The Bewitched Knights

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Chapter 44

The weather was nice. Yes, it was cold but a barbeque outside was a really nice idea. I saw Simon, talking to the staff who was setting up the barbeque equipment while Veronica was setting up the dishes and Chelsea right next to her helping her. I walked up to them, ad stood right before her, excited.

"So? What can I do?" I asked and Chelsea forwarded a knife and chopping board.

"Can you help me dice the veg-"

"I can do that. You should help Simon with the grill," Veronica said as she took the chopping board and I shrugged, "Alright!"

I walked back to where Simon was and helped him install the equipment and we took a wet cloth to clean it off. The resort staff provided us all the ingredients required for the barbeque and left us alone as we prepared for it when I looked back at Chelsea to find her standing there with Veronica staring at the dish that she was making.

"So how long has it been since you two know each other?"

I heard Simon as I looked back at him to find him greasing the grills with oil. He was in his late fifties or maybe already sixty for he was definitely good looking for his age. My dad was fit and still looked way better for his age.

"I know her from school time. She used to save me from bullies back then," I said as I reminiscent those days thinking about Veronica and I fought for the ways she fought with everyone but I was also thankful that she would always be around me, worrying about me.

"What? Bullies? That petite girl protected you from bullies?" Simon choked as he used the spatula to point Chelsea and then I understood, he was actually asking about Chelsea.

"No, Veronica. Veronica used to protect me from bullies and Chelsea was the bully, actually," I said when Simon gave out a side smile and looked back at Chelsea and Veronica.

"That petite girl used to bully you?" he laughed and even though I wanted to roll my eyes, I didn't for the sake of Veronica.

"She was taller than me back then and she used to bully me with her friends. Veronica was a quite, intelligent but a rebel girl back then, while I was a nerd, stuffed my head with books all the time and stayed away from fighting and crowds,"

"Really? I can actually agree with Veronica being a rebel but its hard to believe that you got bullied by a girl," he joked and laughed.

"You were a nerd, so that means you loved books?" he asked and I nodded.

"I still do. I am actually a scientist," I told him and his eyes widened as he looked my way. "Scientist? Then how come Veronica was in your school? She did her studies in commerce right?" he asked and I nodded not wanting to disclose things which Veronica had possibly not told him.

Irony. She is getting married to this man in two or three days and he doesn't even know about her background.

"She was a transferred student in London school of Science, it was where, we first met. But later on she moved to Commerce," I told him and watched as his eyes widened and he turned to face me.

"London school of Science? You are an alumni from that school?" he asked and I nodded.

"Man you must be truly a genius for I have heard only the genius from around the world gets to study in that school. My daughter has been trying to get into that school as a professor since ages, but she can't make it!" he sighed as he shoved his hands into his pant pockets.

Wait! daughter?

"Daughter? You have a daughter?" I asked absolutely gobsmacked as he nodded with a smile.

"Yeah she is a physics professor," he said and I had no idea why the blood drained from my face as I looked back at Veronica.

Does she knows this?

A daughter who is probably as grown as Veronica is, has Veronica completely lost it?

I looked back at Simon, he seemed like a good guy but in way, I found him perfect for Veronica. Of course I knew, they had made marriage as a business deal but their was no way I would let Veronica do this without thinking thousand times. I had to talk to her about this no matter what.

"Careful! The grills are hot now!" I heard Simon but it seemed it was too late because my fingers brushed through the hot grill and in an instant, I winced in pain as I withdrew my hand from the grill, examining it. The skin seemed to be affected as it turned red and it burnt like hell.

"Ace! Are you alright?" Chelsea was right beside me taking my hand in her hands, trying to see what happened.

"What were you doing? You should be careful. You burnt your skin," she looked worried and even though I wanted to tell her not to worry, she didn't even give me the time to speak as she pulled me with her to the table and poured cold water from the bottle on the burn area.

"Are you feeling alright now? Does it pain?" she asked and I nodded, smiling at her.

"It's just a small burn, I'm alright," I said as I withdrew my hands from her grasp, examining the affected area.

"But sti-"

"Let me see," I heard Veronica and I watched as she took my hand in her warm hands and took out a cream from the first aid box before applying it on my burnt skin.

"When you are hurt, you should focus more on how to treat it not on why it happened and how it happened," she said in a lone tone, enough to be audible by everyone. I inhaled deeply when the it stung but she blew air on it as she witnessed me wincing.

"I didn't really mean to-"

"It seems good now," Veronica cut Chelsea off as she totally ignored her speaking and looked up at me smiling at me.

"Just be careful now," she mumbled and got back to her work, chopping the meat and looking my way once in awhile. But I looked back at Chelsea to find her looking down, looking guilty.

"Chelsea, she didn't really mean that," I said as I recalled how Veronica mocked her. Even though I told her to take it slow with Chelsea it seems, Veronica has no intention of warming up to Chelsea which made me worried.

"But she was right. I wasted time, talking about why and how it happened. I should have fetched the first-aid box first," she looked depressed as she walked back to where Veronica was as she helped her but totally in a depressed situation.

Perhaps, it was a bad idea to bring Chelsea.

I have to talk to Veronica about this.

"You have got two woman clearly worrying about you, just for a small burn," Simon joked as he brought the meat bowl from Veronica and put it over the hot grill.

I looked back at Veronica who stared back at me and then avoided my gaze. But Chelsea made me worried. It was because of me, she had to face Veronica's taunts and I better make it up to her.

So, I got back to my work and helped Simon, ignoring his joked while I looked back at Chelsea at some instants checking if she was alright.

After few minutes, everything seemed to be normal as we all got back to work and started grilling everything. The smell was spicy and mouth watering. Simon, played a song in his speaker while we enjoyed swaying to the beats and eating from the barbeque when Veronica got a call from the resort staff about something and she excused herself from us and I took the time to talk to Chelsea.

She was serving the grilled meat on a paper plate when I got hold of her hand and made her walk with me to the side near the maple tree to have a talk with her.

"Ace!" she squealed as I made her stand right before me. I looked back to find Simon swaying to an old song, grilling the food.

"Don't mind Veronica. She is just like this from the beginning but she is really a -"

"I know and I'm not really complaining. I'm just upset with myself and my lack of quick thinking. And I also know that it will take time for me to change my impressions. Do you know Veronica beat me like hell, when I threw gum on your hair?" she laughed looking nervous as she remembered the day.

"I know she is your friend and she has been very protective of you from the very beginning but it will take time for her to understand that I have changed and warm up to me. I am not really dragging things but I really want her to warm up to me," she said which made me sigh in relief.

"You know what? You are more mature than what I have thought. You actually impress me," I joked and that finally made her smile.

"Why thank you! Should I take it as a compliment?" she raised her eyebrow standing on her tip toe but still not reaching my height which made me laugh as I shook my head and leaned back.

"Of course," I spoke as I raised my hand to uffle my hand when all of a sudden I heard the sound of glass breaking and I looked to find Simon running up to Veronica. As I saw it from afar, I saw her hand bleeding with pieces of glass stuck in it.

"Veronica are you alright?" Simon looked worried and in no minute, I was already running towards her and as soon as I reached there, I took her hand in mine and looked at the pieces of glass stuck in it.

"Oh my god!" I heard Chelsea as she ran to bring the first aid box.

Veronica's eyes were bloodshot red, as if she was crying but hardly showed any emotions but smiled when she looked at me.

"The glass was broken, as soon as I picked it up, it- it broke," she clarified and I shook my head gobsmacked by what I was seeing.

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