The Bewitched Knights

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Chapter 43

Ace Pov

The chirping of the birds broke my sleep as I inhaled deeply and opened my eyes and the first thing that came to my blurry sight was the roof and the light bulbs still on, even though the room was lit up by the outside light.

My hands reached up from the blanket and as I looked to my side, I was all of a sudden caught off guard when I saw Veronica sitting next to my bed on a chair in which my shirt was hung, staring at me.

"What the hell are you doing?" I asked, my voice sounded husky as I got up from the bed and pulled the cover up. She seemed to snap out as she shook her head and looked elsewhere but me.

"Nothing! I was just thinking about the wedding preparations. I'm yet to try the wedding dress too," she said while I rubbed the sleep off my face and sat properly.

"Pass me my shirt," I told her and she drew her hand back to get hold my shirt as she threw it in my direction, without even looking my way and walked up to the window sliding the curtain apart looking out.

"What's the time?" I asked as I wore my shirt and got up buttoning it in the process.

"Half past six," she said and I walked into the bathroom to wash my face and freshen up.

"Let's head back now. I have an important meeting today and we can have some breakfast on our way," I told her and heard her responding a yes in response.


The meeting turned out to be good and everything seemed to be going in pace as I sat down on my chair, dialing Amelia's number.

"Finally you got the time to summon your sister, baldy bro!" I heard her using the name I hated. She used the name whenever she was pissed upon me and I guessed it that my lack of communication with her made her mad.

"When are you coming? I have a small outing tomorrow. Can you make it?" I asked and heard her scoffing at me.

"Always, changing the topic," she mumbled and I head some commotions in the background.

"I informed your secretary that I would be coming that week but you were the one who refused my presence. So, be it. I will not come until and unless I want to," came her answer and the next second the line went dead. I looked back at the phone with a blank expression.

Come to think of it, I have always noticed some similarities between Veronica and my sister.

Both are highly snubbish and stupid.

So, there was no chance, Amelia would show up for the outing that Veronica had planned and there is no way, I'm gonna go alone and to top of that, Noah has taken a leave for some days.

I guess I have to cancel the meeting then.

I was just about to pick up the call to ring Veronica and there was a knock in the door and there stood Chelsea with a pile of paper in her hand, struggling to hold it properly as she made her way towards my desk and literally slammed them on my desk.

"Sorry for that!" she mumbled as she began rummaging through them when it struck me.

"Chelsea?" I said and she looked up at me for a mere second before going back to arranging the paper.

"Are you free tomorrow?" I asked and it was when she looked up at me with a questioning look while I grinned at my seat.


"Ace, I don't really think that it's a good idea. What am I suppose do here?" Chelsea asked as I parked the car in the parking of the resort.

Veronica, planned an outing in a resort in Long island and that made me drive all the way, as I picked Chelsea on my way.

"Just hangout!" I said as I shrugged at her and got out of the car and opened the back seat to get hold of my bag. We planned to stay the night in the resort and it was why I chose to bring a pair of clothes me for incase.

"But she invited your sister. I don't really think she is going to be happy with me showing up out of nowhere," Chelsea said as she picked up her bag and followed me.

"Its upon me who I chose to bring. Amelia is out of town and Noah is on leave. You are the only friend I have got around me," I said as I searched for my phone inside my pant pocket wanting to dial Veronica.

"You call me your friend?" I heard her timid voice and looked towards her to find her smiling to the ground biting her lips.

"Of course, are you not?" I questioned and she looked nodding at me.

"Where are you?" I asked once Veronica picked up the phone and Chelsea looked up at me with a confused look but then understood that I was talking in my phone and she nodded clutching her bag tightly as I turned around and together we walked inside the resort.

"In the lawn," I heard her voice from the other end and as I was searching for her, I finally found her in a peach coloured sweater and black coloured pant. She waved at me from afar and I waved back as I disconnected the call and made my way towards her.

"What took you so l-" Veronica's eyes immediately shifted from me to Chelsea who was right behind me as she gave out a blank face and looked back at me.

"Why is she here?" she asked in a cold tone and I was just about to speak when someone appeared right next to her, throwing his arm over her shoulder.

