The Bewitched Knights

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Chapter 37

Simon Tihomir.

It was the name that circled before my eyes as I sat on my chair and thought about the guy. What’s the deal with Veronica? And how come she didn’t let her fiancé meet her family?

The ringing of my phone snapped me out of my thoughts and I looked at it furrowing my eyebrows as I read the caller Id. It was Amelia.

“What’s up?” I asked as I picked it up.

“Looks like my brother doesn’t need me anymore,”

“You got it all wrong. I am getting used to it now and I want you to look after mom since I can’t be there now,”

“Hm, makes sense to me. So, how’s work?”

“As I told you , I am getting used to it,” I ran my hand through my hair as I walked to the glass window to look out. It was already half past seven and I could see the traffic down on the street of New York.

“I heard the owner of the building is also our new investor,”

“Keeping tabs hu?” I chuckled to which she just scoffed in return.

“I heard it from dad,” she exclaimed.

“I know! I was just kidding. Jeez!”

“How is she like?”

“You will see when you meet her,” I told her and we spoke to each other and I got to know more about mom’s surgery and her therapies. After talking for a while, we hung up on each other as I took in a deep breath before heading back to my seat to complete my pending work when all of a sudden my phone rung for the second time.

And the caller Id read: Mr.Cottrell (NASA)


It was Sunday and all I wanted to do was to have some time to me. It’s been so long that I have actually forgotten when was the last time I walked down the streets of New York sipping my coffee from Starbucks.

And honestly, I wanted to get away from everything just for a day and have some time to myself. I wanted to take some time to watch the kids playing around in the park, read a book, have a good meal, stand for sometimes to watch the sunset and watch the streetlights flickering. I wanted to breathe properly just for a minute.

So, it was how I ended up throwing on a beige turtleneck sweater and a black coat pairing it up with a black jeans. I chose to wore my glasses today as I felt little blurry in the morning. It was freezing outside as I made my way out and as soon as I got out, I felt the cold breeze hit the face which made me rub my hands together as I looked back towards my car in the garage but chose to look the other way because I will be spending the day, walking around.

It was how, I ended walking down the streets of New York and ended up in Starbucks ordering my coffee and again walked with the warm cup in my hand. It was amazing, walking past people and looking around, buying a book from a book stall and ending up in a park as I sat on a bench opening my book by Paulo Coelho.

The kids were running around, swinging in the swing and I could hear their laughter as I continued reading my book and sipping my warm coffee when all of a sudden something got my attention.

From the grilled wall of the park, I saw an old woman trying desperately, to cross the busy road but failed ach time as she looked to her left and right looking disoriented. She looked almost in her Seventy's and I found myself already on my foot but stopped when I saw someone getting to her and keeping her hand on her back as she looked to her left and right and helped the old woman cross the road.

I wanted to see who she wa because I had no idea why, but I felt I have seen her somewhere so, I waited there for minutes and as that lady returned back to the previous side, it was no one but Chelsea. I smiled as I sat down on the bench and picked my phone to ring her as I continued watching her going through her purse when all of a sudden, she had a smile on her face and she picked her phone up.

"Look up!" I said and waved at her direction when she did and she smiled as she waved back and I saw her making her way towards me.

"Well, what a surprise," she said and slide over to let her sit down.

"Who was that woman?"I asked and she furrowed her eyebrows as she looked back towards the road and then back at me.

"I don't know," she mumbled and shrugged her shoulder which made me smile.

"You surely have changed so much," I told her as she chuckled and held her purse on her knee looking towards the slide where the kids were hopping on, to slide.

"Well, you can actually praise the upbringing I got from my nanny," she said as she looked up at the sky.

"After school, I came back to New Jersey and I stayed with her. It was when I started to change and embrace what I was, and stopped being the one what the people around me wanted me to be,"

"If you don't mind me asking, what about Elliot?" I asked and she turned her head towards me immediately, with confusion.

"What about him?" she asked which made me shrug.

"You know, you were a couple back then and you two become the Prom couple," as I told her all she did was scoff at me.

"We were not even the original winners. It was actually Michael and Olivia," as she revealed that I closed my book hard and sat straight looking at her face.

"What? You are kidding right?" I asked and she shook her head negatively.

"I wish I were," she sighed with a gloomy expression when all of a sudden, I burst out laughing.


"I'm sorry," I spoke through laughters trying to control myself but failing.

"Ace, I'm warning you," she faked an angry look but that made me laugh even harder but then she joined in and we laughed for a while, after so long trying to control my breath as I put my hand over my stomach and sat leaning to the bench.

"Oh my god. Don't tell me Elliot was the one after this," I asked and she nodded as she kept her head on her hand and leaned to the bench next to me.

"He was just too much and I was desperate to get away from him and after he threatened Michael to give up on the winner position, we won and he dragged me to the stage. It was embarrassing because I knew everyone would know we were the not the winners," she said and that reminded me of something.

"Oh well, that explains the unpleasant look on your face that day," I said and her eyes grew wider as she sat straight and turned towards me.

"You noticed?" she asked looking astonished while I shrugged.

"Yes, I did," I smiled at her and got up from the seat.

"My cup is empty now, do you mind joining me for another cup?" I said as I showed her my empty coffee cup and she stood up immediately.

"Yes, of course. It's freezing and I wanted to have some coffee as well, might I join you," she smirked which made me roll my eyes at her.

"Ha Ha, very funny," I said sarcastically which made her chuckle as she ran next to me and we walked out of the park searching for a cafe nearby.

Well, I guess I got a company for the day. An interesting company, might I add.

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