The Bewitched Knights

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Chapter 33

Something felt like touching my forehead, something soft ad feathery. My eyes fluttered open only to face the window from where the sun’s ray was falling on my face, which instantly caused me close my eyes and I changed the side and inhaled a feminine fragrance, which made me realise and I opened my eyes back to come face to face with Veronica.

I had made myself comfortable by sleeping next to her, still sitting on the chair. My head just near to her and she had her eyes open as she had kept her hand over my forehead. Her deep brown eyes boring into mine as I held her hand and got up and kept her hand to her side.

“How are you feeling now?” I asked as I kept my palm over her forehead to check her temperature. It seemed down to me and I took a sigh of relief.

“I am not feeling good,” she mumbled and then closed her eyes turning to my side, placing a hand under her cheek.

“I know. You have caught a flu and it looked you passed out on that sofa yesterday,” I said as I got up and covered her using the blanket when she moaned and I noticed bids of sweat forming over her forehead.

Her fever may come back.

“You need to eat something,” I said as I turned to leave but she held my hand and that made me look back at her, to find her eyes close. She gently pulled my hand that told me that she wanted me to sit next to her, so I did.

“Do you travel a lot?” I asked and she opened her eyes to look at me.

“Are you not angry at me anymore?” she questioned and all I did was stare at her.

Was I?

I was never really angry at her for disappearing. It was not my place to ask her or wish her to do something that I liked. But, I was only angry at my situation. And everytime, while I was dealing with my situation she pressured me with the past which made me annoyed.

“No. I was never really angry at you,” I said as I patted her hand and kept it on the bed.

“What do you mean? Then why were you so cold to me? I tho-”

“Veronica,” I had to say to stop her from her speaking anything more.

“I was not angry at you but you didn’t notice that I was behaving the same way with not only you, but everyone else. It’s just me. Veronica, it’s been fourteen years, of course people and their attitude change and may be I am not that as how I used to be when you last saw me, but I am not angry. It’s just from these past few months a lot has been going on with me and you offering to talk about our past when I already had a lot in my plate, annoyed me and that’s it,” I told her while she blinked at me for some minutes and then took a sigh.

“Okay,” she mumbled and I cracked out a smile as I saw her phone buzzing.

“Your phone,” I said as I handed her her phone from her nightstand and she looked at it before clicking her tongue and picking it up.

“Papa,” she said and I understood Noah did his part of the job and perhaps he reached out to my father or directly to the owner to let him know about his daughter.

“sunt bine, I’m alright!” she said and I assumed she was letting her father know about her condition. I thought of giving her some space while she talked to her father and it was why, I excused myself to use her washroom to wash my face.

All these times I could hear her talking in her native language but as I didn’t understand, I didn’t even pay attention to it because I found a new spare toothbrush in her washroom cabinet and used it, to brush my teeth and splashed water continuously to my face as I leaned to the sink and looked at my reflection in the mirror.

My hair was totally out of place, so I used my hand to pit it back on place and using the towel to dry my face, I got out to find her still talking in the phone.

I looked for the lady and that had me walking out of her room as I met her just near the hallway with a tray filled with breakfast and a cup of coffee.

“Cafea,” the lady smiled up at me and I assumed she was offering me the cup of coffee from the tray and I nodded appreciating as I took it and gave her some space to walk towards Veronica’s room. I followed her with the cup in my hand and Veronica looked back at us and hung up her phone as she made an attempt to sit but failed.

I kept my cup down on the nightstand and helped her up, she smiled at me and held her blanket while, the lady placed a bed table before her and placed her breakfast before her.

Veronica was instantly scrunching her nose, looking sideways mumbling something.

“I don’t want to eat. Ia-o, Maria. Just take it away," Veronica waved and asked the lady whose name I got to know was Maria to take her food away. Maria looked worried at her and then at me.

"She is not taking anything away. You have to eat because you have to take your meds," I said as I held the table firmly stopping her from spilling the contents on the bed.

"I don't feel like eating. I'm gonna throw up," she said as she clamped her mouth and immediately I removed the table away from her and she dashed towards the bathroom with Maria tailing behind her. I stood there hearing her gut wrenching and throwing up as Maria spoke to her in Romanian.

I looked back at my coffee which was getting cold.


"Just one more," I said as I put the spoon filled with chicken broth to her mouth but she tried to divert her head but as I glared at her, she took it in and then pushed my hand away as I kept the tray on the floor and got up to sit back on my chair as Maria came back with a new cup of hot coffee for me.

"Thank you," I whispered as I took the cup and finally got the chance to sip and watched as Maria handed Veronica her meds and thankfully she gulped it down before leaning onto the headboard as she exhaled out air.

"I am tired," I heard her mumble. Maria had earlier tied her hair and now as I see it, I could see the pale skin fading away as she finally ate something. Perhaps her flu would be gone soon, if she took care of herself, perfectly.

"So can we talk now?" she said and looked at me as I sat there silently sipping my coffee.

"About what?" I asked and she rubbed her forehead.

"Ace, I know you want to ask me some questions and I know even though you said you are not angry, you still are because of what I did. I had to do that! And I want to explain," she said and I angled my head thinking what she meant by that.

"Do you perhaps," I begun but stopped in the middle thinking perhaps I was wrong but then she looked interested at my action as she urged me to carry on, so I did "Do you perhaps want us to be like we used to be? Friends?" I questioned.

"Wrong. I want us to be best friends like we used to be," she said and that made me chuckle.

"You are like a kid," I exclaimed which made her smile and she leaned closer to me as I looked at her action.

"Will you listen?" she asked and I raised an eyebrow.

"What change will it do if I do listen and know everything?" I asked and she slammed her head on the bed, balling her fist as I watched her actions, incredulously.

"At least you will quit judging me," she said and that made me scoff.

"I am not judging you, Veronica" I told her as I kept the empty cup on the nightstand and got up.

"Wait! Where are you going? I tho-"

"I have work to do Veronica. Its already eight in the morning," I told her as I picked up my suit and then something strikes me as I hurried back to her living room to fetch her file and got it to her.

"Why haven't you signed it yet? You have a good reason to sue my company even though you are the one to be blamed," I said as I slammed the file next to her and she cracked a grin, an exhausted grin as she fetched the pen from the nightstand.

"Big deal!" she remarked as she opened the file.

"I'm glad, I didn't or who knows if you didn't showed up last night, I would have been dead..." she joked as she put her signature were it was needed.

I stared at her for sometime for the words she used and that made me feel weird as I looked up and took in deep breaths before snatching the file away from her making her squeal a little.

"You need to grow up," I told her as I wore my suit and turned around to leave but before she could argue or speak anything I turned around to tell her, "I will be here after the office hours to hear what you have to say. So rest well and get some energy to hear it from me as well, if I don't like your story," I said and I didn't expect her to give me a big grin as she waved at me and I rolled my eyes at her before I turned around to leave.

"Work hard, Mr. Knights," I heard her chirping at me from her room as I made my way out with a smile that refused to leave my face.

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