The Bewitched Knights

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Chapter 41

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Veronica Pov

I watched as he turned around and left without even listening to what I had to say. Talk about tantrums that all this guys throws and they blame woman of having an attitude and tantrum issue.

The lady showed me the way to the room and I accompanied her but as I crossed each corridor, my eyes fell on the windows and I could see the heavy snowfall which made me wonder what was going on.

"There is a storm coming tonight and this is it's result," the lady seemed as if she read me as she answered me the question I never asked.

But all of a sudden, there was a loud and anxious beat in my heart that reminded me of Ace. He was right outside in the car in this heavy snowfall.

"Here is your room," the lady spoke out of nowhere snapping me out of my thoughts. I looked back at her to find her standing there looking at my way, as she waited for me to enter the room. I nodded and got inside. It was a small room with a deluxe bed in which two people can sleep and an attached bedroom. The floor was made of wood and it had slope roof. Moreover, a comfortable room but the room was brighter because of the unnecessary light bulbs.

"The hot water supply is 24X7, and I will send my boys with a new set of towel and bedsheets," she told me and I nodded as I got inside and closed the door.

It was a minute of silence for me as I stood there looking around the warm room. The room heater was on thankfully but I could hear the windy noise coming from the outside which made me walk to the window and I slid the curtains away to look down, as we were in the first floor.

I could clearly see Ace's car. the headlights were on which indicated he must have turned on the heaters in the car but it was still snowing and I had no idea why all of a sudden I got really worried for him and felt guilty because of me he had to sleep in the car.

But I was not wrong. I felt, I was not wrong. I knew what I was doing and I just couldn't understand Ace's problem. I do wish to marry Simon but all Ace could see is it's a business deal.

Sure it is, but if he wants to know about love then we can also fall in love after marriage. What's wrong with it?

And he ruined his mood, arguing with me and is being a stubborn fellow, sleeping in the car in this weather. Seriously, I can never understand why people like to involve in my cases. I like to do things alone and sure, taking the decision to marry Simon was not easy, but I thought of it for a long time and then only I came to the decision.

I was growing frustrated and agitated with Ace. I thought even if my parents did not understand me, he would. He has always seen through me and helped me in almost everything. There was a point in my life, when I used to think, being alone is stressful and I truly liked accompanied by Ace. His company always gave me strength and I was always joyful around him.

But today, the case was different. He was miffed with me with something that I don't want him to get involved into and somehow him not talking to me and being like this, bothered me.

I was again growing, comfortable to Ace's company.

I slid the curtains close and plopped down in the bed, closing my eyes.

He would be fine.


My eyes snapped open and I looked at my wrist watch. It's been an hour, since I dozed off and all of a sudden my mind drifted back to all those moments that happened in the day.

Truthfully, that was also not the way I wanted Ace to know about all this. I did plan on to tell him everything but not this way. He overheard everything and directly, jumped to the conclusion. He didn't even ask how I got to this decision.

The windy noise was loud and I ran to the window, sliding the window curtains away. The car was covered with snow and the headlights were off.

Is he trying to save gas?

"What the hell you idiot!" I cursed as I picked up my sweatshirt from the bed and wore it as I opened the door, and practically ran outside. As soon as I reached the front door, everything was clearly in front me. An hour ago, the grounds were visible but because of the damn snowfall, the ground was covered with a foot length of snow which made me really worried.

The lady was absent from the counter, probably went away to sleep and without even thinking, I ran to the door and as soon as I opened the glass door, I was hit by the painfully minus degree wind and snow covered my eyes, as I patted it away and walked on the ridiculously cold snow towards the car.

There he was. He was sleeping or perhaps trying to sleep without the heaters on and I knew, if the engine cooled down it would be harder for him to turn on the engine and he would suffer. Hr had his jackets over him as I knocked on his window and his eyes snapped open as he looked at me and then slid the window down.

"There is a storm coming and it's snowing heavily, get inside the room. We can share it for today," I said loudly and clearly and all he did was look away as he rolled the windows up being a stubborn guy.

What the hell is wrong with this guy?

"Ace are you kidding me? You can stop being a stubborn fellow and just come with me to the room," I yelled knocking his window and all he did was wrap his jacket over him and closed his eyes totally avoiding me.

