.
"Alright!" I said and literally stomped my way towards the door. It was eleven in the morning, two days since I saw Veronica, as I kept myself busy and out of the company, not wanting to meet her, but still only because of my father, I had to.
"This are the stock details of my company of last two years. And this-" I kept the file before her. She picked it up and then looked at me through her brown eyes "is the details about USO and ETFs. I think you must already know about this since, you want to invest in our company. So I will just share the -"
"No, I don't!"
"I don't know about USO," she told me and I looked back at Noah who adjusted his glasses and brought us a file.
"Alright then, here you can get everything about it," I told her and she took the file from me and opened it to look at it.
"Can you bring me a cup of coffee," she said but her eyes were fixated on the file. I was just about ask Noah when she looked back at Noah and added "Please?"
Noah was quick to nod and he left right away to bring her coffee, while I sat there waiting for her to speak or ask any questions regarding the investment.
"Why are you in here?"
"Excuse me?" I asked as I didn't understand what she meant. She looked up from her file and gave me a pointing stare before going back to reading her file.
"Aren't you a scientist?" she asked and the first thing that came to my mind was, she knew. A lot of people around me still didn't had a slightest idea that I was a scientist. They thought, I might've passed out from some business school and finally entered my father's company. People don't really pay attention to scientists.
"Ms. Sullivan, I would suggest you to ask me questions regarding your investment only. I will not answer you any question which is personal," I told her and she stared at me for a second before nodding and concentrating more on her file.
Noah walked in with her coffee and placed it before her. "Thank you," she told him and sipped from her coffee while I sat there and waited for her to finish the file or do something. I had other work to do but since the time I met her for giving her the details, she rarely spoke and simply went through the files.
"Ms. Sullivan, I have a meeting to attend," I told her as I looked back at my watch.
"I shall leave Noah for your assistance," I told her and that made her look back at me as she closed the file and kept it on the table.
"How long is your meeting going to last?" she asked, rather softly.
"Probably an hour," I lied because I wanted to get away. Sure, I had a meeting but it was to only discuss about the supply of product and it would probably last fifteen minute meeting discussion. But personally, I needed an hour to get away.
She was wearing a purple high neck sweater and her hair was left into a braid to her side, just the way she used to do back in the school. That brought back memories and I couldn't concentrate. I needed to get away to at least get her image from the school, out of my damn mind.
I knew if I sat their one more second, then I would definitely lash out on how the hell she can be so composed and calm, when two days ago, she was ready to explain and her eyes were glistening, because of me. I loathed the fact, that I couldn't behave like her.
When she asked me why I was here, for business, I wanted to tell her everything. Since the day, I chose the job I had not been able to open my heart out and it was growing inside me as a burden. I wanted to let Jung know everything but he was probably suffering from crisis which stopped me from getting him troubled for my person reasons.
Yes, I wanted to tell Veronica everything just like, I used to tell her when we were kids. Isn't that what bestfriends do? Open up to each other?
But then, I remembered something. I was actually the only one who opened up to her. I knew nothing about her. She was always secretive and probably she never trusted me. And judging from our current situation, I expected she would still not tell me everything because she was only a good listener.
"Before you go, Mr. Knights, I would like to inform you that I am heading back to South Africa for some days," she told me.
Back to South Africa? Does she not live in Romania anymore?
"Alright," I told her not knowing what more to say. She angled her head as she sat there looking up at me, not uttering a single word. Did she expect something more from me?
"I'll be off now for my meeting," I told her and this time she didn't even nod, simply sat there watching me leave. I looked back at her from the doorframe to find her still looking my way.
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