The Bewitched Knights

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Chapter 38

"What? Army?" I asked not able to believe what Chelsea told me. We were having some pancakes and coffee in a cafe when the topic about Elliot rose and she told me that he had been deployed to the army in Afghanistan.

He chose to join army.

"That's interesting," I said as I kept my empty cup down and looked over to find people rushing in probably trying to save themself from the snowfall.

"It's getting crowded," I said and Chelsea seemed to agree as she hummed in response.

"So where were you heading to?" I asked as we walked past the people in the cafe and out towards the road. It was snowing and the weather was really cold. Chelsea shoved her hands inside her coat and she squirmed, shivering a little.

"Here!" I said as I offered her my gloves and she nodded no but as I insisted, she smiled and took it from me wearing it gladly and rubbing her hands together feeling the warmth. Her nose seemed to turn red because of cold and she used her hands to rub her face multiple times, feeling the warmth.

"I'm heading to my aunt's house, the next block," she said and I nodded.

"Nice, then see you around," I said as I gave her a smile and we stopped near the signal waiting for it to turn red for her to walk across the road. I had to go the other way, while she had to cross the road.

"Um.. Ace," she called as I looked down at her waiting for her to speak.

"I really like your company. I hope we can get together for an outing like this more often," as she said that I couldn't help but smile as I went forward and gave her a side hug before the signal turned red for the vehicles to stop and people started crossing.

She looked up at me one more time, before she walked crossing the road and I turned to my left walking the other way of the street.


It seemed it was already late in the evening as I sat in the town library reading a book when my eyes fell on the glass curtain wall to find it dark outside.

I thought of hailing a taxi back home because it was too late to walk back home and so I closed my book and kept it on the bookshelf and headed out of the library. Some students were in group standing outside and talking to each other while I looked around for a taxi.

There was no sign of a taxi and it was when I saw an old man standing next to me looking at me.

"If you are looking for a taxi then you won't find it here. You have to go to the streets which is in the next block to hire a taxi," he said and I nodded.

"Thank you," I whispered and he raised his book in the air, giving me a nod and I walked out of the library premises towards the street, searching for a taxi.

I had no idea where I was going, because I had already crossed two blocks yet I couldn't find the street or a single cab or taxi. At some point, I thought of asking some people but then thought of walking a little further it was when I was crossing a busy bar.

The music was loud and the ground was vibrating and people scurried in and out and some seemed drunk as they swayed in their position looking at their phone probably calling a cab. But as I was crossing, ignoring the bar my eyes diverted back towards the bar when I saw something or should I say someone.

"Veronica?" I found myself whispering because she seemed drunk as a man had her arm over his shoulder helping her stand, and together they walked out of the bar. She was swaying in her place and the man seemed to be looking out for taxi when Veronica stood straight and pushed him away and swaying, she walked towards the side of the bar and the man seemed to be following her calling for her.

I was already walking towards her and soon enough I was right before her stopping her from moving any further.

"Hey miss! You can't go that side. I have hailed a taxi for you," the man yelled as he came running and stood behind her and looked at me.

"Ace?" I heard Veronica's slurry voice and then she looked up at my face before, all of a sudden she sprung her arms towards me and leaned on me putting her head on my chest.

"Ace!" she sang and the man behind her looked at me.

"It's okay, I will take her home from here," I told the guy and he raised an eyebrow.

"Why do you think I will trust you on that?" he asked as he crossed his arms and that made me sigh.

"Well she clearly knows my name," I said as I brought out my ID and showed it to him. His eyes scanned my ID as if he were a cop and then he nodded as he gave it back to me.

"Alright then, I will trust her with you then," he said and I nodded as I made efforts to put my ID back in my pockets because Veronica was clinging over to me and she was making it hard for me to move.

"You gotta hold yourself," I said as I held her from her waist and made her stand straight.

"I'm calling a cab," I said and she shook her head multiple times.

"I have my car," she said as she fished out her keys from her purse and showed it to me, dangling it before my eyes as I took it from her and helped her stand straight as we turned around and I searched for the parking where I used the car's remote to locate it in the parking.

With utter difficulty, I helped her get inside in the passenger seat and put the seat belt around her and watched her sleep.

How did my day end up like this?

I made my way towards the driver seat and used the GPS in her car to locate her penthouse and before I drove off, I looked one more time to find her sleeping soundly.


The drive to my office and also her penthouse took only thirty minutes as I helped her out of the car and handed over the keys to the guard to park it. While I dragged Veronica who kept on murmuring something towards the elevator.

As soon as we entered the elevator and I pressed the button, she became silent all of a sudden and dangled next to me as I held her one arm over my shoulder.

Maria was the one to open the door and as soon as she saw Veronica's condition she gasped and helped me by taking her other arm over her shoulder and we dragged Veronica to her bedroom and she helped her on her bed.

"Water!" Veronica mumbled and Maria was quick to pour some into a glass and brought it to her mouth. Her thirst seemed to be quenched and her senses seemed to get back as she sat back up on her bed and got rid of her jacket.

"Explain!" I said once she looked up at me squinting her eyes and then shook her head as she finger combed her hair and tied it using a rubber band from her wrist.

"Explain what?" she mumbled and crossed her arms as she leaned to the headboard.

"You have just recovered from your flu and you are already drinking," I said and she scowled. "I never drink. Its just I felt like drinking today," she exclaimed which made me scoff at her.

"You felt like? Veronica are you ever on your right mind? Think you are lucky because I happened to be walking down the street and I saw your dangling to a stranger's arm,"

"I had my senses. Nothing could have happened to me," she shrugged and I sighed as I sat down on the chair.

"What's wrong?" I asked once I looked at her face. She had her eyebrows furrowed as she looked anywhere but me.

"Why did you drink?"

"Out of happiness, I guess" she said and I waited for her to complete. "Or perhaps out of sadness," she said which made me confused.

"What do you mean?"

She turned to face me in the bed and sat there quietly before speaking up "Next week, I'm marrying Simon," she said and all I did was sit there staring at her face. "And I'm happy about it but the fact that my parents won't be able to make it to my wedding saddens me and maybe I drank because of that."

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