The Bewitched Knights

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Chapter 47

There are moments in your life, where you give up and live in the moment not caring about anything or anyone. It was I was feeling when Veronica kissed me wrapping her hands around my neck. But as soon as it happened, we tore apart as she withdrew back looking at my eyes as I stood their stunned, but as soon as my mind registered what happened, I was the one this time, to grab her face and pull in for another kiss as I pulled her into the room and she slammed the door, hard.


“I’m turning on the music,” Chelsea spoke and perhaps it was her way to break the silence that prevailed in the car, while she drove us back to New York. After what happened in the middle of the night with Veronica, it was getting harder for both of us to tear apart and we kissed each other multiple times until, we heard the phone ringing from Chelsea’s room and Veronica dashed away thinking Chelsea would be awake and would be thinking where in the world she was in the middle of the night.

She left leaving me, gasping for air and with a violently pumping heart rate. We didn’t even get time to talk nor did we glance at each other’s eye in the morning when we prepared for leaving the resort.

My mind was captivated by the thoughts of us and I was clearly in no condition to drive. So, I asked Chelsea to drive, while Veronica sat next to her and I chose to sit in the back. Although, I found Veronica glancing at me occasionally from the rear view mirror and whenever our eyes met, she would look away.

Whatever happened was totally unplanned but there was something I was sure about, which gave me intense happiness and a weird sense of relief and that was Veronica seemed to be acknowledging my presence.

“Which song would you like me to play?” I heard Chelsea.

“Say something by A Great Big World,” Veronica and I spoke in unison and immediately she glanced my way through the rear view mirror from her window.

I took this time to stare at her face wanting to know what was going on inside that head of hers. The corner of her lips slightly up as if she was trying hard from smiling and her eyes twinkling and they lingered on my gaze until Chelsea honked at someone and we broke apart.

Well, somebody looks happy.

"Shall I drop Ms. Sullivan first or do I get down?" Chelsea asked and I knew Chelsea's house was nearby and then we get to Veronica but still as a gesture she asked us about that and not wanting to give her any more trouble, I asked her to drive to her house, first.


"Okay. I had a great time. See you back in the office," Chelsea said once she halt the car right before her apartment and got off. She waved back at Veronica who gave her a simple nod and a smile as I got off from the back seat and sat on the driver's seat.

All the while, feeling the blood rushing up to my face as I waved at Chelsea before she turned to the door and drove off to Knights Corp.

The music was still playing as I drove quietly but all of a sudden, I saw her fingers fidgeting with the hem of her sweater and it was when I held her hand and she looked up at me as she intertwined our fingers and finally gave that radiating smile of hers, which genuinely reached her eyes.

Seeing her smile, I couldn't stop mine lips from quirking up.

As I stopped right before her penthouse and Knights Corp, she looked back at me and I leaned towards her.

"I hope you do get it that I don't want to remain just as a friend of yours," I whispered and she closed her eyes before chuckling.

"So are you resigning from the best friend's post?" she joked and this made me crack up as I chuckled and moved back.

"Nay, I intend to keep both," I said and I hoped she understood what I meant. It was true I wanted to be just more than a friend, but I didn't plan to step down from being her best friend.

"Greedy," she joked and she turned to open the car door when I got hold of her hand and pulled her back. She gasped but fell back on my arms as she stared at me with those beautiful brown eyes of hers. "You forgot something," I told her and she squinted her eyes for a second before realising what I meant and she was already blushing trying to move away.

"What are the type of person who prefers darkness?" I joked and immediately she narrowed her eyes as all of a sudden she got hold of my face and before I knew it, she planted a kiss on my cheek and immediately got out as I couldn't stop my face from smiling, hard.

"You better hurry up Mr. Knights or you would be late for your office," she said as she leaned down to stare at me through the window and my hands tried to grab her but she was fast as she laughed and turned around to leave while, I sat there smiling like a goof and waited until she got in before driving off back home to change.

She is into me.

Definitely, into me.

I was going crazy thinking about it again and again but the most important part was, I was keen on asking her out to be my girlfriend as soon as possible. The days are just getting better and I want to lose no more time, to court the lady that I have loved since day one.

This time, it was Ace and it should be only Ace in her life.

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