The Bewitched Knights

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Chapter 31

She said she is going back to South Africa for some days but it’s already three weeks since she disappeared again.

Noah told me that she had signed the contract and has already sent it back. That means she is interested in investing in my company. Dad contacted me and told me that currently he is France for my mother’s treatment and they got an extremely talented surgeon and they have already proceeded with the treatment. That’s a good news.

I have been contacted by NASA several times. I wanted to go back but damn to this Knights corp, I can’t.

It was what I was seeing, like sand slip through your hand no matter, how hard you hold, my dream was slipping right through my fingers and I couldn’t do anything.

“Donuts and hot chocolate, what a perfect mix,” a paper bag was placed before me and I looked up to find Chelsea, smiling down at me as she kept it there.

“But it’s not even lunch time,” I told her and she shrugged.

“But the CEO can take a break once in a while,” she winked which made me chuckle as I picked the bag and walked to the sofa in my cabin and as I opened the bag, the aroma of it hitting my nostrils made me realise how hungry I was.

I had skipped previous night’s dinner and even had an apple in the morning as my breakfast. “Thank you,” I whispered and she smiled down at me as she took a seat before me, watching me.

All these days, Chelsea has been great a support to me. She managed my work and even tried her best to make me comfortable at my work. Even though I told her not to bring me food, she still does, joking that she is just making up for the time, when she bullied me in the school.

“Do you want one?” I asked and she nodded, “Sure.”

I handed her one, and she took it while I enjoyed mine. I looked back at her to find her wearing a purple coloured flared dress. “Do you like Purple?” I couldn’t stop myself from asking and she looked back at her a dress and then at me.

“Most of your clothes, has purple shades or pattern or colour,” I told her and then she nodded.

“So you do notice,” she told me and that made me scoff.

“Of course I do,” I said. Why would I not notice?

“Yes, I love purple.”

“Nice,” I said as I picked up the tissue to wipe my hands.

“And what’s your favorite colour?” she asked all of a sudden that made me look up at her. That’s a new thing for me, because nobody ever asked about what I liked.

“Brown,” I said as I remembered something and she nodded.

“I feel fresh! Thanks Chelsea, you’re a gem,” I told her which made her chuckle as I walked back to my place and I was just about to take my seat when Noah walked in.

“Sir, Ms. Sullivan is here,” he said and that immediately took all the energy I had out of my system.

“Okay,” I told him and he opened the door and walked in Veronica.

She wore a black coloured high neck tops and a jeans. She looked extremely casual, to the other days I have met her. Her hair was down but what got my attention was her eyes. It was red.

“Hi Veronica,” I heard Chelsea and it was when Veronica looked back at her. Her red, cold eyes felt as if she was boring a hole in Chelsea’ head. It was clear that Veronica didn’t like Chelsea and she had no intention of warming up to her but Chelsea was playing incredibly oblivious to Veronica’s intimidation, or was she just acting, not to be intimidated?

“Ms. Sullivan, for now,” Veronica said slowly as if warning Chelsea, she wouldn’t let it slip slidely and this time, Chelsea looked slightly uncomfortable as she pursed her lips and nodded slowly, smiling a little.

“Ms. Sullivan, it is then,” Chelsea said and took it her chance to leave.

Veronica looked back at the way where Chelsea left and then at Noah, nodding at him. He looked back at me and then left the room leaving me with Veronica.

“So, what brings you here Ms. Sullivan?” I asked and she sighed, visibly as she made her way up to my desk and took a seat.

“Ace,” she whispered.

“Well, you made it clear just a second ago, you prefer, Ms. Sullivan, don’t you?” I asked and she gave me a look.

“That was for her, not for you. Do you behave friendly with your employees?” she asked and I kept my mouth shut not wanting to talk on the matter.

“Ace, can we talk?” she asked and this time slightly with a low voice.