Veronica turned to look at the guy, whom I recognised as Simon, and immediately he withdrew his hand from her as he looked at me pulling his leather jacket closer to him. "It's been long since we last met," he forwarded his hand to me and I gave him a smile as I took his hand but I definitely heard a small gasp from behind and looked back to find Chelsea looking dumbstruck at Simon.

"She is my friend and is also in HR manager of my company," I introduced Chelsea to Simon and he nodded showing his smile as he forwarded his hand towards Chelsea. Chelsea was quick to greet back but what got my attention was Veronica staring at Chelsea.

"So apart from work related stuff, are you guys like dating? You look good with each other," Simon said indicating me and Chelsea. While Chelsea smiled at him and pushed some few strands of her back, nodding a no, I was just about to speak when Veronica beat me in, "Of course not! She is just his manager," she corrected and took my bag from me.

"Let's go in or else we shall freeze to death," she spoke through her teeth and I had no idea why she looked she had a sour mood. She walked before me and I looked back to find Chelsea following me and Simon walked beside her, shoving his hands into his pant pockets.

Although it wasn't snowing outside, still the temperature was pretty low and we all wore, warm winter clothes. Chelsea wore a white sweater and had her gloves on while I wore my brown leather jacket matching it up with my black jeans and tshirt.

We walked to the reception and booked our rooms while Veronica stood right next to me when the lady gave us our room keys when all of a sudden she snatched the keys away from me and gave one to Simon.

"I hope you two boys have fun in your room," she said and Chelsea looked confused.

"I thought you two are getting married. Should you two not stay in the same room?" Chelsea asked while Veronica looked down at the keys.

"Are you telling me that you want to share rooms with Ace?" Veronica asked, her voice too sweet, as she gave out a small smile.

"No- I mea-" Chelsea looked gobsmacked by Veronica's choice of words and she looked back at me as I gave her a nod.

"Of course, I know your relation with Ace. We woman will share a room while Simon and Ace can share one," Veronica said and turned to leave. Simon looked at me and I gave him a shrug while Chelsea clutched her bag tight and made her way after Veronica.


"The view from here is really nice," I heard Simon while I kept my thing in the bathroom and I walked out to find him standing in the balcony, looking towards the ocean.

"I'm really liking it in New York," he spoke and I made my way to the balcony as I stood there looking forward. Not many people were seen wandering near the ocean and I heard a sound, to which I looked to my right to find the balcony door of the next room opening and Chelsea walked out with a foul expression on her face.

As soon as she looked my way, she made it to my side, only the wall of the balcony separating us. I raised my eyebrows at her asking her what was the problem but all she did was to give me a smile as she shook her head assuring me that everything was alright.

A few minutes later, Veronica walked out only in a white shirt as she looked at me and came right next to Chelsea as she gave her some space to stand.

"Let's meet up outside for barbeque. I have told the staff to arrange the items outside in the lawn," she said and Simon clapped his hands rubbing them, showing his excitement as he walked back into the room and even Chelsea walked back to room, I was just about to turn when all of a sudden Veronica leaned forward and got hold of my hand.

"I thought I asked you to bring your sister. Why is she here?" she asked and I saw her eyes held a lot of questions but all I did was give her a shrug.

"Amelia is still out of town and Noah is on leave. Whom else could I have brought? Chelsea is also my friend," I said and she scoffed.

"Friend?" she asked raising her eyebrows at me and I understood, perhaps Veronica had the same impression of Chelsea being a bully back in the school. I gave her a small smile and held her hand giving it a pat.

"Relax Veronica. Chelsea has changed. She apologised for her mistakes and look where she is today. She has become mine good friend," as I said that Veronica withdrew her hand giving me a blank look.

"I can't believe you forgave the one who made you shave your hair so quickly but took so much time to forgive me," she mumbled but I could hear it all as I laughed.

"Veronica stop being childish now, and can we focus on why we are here?" I asked. She stared at me for a second before crossing her arms over her chest and nodding.

"Okay I see you don't trust her but do you trust me?" I asked and almost immediately her eyes grew bigger.

"Of course, I do," she said without even thinking which made me smile and I placed my hand on her head ruffling her hair. "Then trust me and try to warm up to Chelsea. She is a nice girl," I said and turned around to leave when I heard her speak, "Woman. She is a woman now."

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