It was ridiculously cold and my teeth chattered as I rubbed my palm looking up, hardly seeing anything.

"Fine! If you are not going to come then I will keep on standing here under the snow. You be comfortable and sleep tight, while I watch over you!" I yelled at him but he didn't bothered as he closed his eyes and even pushed his seat down, trying to be comfortable.

Talk about tantrums.

The continuous snowfall irritated me and I shivered in my place, as I cursed for wearing a gym attire. I was actually in the gym running and working out but it was as if I wanted to keep myself busy wanting to forget something, when all of a sudden I remembered I had to go with Ace, to inspect sites.

I had no time to run back home to change, so I ordered my driver to drive as fast as he can to Ace because I really do have no idea why but I can not really think of him being miffed with me.

I don't like it when he doesn't talk to me, so whenever I was around him, I wanted things should always be perfect. But it never goes the way, I always planned.

And here I was, tolerating his tantrums, quivering under the snow in a gym outfit. All of a sudden, I felt my feet giving up. My fingers grew pale and I looked at the my hands.

"What the hell, Veronica? Go inside!" I heard him and I could hardly look up when all of a sudden the car's door opened and he came out and something was thrown over me.

"Why do you do this? God you are shivering and you are totally pale. I really hate your stubbornness, Veronica. I thought you would give up and go inside but no!" I could hear him as he wrapped his hands around me and helped me walk inside as he accompanied me.

"I told you, I'm not going inside without you!" I said through chattering teeth and heard him huff beside me.

Thankfully, it didn't take long to convince him, or I really thought I was going to die because of hypothermia.


We were inside the room as he helped me by wrapping the duvets around me and turned on the heater little more. He threw his jacket on the chair and sat right next to me taking my hands in his rubbing them trying to make it warm.

"I have never seen a woman as stubborn and dangerous as you," he looked angry as he spoke and I chose to keep quiet.

It is better not to give more ash to his flames, so I even though I wanted to argue that it was his fault, for making me stand there,I chose to keep my mouth shut as he continued scolding me for my actions but to top of that I could clearly see how worried he was for me and I really appreciated it.

I was always alone. It was not because my parents left me alone but it was my actions that made me separated from them. My dad loved me the most but while I time, I was away from my parents all alone in South Africa, I could find hardly anyone except Maria, who actually worried about me.

Apart from my family and brothers, Ace was the only one, I had no idea why I trusted and he worried for me. I really appreciated that and it was I ended up listening to him, scolding me while he did his level best make me warm.

It took thirty minutes for my body to respond to the warmness of the room and soon, I relaxed as I watched him.

"Are you feeling good now?" he asked I nodded.

"Thank god! You gave me a heart attack back then. I seriously thought, you would leave. Next time, I am not going to do this. I'm really sorry. That was my fault!" he said and rubbed his face.

Why do you always say sorry, first?

It was not even your fault, and you know that too.

Are you just like me? Do you want things not to get messed up between us?

Do you like my company as well, Ace?

"You feeling alright? Sure?" he asked and I nodded.

"Well then, I want to wash my face. I will be right back then," he said and got up from the bed as I watched his back when he opened the bathroom door and got inside.

The room was again filled with silence and I looked around feeling weird. All of a sudden, I was already missing his presence. It was as if, I was tired of being alone and I wanted someone to be with me, just always.

The silence was eating me and it was why I threw the duvets off me and clutched my heart, feeling weird when all of a sudden, I was up on my feet and walking to the bathroom ready to call him when all of a sudden, there was a loud thud noise followed by the sound of water.

"Ace?" I called as I knocked at the door, worried what happened to him.

He was cursing inside and I could hear the water when all of a sudden, it stopped.

"Ace are you alright?"

The door opened and I took few steps back, when he came out holding his drenched shirt, shirtless, dripping wet, his hair a complete mess and a body, I had never imagined he hid under those clothes.

Ace had six packs, well build body and I recalled how I had never thought about it seeing his broad shoulders. He had grown. Grown as a man, that I had failed to notice. And to top of that it was the first ever time, I admitted he was handsome as well. Probably, one of the most good looking guy around me and also intelligent, generous and...

"That stupid faucet of the sink, broke open when I turned it on, shit!" he was busy flipping his wet shirt in the air, completely oblivious to my presence and to the way I way looking at him.

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