“Talk about what Veronica?” I challenged and picked up my phone when saw it buzzing. There was a text reminder from Noah about a meeting with the financial department in five minutes.

“I have a meeting to attend in five minutes,” I said as I got up picking up my phone and some important files.

“I shall leave Mrs Miller with you to assist you on this,” I said as I kept a file, which had the stock details before her.

“Ace, everytime we talk, you come up with an excuse and that is meeting,” she got up as she came in front of me blocking my way.

“Ms. Sullivan,” I said slowly marking her behaviour.

She stared at me for a minute before turning around and I thought she was leaving, but she went right to the door and closed the door, locking it in the process as she came back to me and stood before me, looking up at me with determination.

“I have a meeting-”

“And I am your investor. Let me remind you Mr. Knights that you should give importance to your investors as well,” she said and I took a few steps back as I kept my things back on the table.

“Look, you just understand. I don’t get it what changed between us that has made you so -”

“Changed? Are you talking about changes? Oh enlighten me how will anyone not change in fourteen years? I am the one who should be telling you this in the first place. Why are you stuck in our school days and our friendship back then? Can you grow up?” I said and my voice even raised in the end. I couldn’t believe I was the one who was yelling.

“Ace are you kidding me? I am going to be around you, working with you, investing in your company. How do you think I’m gonna work if we don’t sort out our personal matter? You have been nothing but cold to me since the day I came here. I am just trying to explain and hell you are the one who is stuck to our childhood days. If you aren’t then why the fuck do you behave this way?” she yelled and I was reaching my limit.

“You are the one who has issues with me. Fine, I am trying to solve it but you just don’t compromise. I agree, you must be angry because I was your friend and I disappeared all of a sudden but there was a fucking reason for it! I’m trying to explain that to you, why are you not giving me a chance to explain? God damn it!” she yelled and I took in deep breaths calming my nerve.

“Right! So you want to solve the matter between us only because we are working together. Imagine, you were not here to invest in my company, only as a tourist or as a tenant. You wouldn’t have to care about solving the problem between us then, right?” I was now fuming with anger. This woman had the nerve to yell at me when it was her fault. I was just being generous by working with her keeping aside our personal issues, but no! she just has to bring everything back and argue with me.

“That’s an absurd psychology,” she argued.

“No its not!”

“Yes, it is and you know what if you don’t let me explain today I’m not going to explain anything to you ever,” she said her eyes warning me that she would actually do that.

I had to calm my nerve as I exhaled out and folded my arms over my chest as I nodded at her. She stared at me for a second and perhaps she thought I was willing to listen because she opened her mouth to say something, but I cut her off.

“What if I don’t give a damn to your reasons?” I said and she angled her head listening to me while I speak.

“What if I don’t care why you disappeared and why you came back?” I knew what I was saying was too much but I wanted to let it out. i just had too much. There was a lot going on inside my mind at that moment but over to that I was frustrated.

“Why do you think I am upset and it is acting as a barrage between us? I just don’t give a damn why you disappeared. The truth is, yes I wanted to know where you went for the first two to three days but then everything went back to normal and I moved on with my studies and life. You came back after fourteen years, I am really least bothered at the moment wanting to know where you went and what you did, because Veronica I am not upset with you but with my life. There is a lot going on with me right now and I don’t have any patience to cope up with your life story. I’m sorry, I know I’m being rude or impervious to your life situation but believe me I just don't care!" I said it all out of my chest and picked my things up for the meeting.

"Really?" I heard her and looked back at her to give her a piece of my mind but what I saw stopped me from speaking.

Tears streamed down her face as she looked avoiding my presence.

"I guess, I was wrong," I heard her mumble and before I could ask her what she meant she turned around and left my room, slamming the door in the process.

Why is she upset?

I rubbed my face in frustration as I slammed my things back on the table and plopped down on the chair in exhaustion. Perhaps, I was too much. The argument took a wrong turn and I hurt her, bad.

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