The Bewitched Knight

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Chapter 5

Ace Pov

The buzzing of my phone got my attention as I sat up on my bed to check the caller Id to find dad calling me. A smile appeared on my face and I took the phone and walked to my balcony to have a conversation with my dad.

“Dad,” I said beaming with happiness as I picked up the call. Due to his busy schedule, he could hardly have a conversation with me but he would usually call me late in the night wanting to know about my whereabouts. I knew he knew what I was doing and what I didn’t from the school guards but then I really appreciated it whenever he takes some time out for me and calls me or visits me.

“What’s up buddy?” I heard his voice from the other end followed by mom’s and Amelia, my sister’s voice in the background. Amelia was my younger sister and she was still in sixth grade. The child was quite a stubborn yet had an open heart for every person around her. She was dad’s girl and my dad left rock unturned granting all her wishes much to mom’s dismay. And to top of that even my Gramps spoiled her. It was only because of mom she was still disciplined. But as she grew up she became more short tempered just like dad but thankfully that didn’t hamper her studies.

“Nothing much, I was just reading an astronomy book but ended up sleeping. Thanks to your call, am awake now,” a grin came over my mouth as heard him sigh.

“You need to sleep. It’s probably,” he trailed off perhaps checking the time and then spoke up “two in the night. Give some rest to your brain bud.”

“Don’t worry i’m fine,” I told him and as we were talking I saw a shadow down on the road under the streetlight. For a second, I thought perhaps it was the security guard or warden roaming around but then I saw who it was. It was Veronica.

Two in the morning and she walked back from the entry gate towards her hostel passing my wing, carelessly as if nothing would happen if she got caught or worse. Even though they had CCTV cameras all over the place, security guards and wardens roaming around, it was still not safe for a girl to roam carelessly, this late in the night.

At that moment, I wanted to call for her or do something but then again I thought that it was certainly none of my business. Who was I to tell her what to do and what not do? But still, how can a girl be so daring? I sighed as I saw her walking slowly with her hands shoved inside her hoodie pockets and she wore a track pant with a slipper.

She is sleepwalking or something?

I narrowed my eyes and quickly dashed inside to bring my glasses. As I wore it and looked down, I could see she was perfectly in her senses and the next moment she stood right under my wing and seemed bored. What the....

“Dad I have to go. I will call you back tomorrow alright?” I said before hanging up on my father and shoved my phone inside my pant pockets before dashing back in and getting out of my room, as I ran all across the building late in night, down, towards the entry gate of the building. Once I reached there, I saw the security guard of our building sleeping in his chair with a baton in his hand. Even though, I could feel my heart race against my chest because of anxiety of getting caught or breaking the rule of going out of the building late at night without permission, I still did that and carefully tiptoed and walked past the sleeping guard and quietly made an exit from the gate.

As soon as I was out, I took a sigh of relief and bent down and held my knees feeling it wobble. For the first ever time...Ace Knights has broken a rule. Ace Knights has finally done something outrageous in his life.

Even though I didn’t like what I just did, still deep down a sudden rush came up within me telling me that it was awesome. Somehow I was feeling excitement of breaking a rule. Never had I ever broken a single rule in my life but the fact that I had finally succeeded on breaking it made me....little happy and excited like a kid.

I looked around for Veronica and found her at the same place where I had last seen her. She looked down at her feet uninterested or bored and swayed in her position. Now when I was closer to her, I saw that she had earphones plunged into her ears and it looked as if she was talking to someone. I stayed at my place and just watched her moves. For next fifteen minutes, she stood there quietly talking to someone in her phone and then she turned back and took a few steps forward towards her hostel.


I turned around ready to go back to my room but then I found myself turning around and looking at her retreating back. I looked up towards my room’s balcony and then back at her. A sigh escaped my mouth as I couldn’t take it anymore and decided against my wish to follow her until she reaches her hostel, safely.

Seconds later, I was quietly following her scowling at my own actions. Whatever I was doing had me feeling that I was some kind of stalker. Why in the world am I doing this for this girl whom I hardly knew? Why is it any of my concern if she reaches back safe or not? Just what the hell am I doing breaking the rules and following her all the while remaining in shadows?

What would I get from this?

All the while, as I was following her, different types of paranoid thoughts came flooding into my mind that had me thinking what if I get caught by anyone in the current situation? Would they think me as some stalker? Would they punish a fifteen year old kid for following a fifteen year old girl from his class this late at night? All these thoughts invaded my mind and had me whimpering but still I chose to do what I was already doing.

Finally, we reached her hostel and I stopped in my tracks far away, keeping my safe distance from her as I watched her going towards the boundary avoiding the front gate. Effortlessly,she climbed up the three Metre tall boundary wall and made her way down to the other side.

“Just what is this girl?” I voiced out my thoughts as I found myself in a shock state. The girl had finally managed to shook my mind to the extent where I found myself thinking if it was just a normal thing for every other human being to do.

Only three days in the school and she ended up having me witness her fighting off Elliot, roaming outside late in night, jumping buildings and boundaries. As I turned around to leave I kept on looking back thinking she would probably jump back and come out once again to roam around. But thankfully, she didn’t show up, much to my relief.

As I walked back, I made it clear to my mind that I shouldn’t bother the next time she does something like that. It would be a lot better if I had concentrated on my studies or read a book in place of following a girl like a stalker, late at night.

Just stay out of troubles Ace. Only a year left for you to graduate from school. Only a year.

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