The Bewitched Knight

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Chapter 3

Veronica Pov

The sunlight falling on my face had me groaning as I opened my eyes to find the time, half past one in the afternoon. Somehow, while reading my book, I had managed to slip into deep sleep, resultant of being sleepless the last night. I sighed as I sat up on the bench and looked up to find a bird building its nest on the tree above me. The shadow of the tree fell on me but through those leaves the sunlight made it way and fell directly on my face. Picking up the half read book, I put the bookmark leaf inside and closed it before putting it back in my bag and getting up ready to leave for the next class.

As I walked through the school, I could feel some students eyes on me and them whispering whenever I passed.

Perhaps the reason of me being transferred to the damn school in the middle of the season grabbed their attention and they wanted to know who I were. I minded my own business and as I touched my hair, I felt something on my the back of head and pulled it out to find a twig with leaves that had possibly fell down on me when I was sleeping. I threw it and walked through the busy corridor towards my locker.

I had chemistry in my next period for which I needed the notebook and book and also the lab coat which I had put in the locker on my first day. Picking up my pace as I read the time to be already five minutes to one forty five and I hurried to my locker. As I was pulling the things that I required my locker, a hand slammed next to me and I looked to my right to find none other than the same guy from previous day smirking at me.

“What’s up Newbie?” he smirked as his height towered mine and I looked at the few companions of his behind him. A blonde was standing right behind him with three other tall guys.

“Nothing much, redhead?” I smirked when I saw his smirking fading away.

“Look!” he began and but I slammed my locker shut and picked up my things ignoring his existence and walked past him not even even bothering to listen but not before replying “Later! I have classes...” I said and I thought they would get it but then the blonde showed up right before me stopping me from going forward with an annoying smiley face. I tilted my head to the side wanting to know why she did that and observed as she had braided her blonde hair in a peculiar urban style. She had kohl in her eyes and she was wearing a ripped jeans and a white shirt underneath with a jean jacket over it.

Pretty much out of school dress code.

Ripped jeans were strictly not allowed in London school of Science, at least it was what they told me in my first day. Whatever!

“Now now! I have heard a lot about you already,” she spoke as she looked over my head towards the redhead. “Really? Great!” I said and tried to side step her but she blocked it again and it was now annoying me even further.

“Step aside...” I said as calmly as I could.

She raised her eyebrows at me and gave me a mocking smile, nodding her head. Sure, she was also taller than me a few inches but that didn’t mean she could make me feel inferior in any way. “Or?” she mimicked my voice and before I know it she snatched my chemistry book away from my hand. “Hey!” to say that I was beyond irritated would be a statement. She took it and raised her hand above her head stopping me from getting it.

“Oh my god!” I exclaimed as I rubbed the bridge of the nose in aggravation. “Are you guys trying to bully me?” I asked and they looked at each other before laughing like hyenas that made me roll my eyes. The girl was so busy in holding the side of her waist and laughing her ass off that she didn’t even notice when I went past her and took my book back from her in a single swift moment.

Huh! She let her guard down!

“Hey!” and she was right before me and this time that annoying smile long gone from face and was replaced by a scowl “Do you think you’re smart?” she frowned and the next moment she pushed me by shoulder.

“Don’t do that!” I warned her as I looked at the hand that was on my shoulder.

“Or?” she mocked and it was enough for me. In a swift motion, I held the hand that was continuously hitting my shoulder and put pressure on it making her wince in pain. A satisfactory smirk plastered on my face as I looked at her state. She tried to free her hand from me but couldn’t. “Let go!” she whimpered and used her other hand to get rid of me and when she failed in removing my grip, she pinched me hard and even though I felt the pain, I refused to let go.

“Hey! What do you think you’re doing? Let go!” the same redhead came forward and put his hand on mine wanting to free the blonde’s hand.

“Let me make the second thing,” I used my thumb to put pressure on her wrist causing her to cry in pain “that I do not like. People blocking my way and annoying me when I’m in a hurry. So? Should I break your hand for wasting my time and blocking my way several times?” I asked sweetly and the redhead guy used his strength to remove my grip from the blonde’s wrist. She winced and looked at the spot where I had my grip and surely it had my hand prints over it and it was bruised.

“And you redhead,” I said as I turned towards the redhead guy who was checking the blonde’s condition.

“It seems you cause a lot of trouble to people around you,” I said and as soon as I said that his head turned my way and he furrowed his eyebrows “But let me tell you something, you don’t wanna get into trouble with me,” as I said that his face contorted with rage and he took a few steps forward and I was sure he wanted to hit me, so I raised my hand ready for defence but then the bell rung and it indicated the next period has started.


“Get out of my way,” I said as I pushed the redhead out of my way and sprinted across the hallway towards my class. I can’t be late for my first class. Damn it! Thanks to those annoying bunch of brats, I am already late in my first class. Wow.

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