The Bewitched Knights

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Chapter 39

The elevator pinged open and I walked out as people greeted me good morning, all I did was nod my head to acknowledge their presence and made my way into my cabin where Noah was already waiting with my daily schedule.

“Good morning, sir,” he said as he adjusted his glasses and looked through his tab, reading something.

“Today, we have a meeting with Jasav group’s MD and he has informed we should carry out the meeting over lunch,” Noah said which made me sigh as I got rid of my suit jacket and hung it over my chair headrest.

“Then we will be visiting various sites for our new project,”

I nodded as I took my seat and switched on the laptop. It was nine in the morning and I looked out towards the window to find the weather cleared and sunny.

“Ms. Sullivan is going to accompany us to visit all these sites as well,” Noah said which made me look up at him questionably.

“She insisted to come,”

As he said that I picked up the phone ready to call her when all of a sudden my phone vibrated and the caller ID displayed her name.

“Veronica,” I spoked and all I could hear from the other end was weird noises.

“What’s going on?” I asked and she spoke up after a breath.

“I was trying a wedding dress and looks like it doesn’t fit me. Damn it!″ she gave out a breathy tone and soon the line went dead.

“What the.,” I said as I looked at my phone but as soon as I was about to keep it down, it rung again and looking up at Noah, I found him busy in his tab, so I picked it up and all of a sudden heard Veronica yelling at someone and then she got back to me.

“Who was that?” I asked and she gasped in response. “Oh nothing, so where was I?” there was a second of silence from her side before she started talking “Yeah, we have finally decided the date. I am here looking out for a wedding dress and there is no sign of my parents showing up.I think my dad is really angry with my decision,” she said sounding out of breaths and all I did was sit there and hear her out calmly.

“Why what’s going? Why are your parents not coming to your wedding? Did you not introduce your fiancé to your family?” I asked and instantly regretted why I asked that. I hope she doesn’t get a bad direction to it.

Although there was a silence from her side, still I chose to talk and break the silence as I said.

“You are already coming with me to visit the sites today right?”

“Yeah, I am!”

“Alright, let’s talk about this there,” I said in a tone which I thought was enough to tell her that I was going to hang up but she intervened in the middle of my speech as she spoke “But after that you are going to help me for my wedding dress and other shoppings.”

My lips formed in a thin line as I thought about it. Honestly, my mind didn’t even react when it heard that she was already searching for a wedding dress and was already ready to marry someone else. It was also so normal to me. Did I like not cared about it any longer?

Or am I too adamant and persistent to believe that she is going away from me day by day and this time, forever?


“Deal!” she snapped from the other end and again for the second time the call got disconnected. She hung up.

“Can we not reschedule the meeting today?” I asked as my eyes remained to stare at the dead screen of the phone.

“As per the information provided by your father, we ca-”

“Get out!”


It was barren land and it took us three hours to drive all the way out of New York City, to reach the site. We were planning to start our new project and it needed a place away from the city and after visiting five sites from previous months, I found it pretty for investing.

“Noah, what do you think?” I asked as I shoved my hands into my pant pockets and watched towards the end or should I say till where my eyes could see.

“If I have to rate this particular site then it would be an eight out of ten,” he spoke and I looked at him giving him a sideways smile. He adjusted his collars and pursed his lips, adjusting his glasses.

“Should we finalize this or should we see the next one and then think about it?” he asked which made me think.

“Let’s see the next one,” I said not wanting to have the risk of losing a perfect land because one got eight out of ten.

“Alright,” he said and turned around but stopped midway as he stared to my side and I followed his actions to find an SUV stopping near the roadside and someone got out.


Dressed in a casual pink sweatshirt, black leggings with a black cap and a white running shoes, she got out of the car and slammed the door shut as she stared at her wrist probably looking at the time as she looked up and found us probably some meters away from her.

She waved at me and then walked towards us, shoving her hands into her sweatshirt pockets.

“What’s up?” she asked as she looked around the land and then nodded before looking back at me.

The temperature was quite alright to stand without winter jackets but still, the wind blowing gave chills because the temperature was still down. Nevertheless, I had no idea why she was in such attire which made me wonder if she was in the gym before heading here.

“What do you think about this land?” I asked and she looked back at the vast land before nodding, furrowing her eyebrows.

