The Bewitched Knights

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Chapter 51

As she says, she does.

She made her driver drive back to our hotel to fetch our luggage and she made our stay in her mansion, promising us of hospitality while we were in Pretoria. We didn’t mind. As long as I get to be near her, I had no problem.

I sat down on the recliner near the pool with a mug of coffee as I looked up at the dusky sky. It was already evening and I was already tired enough after having a tour of the city, the full day. Veronica kept her promise as she took us for the tour but while returning she got a call from her office and they needed her presence. She ended up driving off to her office telling me that she would take me to her office the next day for a visit.

Her secretary, Ava was the one who drove both me and Noah back to the mansion and as soon as I got back, I had a shower and asked for a mug of coffee and ended up sitting near the pool having some time to myself. But the peace didn’t last long as I saw my phone beeping multiple times and I read the notifications to find some missed calls from Mr. Cottrell and messages and emails from him asking me to get in touch with him, regarding the NASA Mars project.

I heaved out a sigh as I thought about it. With my involvement in Knights Corp, I had no time for myself, how am I supposed to manage with a project which needed my presence twenty-four, seven?

But that was my dream. I saw my dream rippling away from me and that made me look up at the sky. Just how far do I need to go to reach you?

“How was your day?” I heard someone and looked to my side to find Cami making her way towards me with the maid wheeling her to my side. As soon as she reached me, she had a smile plastered on her face and she adjusted her eyeglasses, tilting her head to the side, waiting for my answer.

“Amazing. We covered pretty much areas today,” I told her and she nodded smiling.

“I had always wanted to meet you. Now, when I have met you, I want to talk to you, if you don’t mind,” she asked and I placed my mug on the side table, nodding at her.

“Absolutely. You can tell me,” I said paying her attention as she signaled the maid behind her to leave her alone for some time and she nodded waling back inside the mansion.

“I already everything about you. How you met Veronica, what happened between you two and how you two again met in New York. She shares everything with me but recently I knew she was going to get married to Simon. I have met him once but though he seemed like a nice person, I couldn’t really agree with Veronica’s decision. But all of a sudden I hear from her that she has finally called off the wedding, but she didn’t share why she did that. I wanted to ask you if you know anything about it,” she asked and my mouth formed in a thin line as I thought about it.

“Honestly, she didn’t tell me the reason either. We were in a resort and Veronica wanted me to warm up to Simon as I was objecting her decisions but all of a sudden, she called it off,” I told her and she nodded clasping her hands, looking to a distant.

“Ace. Can I call you Ace?” she asked and I smiled as I nodded at her.

“Veronica, she really is a fickle one. Isn’t she?,” she said all of a sudden as I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.

“I have been wanting to meet you for a long time. I really have heard a lot about you. Veronica isn’t really quite open with people but she seems to share her emotions and feelings with you quite easily. I had never really expected her to talk about anyone but every time it was only you. The first time, she told me about you, I knew there would be no stopping from her side and then I heard a lot. She also told me how you reacted when you two met again,” as she said that my mind flooded back to the time when I reacted angrily towards her.

“Trust me, I told her countless time to contact you but she seemed skeptical each time and her face always masked up with sadness, whenever I talked about you. Truthfully, she had been always alone and your absence in her life made it even more obvious that she really needed someone in her life to share her feelings. But it seems I was wrong,” as she said that I looked at her feeling little weird. I was actually anticipating what she had to talk to me more about Veronica and it was why I stayed quite letting her finish.

“She shares more than just feelings with you, isn’t it?” she questioned, and that made me look towards the pool. It was already dusk and though the sun was still out, the staff in the mansion thought it be appropriate to turn all the lights on. The small in wall light inside the pool, turned on and the still water glowed up.

“Should I take your silence as a yes?” she asked and I instantly looked back at her and smiled scratching the back of my neck. Though what she said was not completely wrong. Yes, I knew Veronica shared her feelings with me but I was not really sure how she felt about me. Though her actions seemed that she was turning more affectionate towards me but still I wouldn’t be sure, until I made it clear to her that I loved her the way she was. It doesn’t really mattered if she reciprocated my feelings or not.

