The Bewitched Knights

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Chapter 46

The flames of the bonfire was right before me, as I rubbed my hands together and embraced the warmth wholeheartedly. The temperature was incredibly low compared to the other days and I remained glancing towards Chelsea, who remained quiet and gazed at the bonfire, totally zoned out.

I wondered what was wrong with her. She seemed incredibly quiet from the evening and she seemed to have lost her appetite, as I saw her only playing with her food and avoiding eye contact with just everyone.

Veronica went away with Simon and I could see them talking in the balcony of the room.

“Are you feeling cold?” I heard Chelsea’s timid voice and that made me look back at her.

“No!” I responded. She smiled a little as she reached out to her left and threw a blanket on me.

“Your legs are shaking,” she said and I looked back at my legs to find them shaking. It was something that happened to me only when I was in tension or nervous. I was definitely, not feeling cold.

Perhaps, I felt agitated and nervous seeing Veronica and Simon all alone and agitated because of jealousy.

Nevertheless, I took the blanket and placed it over my legs hiding it from Chelsea’s view. Her eyes remained fixated to the flames, and I was just about to ask her what’s with her, Veronica walked to us.

“How is it going?” she asked as she took a seat next to Chelsea and Chelsea scooted a little to give her some space. They exchanged a glance and looked my way.

“Well, its cold,” I told them and looked back towards the way where a few minutes ago I saw Simon only to find him absent. Where is he?

“Then we should head back to our room? Don’t want us catching cold now do we?” Veronica chuckled and Chelsea was first to nod as she got up from her place and looked back at me.

“Alright,” I said as I kept the blanket on the bench for the resort staff, to take it back as I stretched my arms into the air and then we three headed back into the resort, when all of a sudden Veronica held my hand and I looked back at her.

“Stay for a minute,” she said and I looked back at Chelsea to find her waling straight back without even glancing back.

“What’s up?” I asked as I withdraw my hands from her and she looked up at me. We were in the lobby, and since it was already late, the lights were dimmed and only a receptionist sat on the seat talking in his phone, totally clueless to our presence. Veronica saw him and again got hold of my hand as she pulled me to the entrance and near the glass door where no one was around.

“I have got something to tell you about Simon,” she begun when it stroke me.

“Do you know he has a daughter and she is as grown up as we are? Probably older than us?” I said recalling the time of the day when I got to know that he has a daughter.

“Yes, I do,” Veronica spoke and immediately I yanked her hand off me.

“Veronica have you lost it? How far will go just for a piece of land? First of all you don’t love him, second he is double of your age and third he also has a daughter who is the same age of us,” I was literally yelling at her at this moment and moving my hands in the air while she tried to get hold of my hand.

“I will not let you do some stupidity. I want you to all your parents and tell them everything about this. Until and unless you let your parents know, I am-”

“Ace! Will you listen?”

“What is there to listen? You know what? I’m tired of making you understand things. You never think rationationally and-”

“Shut up!” she snapped which made me stop as I looked down at her and kept my hand son my waist not believing it.

“Keep quiet and let me speak,” she said and even though I had an urge to roll my eyes, still I managed not to do that as I stayed quiet for a second, but agitated as my head bobbed through out, waiting for what she has got to speak.

“Drive me back tomorrow to my penthouse,” she said and my eyebrows furrowed, “Why? Is Simon not taking you back? You both came together, didn’t you?” I asked while she sighed and nodded, looking exhausted.

“But he left,” she said and that made me even more confused than I already was.

“Left? What do you mean by he left?” I managed to ask, totally puzzled with what she was saying.

“He left because there was no reason for him to stay as I called our wedding off!” she said and there was a minute of silence between us as I took some to register what she just told me. I was beyond flabbergasted and to say I was also skeptical thinking whether she was joking or was she real.

“Called it off?” I asked and she nodded.

“You were actually right. I thought about a lot. You know perhaps, that would have been my bad decision. I would get time to meet him, there was no possibility of me falling in love with him after marriage and even he didn’t look interested to start a new life. He is basically concentrating on his business and his only daughter. I would have been a nuisance to both his and mine life. So, I took this moment and told him straight that I can’t do this,” as she said that. I couldn’t understand what I was feeling.

There was a mixed reaction from my side and the emotions within me was overflowing and before I could stop myself, I literally threw myself on her, embracing her into a tight hug, pulling her close to my heart as I picked her up from the ground and she squealed, laughing at the end.

I was overjoyed, relieved and overwhelmed. My actions portrayed my feelings and true to my feelings, I expressed my happiness by hugging her, not even caring what she would feel. But all of a sudden, something happened because the next moment, I had down and turned our position so now her back was facing the wall, as I pushed her to the wall and hugged her tight, my face in the crook of her neck, inhaling that woody fragrance, that I had loved since the day I met her.

It was intoxicating.

Finally, I could have her to myself. Finally, I could tell her how I felt for her. Finally I could make her understand how much I longed for her.

Her mind won’t be distracted and perhaps she would pay more attention to me now.

It was painful to have feelings inside me form a long time, but as time moved past me, I thought it was diminishing. But no, the flame of love, sparked within me and grew into a wild fire since the day, I saw her coming out of that helicopter. I had never forgotten her. She was always with me and I held her close, my heart beats told me how much I got affected by her close to me.

It was undoubtedly love.

Ace Knights has fallen head over heels for this woman, so close.

But as everything has an end, the moment of bliss came to an end when I remembered where we were and what I did.

All of a sudden, my eyes snapped open and as I registered what I did. I withdrew my hands off her and moved back giving her some space. At first, I thought she would have been angry and I stood there mentally cursing my mind for being such a jerk to me and not controlling. I knew what I did was truly not was friends do but as I looked at her expression thinking she would have been mad and I made her uncomfortable, she didn’t seem to be angry as she stood there looking awkward as she pushed a few strands of her hair to the back of her ear.

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean that. I’m sorry,” I spoke but hardly I had any idea why I was asking for forgiveness over and over.

Perhaps, I was scared, I took thing totally too far and messed up.

I was truly scared of losing her again and to make things make less awkward, I kept on asking for forgiveness.

“It’s okay. I mean, I don’t mind,” is what she mumbled as she walked past me and I stood their thinking what she meant and regretting my actions. As I took in deep breaths and saw her walking back towards the room, I made it my chance to wait until she goes away so that I could walk back to mine without facing any awkwardness.

“God Ace! You are just so dumb!” I cursed as I could still my heart stupidly beating fast and patting over my chest, I made my way towards my room and thankfully, she was nowhere in sight.

“Great! You made things totally uncomfortable and awkward for her,” I pulled my hair as soon as I closed the door and slid to the floor, cursing my luck and involuntary actions.

That’s right I had no consciousness.

Just tell her that you drunk too much and you were not in your right state of mind.

The stupid idea popped into my head, and I walked back to the bed, plopping down on it, staring at the ceiling. Hours passed by but I was still cursing and blaming myself for not having control over my actions. I was hardly able to sleep and the whole night, I turned left and right thinking of the ways to face Veronica when I gave up and pulled my hair tightly but stopped when I heard a knock on my door.

It was a single knock but had it not been me, not sleeping at the hour, I would have never heard it. Quickly, I stood back on my foot and checked the time to find it three in the morning.

As I walked to the door thinking, who it might be so early in the morning, always expect the unexpected.


She stood right before my door and looked up at me as I opened the door and there was a smile playing on her face.

"I was not able to sleep. I just wanted to do a test," she said and as my eyebrows furrowed in confusion thinking what test she was talking about, all of a sudden, she flung her arms over my shoulder and stood on her tip toe and before I knew it, her lips were on mine.

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