“An eight out of ten,” she said and that immediately made me look at Noah who smiled and looked down.

“What?” Veronica was quick to point what I was doing and even though I smiled, I shook my head and mumbled a quiet ‘nothing.’

“So are you already heading back?” she asked which made me shook my head indicating no. “We are thinking of visiting the next one, not really happy with an eight,” I exclaimed which made her smile. A genuine happy smile.

“Perfect! I have still got time to talk,” she said and that made me look at Noah.

“Why don’t you take her SUV and head back? It’s already late and by the time we head back, you will probably miss your sister’s delivery,” I said which made him look at me with widened eyes.

“H-How do you know?” This was probably the first time, I ever heard him stammering and losing control over his expressions me. It was simple, when we went for the meeting with the Jasav group’s MD and he was seeing them off, his phone rung various times in the table and I happened to pick it up and I got to know about his expecting sister informing him that she was already reaching her due date and they were leaving for the hospital and she would be in labor pain anytime soon.

It was why I ended up thinking of giving him some days off for his family because he seems never to take days off.

“As per the information provided by your sister herself, she told me that she is leaving for the hospital,” I gave him an eyebrow raise as I saw his baffled look.

“Don’t worry, she is not in labor’s just following the doctor’s prediction date,” I said and instantly saw him relaxing as his hands pulled off the tight tie and he took in deep breaths before nodding at me.

“Alright,” he mumbled and looked at Veronica and nodded at her before turning around and leaving towards her Suv where the driver was waiting next to the Suv.

We watched as they drove off leaving the two of us together and as they left, I looked back at Veronica to find her staring towards the barren land with something in her eyes, that was hard to decipher. Even though I wanted to ask, what she was thinking, still I stopped myself from asking because sometimes it was better off to leave people alone to reminiscent some things and if they wanted to share then they would definitely share.

So for the time being, I got rid of the tie and wrapped it around my hand as I looked back at the land.

“Shall we?” I chose to finally break her out of her thinking state when she remained silent gazer for almost five minutes.

She seemed to snap out of her thoughts as she looked back at me and gave me a smile with a small nod.


It was some minutes of silence between us while I drove off to the next site as shown by the GPS. The weather seemed nice and the time in the car’s dashboard displayed five in the evening.

The roads were clear, so I concentrated more on reaching the land on time and it was why I was driving above sixty when all of a sudden the woman sitting beside me chose to spoke.

“Look, at this point of time, I’m really confused and I don’t understand what I’m doing is right or wrong,” she said and I found myself slowing down the speed as I looked back at her and then back at the road.

“See, I know that you are hiding something from me and until and unless you spill everything out and fill me with whatever you have, I can’t really help you, except only sit quietly and hear you out,” I said truthfully.

“Why are your parents not showing up for their daughter’s wedding?” I asked the question that I have been itching to ask.

“I don’t know,” she said and pulled her cap down hiding her eyes as she looked out of the widow avoiding facing me.

Her behavior told me instantly that she was hiding something. Earlier, I was just guessing things but now I was sure.

“Okay, I’m not gonna ask you again,” I told her as I focussed on the road. She was the one who insisted on coming and wanted to talk still she is the one who keeps on avoiding questions.

There was an awkward silence between us when all of a sudden the vibration of the phone caught my attention. It was her phone.

She stared at her phone for a second before the vibration stopped and she took in a deep breath.

“The thing is Simon is a good man. I told m-”

She was interrupted by the phone’s vibration and I guessed it might be from her parents but her clicking of the tongue and her irritated face said something else.

“Can you please park in the sideways? I need to take this call,” she said and although I wanted to ask her about it, I restrained myself from asking as I pulled the car in the sideways and she hopped out slamming the door shut as I put my hand on the handbrake and saw her talking to someone in the phone.

It was a good two to three minutes call when all of a sudden she seemed agitated and threw her hands up in the air. Her body language told me that she was having an argument over something with someone and before I know it, I was already getting out of the car when I heard her.

“Simon, don’t you dare go back from this. You said you are going to give me the land as I give you the green card. So, don’t show me that I am the only one in profits. It was a deal, remember?” her voice seemed threatening as she spoke through the phone while I stood there staring at her back in disbelieve.

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