The Bewitched Knights

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Chapter 40

Veronica looked back at me when she hung up and before she could say anything, I cut her off as I took long strides to reach her.

“Are you like serious? Tell me what I heard is not true!” I spoke through gritted teeth, I couldn’t even believe my own self.

“What?” she snapped and shoved the phone back to her pant pockets glaring at me.

“Don’t think that your glaring at me will stop me from questioning you. You are marrying that guy because of a deal? Are you serious over here Veronica?” for the first time in my life I was actually at the woman before me and I was even least worried about that.

“Ace, do you even know the word privacy and personal? This is my personal matter and I would really appreciate you if you stay away from this,” she snapped throwing her hands in the air which made me really mad as I slammed my hands on the car’s bonnet and walked away crossing my arms over my chest looking the other way.

I was panting. My nostrils flared up and down as if I had just ran a marathon. My heartbeat was at a high pace, beating loudly in my chest while I tried my level best to calm the nerves throbbing in my brain.

This woman is just impossible and ... I couldn’t stop myself when I went back to the car driver’s seat and slammed the shut and ignited the engine, waiting for her to get in.

A few minutes later she came back in and slammed the door hard, copying my actions as I drove off to the next site completely ignoring her presence. Has this woman totally lost her mind?

For god’s sake, marriage is not a game.

“Why the hell are you driving so fast?” I heard her voice but chose to ignore it as I focused more on the road. The car touched eighty km per hour and I didn’t care because I wanted to reach the next as quickly as possible and leave back for the city.

It took just fifteen minutes because of the speed, I was driving to reach the next destination and I parked the car to the side of the road, as I got out and walked to the side to inspect the site only to have a blank mind.


Just Focus.

You can’t let this stupid woman ruin your work.

No matter what I told my consciousness, I couldn’t do the work properly. Everything was right before my eyes but still, I couldn’t see a thing.

Ace, just focus.

Alright calm down and see what’s right before you.

There was a bushy ground and it had few small embankments from where water was flowing down. The area was big but green and most of all wet. Reconstructing the area would mean, demolishing of those old embankments and stopping the continuous flow of water.

The area was too bushy and damp but although it was a great location still, it didn’t really stand to my expectations.

“Three out of ten,” I heard from my side and all I did was give her a stiff nod, just acknowledging her presence.

“Okay, I’m done with this inspection. Let’s leave now or it would be late,” I told her and turned to walk towards the car when all of a sudden she spoke.

“I just don’t why do people always have problems with my decisions. Whatever I am doing is for my company and career and I see nothing wrong in that,” she said with determination which made me turn towards in a swift motion as I felt the rage building up inside me overflowing.

“You call these decisions?” I asked as I marched over to her and stood right before her. If she wanted to hear the truth then she should.

“The problem is not really with people but you. Decisions? Company? Woman, are you like out of your mind? Marriage is not a game and you can’t really play deal games with it. It’s a process of life and don’t just kick your life decisions like that!”

“What do you mean?” she asked as she got rid of her cap which allowed me to see her distressed face and questioning eyes.

“What I mean is marriage is a private deal. Don’t make it a money deal for god’s sake,”

“You don’t really understand the situation. What I’m doing here is business-”

“Veronica! Don’t you dare teach me about business! Just because I’m a businessman that doesn’t mean I will go around marrying anyone I want for property or money,” I lashed which made her eyes fill up with rage.

“Mind your language, Ace. I am not the only one who’s getting benefitted by this decision. Simon is also getting what he wants and that makes it even for us-”

“Do you even listen to yourself? To what you even speak? There can be other ways to do your work but marriage? Are you kidding me?”

“Alright, I will back off if you answer me just a simple question. Alright?” I asked and all she did was stare at me while I remained waiting for her answer.

“Alright?” I urged and she nodded, but with hesitation.

“Do you love Simon?” I asked and all of a sudden she scoffed, scowling on me.

“Why does this has to do anything with love?” she asked and that was enough for me to understand what was going on.

“Why does this has to do anything with love? Well, you should tell me that. Why should you marry the one whom you do not love? Why ruin each other life just for a stupid deal?”

“Are you serious? I don’t really care about this. The only thing I really care about is that my company is going to get a huge benefit for that land that Simon owns and I am not going to let go of the moment. I am going to marry Simon and yes, that’s not for love but for my career. We live in twenty-first century, Ace, so grow up!” she slammed her cap on my chest and walked away towards the car.

“The one who needs to grow up is you. Not me. Do you seriously think this way, Veronica? Do you seriously not worry about your future if you marry Simon? True, you will get what you want but if you don’t love him then you can never live happily Veronica, and believe me no one will be able to help you,” as I said that she turned around and walked up to me.

“As I said earlier Ace, this is my personal decision and you need you to stay out of it. I am not really liking you interfering with my personal life and I am not going to tell you this anymore,” as she said that my heart filled up with only sympathy for the obnoxious woman before but all I could do was shook my head disapproving at her.

“Do you not believe in love?” I couldn’t help but ask.

“Why do you ask that?” she looked little confused but nevertheless composed herself as she crossed her arms across her chest standing confidently before me.

“I don’t really sense that you really feel the power of love and I really hope whatever decisions you take, think it as many times as you can before you go for it,” as I said that I took a side step and walked towards the car when I remembered something.

“And if you really don’t know about love then I would advise you to take some time off and I will personally take you to my parents. You can not only see how they worked their marriage for thirty years but also sense the undying love and affection that they have for each other,” I said that without thinking and all of a sudden thought about her parents.

“I really believe your parents share the same feeling,” as I said that her head whipped to my direction but all she did was just stare at me for some seconds before making her way to the other side of the car where she got inside and I stood there watching her.

Lord, please show her your light. Don’t let her ruin her life.

Because she had already dwelled a lot in her life.


As we were heading back for the city, all of a sudden the nature chose to take a turn when it started snowing heavily. The radio said that it was snowing heavily and already some parts of the roads were closed due to heavy snowfall and I cursed the weather department because they had informed the snowfall was on the tenth.

“Shit!” I cursed out loud when it grew darker and we were incredibly slow for the snow in the road.

There was no way we could reach the city back on time seeing the weather conditions. And the gas was already running out and as far as I could think, the only way to spend the night would be by finding a hotel.

Veronica was quiet all the time and I knew she was smart enough to understand what was going on and thankfully I was really thankful that she sat there quietly letting me do my work when all of a sudden she typed something on the GPS and it showed five minutes away from a motel.

I looked at her direction to find her holding the window rail as she looked out of the window.

The road was completely blocked with snow and a five minutes drive to the motel took fifteen minutes more as the tyre kept on trapped and slipping on the icy road and the continuous snowfall made it hard to drive as I couldn’t really anything in the damn road. And the absence of street lights didn’t really help.


Finally, after driving with utter difficulty, we finally managed to find the motel and I parked the car right before the motel. But as soon as I stopped the car, Veronica was first to get out as she made her way almost immediately quivering and made her way inside the motel while I stared at her, pulling the handrail brake as I made my way out and followed her inside, patting the snow away from my jacket.

I saw her near the reception talking to the lady.

“I’m really sorry but we only have one room with a deluxe bed and hot water facility,” the lady said while I looked back at Veronica to find her really in a distressed state.

“We really need two rooms. Can’t you do anything?” she asked and the lady shook her head no and she didn’t really realized that I was right behind her when she looked back all of a sudden and gasped before looking away.

“It’s okay. I will sleep in the car, you can take the room,” I said which made her look back at me but before she could say anything, I chose to turn around and leave to spend the rest of the night in the car.

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