The Bewitched Knights

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Chapter 42

When things are not on your side, nothing can help it. It was how I ended up drenched up because the damn faucet broke open when I turned it on. The water, was in pressure as it hit my face and drenched my shirt while, I tried to get a hold of the faucet and fix it back on the sink, but by the time I was able to fix it, it was too late and my shirt was totally drenched.

“Ace?” I heard Veronica’s voice.

She probably heard the breaking of the faucet. It was freezing and I got rid of my shirt as I heard her knocking at the door. Cursing under my breath, I opened the door and flipped the shirt in the air, annoyed.

“That stupid faucet of the sink, broke open when I turned it on, shit!” I told her and inspected the shirt. But it was of no use. It was soaked and I sighed as I walked to the chair where I had thrown my jacket previously, and removed it and used the chair to dry the shirt.

"Are you alright?" I heard her and looked back at her to find her already staring at me. I nodded putting my hand on my waist as I looked for a towel when all of a sudden something was flung my way and I caught it in no time only to find it a towel.

"Use it to dry yourself," she said as she made her way to the bed and side and sat on the edge looking towards the bathroom door.

"It seems you work out a lot," I heard her and I looked her way all the while drying my hair as I hummed in response.

"You can say, I used to. Now, I don't even get time to breathe," I said as I sat on the other side of the bed and looked at the lamp.

"Why?" she asked and that made me wonder something.

There are things that I kept hidden from her as well. But things like that can't be shared and I was little worried if people around me will really understand the problem. Still, I don't know why I wanted to put it before her and thought about it again before coming to the decision.

"I am a scientist," I started and she looked back with a raised eyebrow.

"Really? I didn't know," came her sarcastic reply followed by an eye roll which made me smile sideways at her.

"But I can't be a scientist!" I finally said it which made her give me a confused look as she turned to face me in the bed as I looked her way.

"What in the world does that mean?" she asked seeming curious and I threw the towel on the end of the bed, sitting comfortably. Thankfully the heater was on, which allowed me to sit without my shirt on or else I would have been shivering.

"It's a long story.." I said and she scoffed at me, sitting comfortably on her side putting her head on the headboard.

"I have got plenty of time to hear," she said and reluctantly I started telling her everything.

She sat there with disbelief eyes as I told her everything from my mom's accident to me taking over the company and not being able to join NASA's mar's mission.

"Ace, since the day I met you, the only dream I saw in your eyes were to be a scientist, an astronaut. To say, I was also thinking the same thing, why you are in this profession. I was truly shocked to see you as the CEO of Knights Corp. but then I thought perhaps you changed your mind when you grew up. Never had I imagined that you had been through so much to be in the place where you are today," she said and looked down at her palm.

"Veronica, don't think about me. I know I will overcome this, some day but currently the most important thing is your marriage," I told her and immediately she frowned looking the other way.

"Ace stop it, please," she begged and all I did was nod feeling exhausted as I took all the pillows and made a partition in the middle.

"What are you doing?" she asked as I looked at her with a raised eyebrow.

"This is the Great wall of China. Dare to cross this, you shall be executed out of the bed," I told her a smile broke out on her face as I pulled the comforter up to my chin and slipped under to have some rest.

"Go down and sleep," I heard her, while I chose to ignore her.

"You can also do the same thing," I told her as I closed my eyes.

"Ace, Simon is also not a bad person. See, I understand what you mean but if you are worried about love then love can also happen after marriage right?" she said and that made my eyes open but thankfully I wasn't facing her sho she had no idea if I was looking towards her or not.

"Right," I said and hoped she heard.

"Do you know even my parents loved each other after their marriage and as much as I know their marriage was also a type of business deal. They were forced on each other but look today, they can't even stay away each other," Veronica said which instantly made me look her way.

To say the truth, even my parents were forced to marry each other by my grandfather. But still they ended up falling in love and here they are. But their love inspired me to find someone whom I loved but what Veronica is doing is truly questionable.

"Exactly, they fell in love right. You can also find someone who you love, before thinking of marrying," I said that instantly remembered that she told me previously she lived in South Africa, alone and away from her parents.

Is this also the reason why she can't really understand what love is?

Obviously, she got to see very less of her parent's love for each other but is that really what inspired her?

"But Veronica...Sim-" I cut myself in the middle as I turned over and looked the other way.

Am I being too naggy?

Perhaps, the reason she is getting married to someone else didn't settle with me that well and it is also why I am just questioning her every moves. Shit!

"I know what you want to say. And I will just repeat what the great minds say...Age is just a number," she said dramatically which made me roll my eyes.

"Look. Simon is really not that bad. Yes, I understand about age gap but still he is really considerate and generous. Obviously you didn't get quite time to know him so it is why I have decided something," she said and I kept quite wanting to hear what she had in her mind.

"How about a catch up party?" she said which made me confused as I repeated what she said and questioned her about it.

"Where you get to know each other. I call it catch up party," she said and even though I wanted to huff at her and close my eyes and sleep, still I couldn't as I waited for her to complete.

"Lets decide a place and I will bring Simon with me, we will spend the day knowing each other and perhaps the thoughts you have for him change after this?" she asked and I looked her way.

"Ridiculous idea. You two will hang out while I be a loner and be awkward. Is that what you want?" I asked and she grinned.

"Of course not. If you want you can bring your sister. I heard she is coming back this week right? My date is on Saturday. Today is Monday, we can do this in Wednesday right?" she asked and I looked the other way frowning.

"Alright!" I said as I closed my eyes.

"Perfect!" I heard her squeal.

I can't believe I said yes to her ridiculous idea. But that's not a bad idea either. I can really get to know Simon and will have an idea what type of guy he is. But deep down, I was burning with jealousy and I was hurt. The woman I loved, was slipping out of my hands right before my eyes and I couldn't do anything.

But it was all my fault. Had I told her about my feelings in right place and right time then perhaps she would have been with me. Every time, I tried to tell her, something happened and she always got away. Perhaps it was also the signal from the above indicating that we were not really meant for each other.

I failed to love her and failed to make her see, how much I loved her.

"Are you asleep already?" I heard her but chose to keep quiet because I was already feeling tired and sleepy.

But as I losing my consciousness, I could feel the bed raise up from beside me and then something trailing over my face, but I was too tired to even open my eyes and that made me fall asleep with the soft sensation still on my face.

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