I was growing tired day by day, by suppressing my feelings for her and I planned to tell her everything during my stay in Pretoria. Just the thing was Noah tagging me just everywhere doesn’t let me have enough time to do something or anything. And it was annoying.

“I have really something to ask you,” all of a sudden Cami got hold of my hand in hers and looked straight into my eyes.

“You need to save her. Veronica, she- she is drowning in loneliness and sadness. You must save her and I feel you are the only who can,” she said looking determined as I struggled to understand what she meant.

Her sudden statement, confused me even further.

“I must warn you something about Veronica. At some point of your life, you may think you know her, but that would be your misunderstanding. She is unwilling to share her real self with anyone. At some point, you may find it frustrating, you may find her annoying, isolating you from everything, secretive but that would always be something that she does to protect someone. Yes, she is mysterious but she likes to keep the sourness inside herself not wanting to hurt anyone. She is really straight and simple if you look it that way. Her feelings are always reflecting on her face and she loves the one who is patience with her,”

“It doesn’t matter if you understand her or not. But all she would want from you is to be patience with her,” Cami said and at this point it felt like I understood her. Reminiscing my past with Veronica, I remembered how my patience with her always won and Cami did make a point.

“But to top of that, I am begging you to save her. All these years although she doesn’t it, she is really hurting. She thought she could live alone on her own but now it has started to eat her. She is desperately trying to get away from loneliness and I think this is also the reason why she said yes to Simon. I saw you with her and I saw her reacting to your presence. I can sense it. She is dependent and carefree around you and I feel you are the only one that can save her,” as she finished and withdrew her hands, I reached forward and held her hand giving it a squeeze.

“I do have plans to take care of her. I promise you, she will no longer have to be as if at the back of my mind I already had this planned from the very beginning and whatever she told me, I already knew it.

A smile broke out on her face as she looked down, her lips slightly trembling and she squeezed her eyes shut as tears fell down her cheek. “Its all my fault. Its all my fault that she had to go through all this. If I was no there, then she would have already be with her parents living happily, achieving her dreams,” she said with a trembled voice and I squeezed her hands, patting her hand slightly.

“And who told you, I have not achieved my dreams?” we both heard a familiar voice and looked to our left to find Veronica coming our way holding her suit on her hand as she made her way to us and stood next to Cami staring at our hands.

Cami withdrew her hands and I scooted on my place a little giving some place for Veronica to sit down. She sat next to me and stared at Cami with a smile on her face.

“How many times did I tell you to stop blaming yourself? Whatever I did, I am the only one to be blamed or judged. I was on my right mind and I am solely responsible with whatever happened to my life. You are not at all to be blamed,” she smiled as she gave a slight tap on Cami’s cheek who smiled back at her.

“And you involved Ace with this?” Veronica furrowed her eyes at me and I smiled while Cami shrugged in response and signaled her maid to come and get her.

“Where are you going? I’m not finished talking,” Veronica said but all Cami did was wink at her way while the maid wheeled her away leaving us alone.

“Why exactly did she tell you?” Veronica asked and I shrugged leaning back on the shack smirking at her wanting to annoy her.

“Why do you think I would tell you?”

“Ace?” she seemed caught off guard as I told her that.

“You know everything got a price. If you want to know what we talked about then pay me for that,” I said and that broke out a smile on her beautiful face. “Are you serious?” she asked and I nodded. I forwarded my hand out to her and she shook her head reaching out to her wallet pulling out two Rand notes.

“Will this work?” she asked as I nodded and chuckling at me, she reached forward to hand me the money when I got hold of her hand and pulled her forward as she gasped and fell over me. Our eyes met and I marked as her face grew red and she tried to get up only to be restrained down by my arms that wrapped around her waist and she widened her eyes at me, clearly caught off-guard.

“What are you doing?” she whispered and for the second time made it to get up only to fail as I smiled staring up at her.

“There are somethings that money can’t really buy and I'm one among them," I said and she stared down at me. As she stopped resisting, I took it the chance to push the strands of hair away from her face and tucked it behind her ear.

"Let me kiss you," I said and she looked down at me instantly, clutching the front part of my shirt. I had my hand over her neck as I pushed her down and immediately caught her lips into a passionate kiss.

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