The Bewitched Knights

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Chapter 52

The car came to a halt before a building and as I got out, I was astonished to see the massive giant building with the name Sullivan Ventures. She walked to my side as the driver drove to the parking. I looked at her face to find her smiling at me and I shoved my hands into my pant pockets smiling back at her when Noah walked past me.

Veronica brought us for a visit to her company and here we were early in the morning. I saw Ava waiting for us at the entrance of the building with a smile as Noah made his way towards her and they both chatted while we made our way to them.

"Good Morning, Ms. Sullivan," Ava, her secretary greeted with a genuine smile as Veronica nodded and walked past her.

"Good Morning, Mr. Knights," Ava looked my way as I smiled and replied to her with the same energy.

Veronica was waiting for us near the elevator as I made my way to her when the elevator door pinged open and the liftman greeted us while he pressed the eighteen number, and we were taken up as I looked back at Noah who stood next to Ava before us.

He seems really different whenever the girl, Ava was near.

As the door of the elevator slid open, I was met with people already scurrying here and there working. Though it was already early, still people were already in the office, working.

"Why are they this early?" I asked and Ava looked back at me.

"They are the night shift workers. Their shift will be over in an hour," she said and I nodded. I moved to the side, letting Veronica guide the way and as she walked before me, I saw her employees standing to the side, giving her space to walk by as they greeted her acknowledging her presence.

Unlike the way, she always smiled to me, her face was neutral and she had professional integrity and vibes as she walked towards her cabin. She looked dominating and people acknowledged her presence which was a new sight to me. She looked stern and I was already impressed as I checked out her office.

We walked into her cabin and she got rid of her suit jacket, placing it over her chair, just like me as I do in my office and sat down on her chair and signaled both Noah and me to take a seat on the chair.

"Get us some coffee and breakfast," she said to Ava, who nodded and walked away.

As she went out, Noah stood up looking towards the door.

"I will help her out. Excuse me," he said as he followed her out and I looked back at Veronica who was already looking at the door.

"Did you notice your secretary behaving weirdly whenever Ava was around?" she asked and I chuckled.

"How is his behavior weird?" I questioned and she furrowed her eyebrows.

"Well, he-"

"Is it the same way I behave whenever you are around?" I asked and she smiled instantly picking up her laptop and placing it over the table.

"Well, I guess so" she smiled looking at her laptop but stealing glances towards me but as I caught her, she grinned and I marked as her ears grew red.


The day spent well, as I got to see a really different side of Veronica. Her professional side and to see it was incredible. The woman was capable of running a company all by herself and she had tremendous leadership qualities.

Even though we met in London for studying science, still I had known that she was kind of interested in business when I saw her reading economics and other business-related books in her free time.

We were already done for the day when my phone rang and I checked the caller ID to find Mr. Cottrell. Veronica was having her evening time snacks when I excused myself to attend the call as I walked to the free open space and stood near the glass curtain wall staring out of the building as I fidgetted whether to pick his call or not.

I have been avoiding him for a long time and the more he called, the more anxious I became. I knew he would eventually run out of patience and stop calling me but deep down, I didn't want him to do that to me. I wanted to be a part of this Mars project, heck this would be a dream come true for me, but here I was fidgeting, staring at the phone.

Finally, I decided to take the call and ask him for some time but as soon as I picked it up he chuckled.

"I knew you were going to pick up my call eventually but today was an exception," he said which made me furrow my eyebrows at him.

"Well, hello Mr. Cottrell. Can I ask what do you mean by your previous statement?" as I asked that he chuckled and cleared his voice.

"I didn't expect you to pick up my call when we both are in the same city."

"How do you know where I am?"

"I have my own ways, Mr. Knights. Now, as you have picked up my call, I hope you can have some time for me to meet up. Let's meet up for dinner. I will send you the details of the place," as he said that I looked down to my feet.

"Mr. Cottrell, I would tell you that this would be unnecessary. I have something else going on right now and I don't really think, I can give time to your Mars Project. I really want to, but regretfully, I can't," as I finished, my heart was already thumping loudly. There it was, finally, I told him to let me off the hooks from the project.

There it was, my dream and ambitions crumbling down before me.

I was the sole reason for it.

"I know what's going on with you. You are the current CEO of Knights Corp. I already have an idea of what you must be going through and your reason for backing away from the project. But then, I know your capability. Trust me Ace, we all know your capability and this project needs you. I can say, if we don't have you in this project then it won't be impossible to complete the mission but it will be difficult. This is the reason, why I want to meet you. Let's talk and see what we can do, alright?" he asked and I heaved a sigh.

"Mr. Cottrell, I really want to bu-" my phone was snatched away from me and I caught off guard I looked back to find the person who dared to snatch my phone was no one else but Veronica.

She stared at my phone and as I reached forward to get it back from her, she pushed my hand away and walked to the glass curtain wall.

"What are you doing? Give my phone back. I was in an important call for god's sake!"

"Hello, this is Ms. Sullivan. I would like to tell you that, Mr. Knights is going to be in your project of Mars Mission," she talked to Mr. Cottrell and I stood there flabbergasted for a second but as it struck me, I reached forward wanting to get my phone back from her.

"Stay quiet!" she said as she signaled me to stay quiet for a minute and I gave up waiting for her to finish talking but as she hung up, I was already glaring at her.

"Do you know what you have done?" I asked and she shrugged.

"Yes, I am pushing you to your ambitions. He as sent me the details of the place. We are going out with him for dinner," she said as she forwarded her hand out to give me my phone.

"I can't!" I snapped and she took my phone back away from my reach.

"Your attitude is annoying me now. You are going to come with me for dinner and then only I will give you your phone," she said and that made me even angrier.

"You just don't understand what situation I'm in right now. I can't take part in the project, because I can't give it time,"

"Don't make excuses. Stop making your situation as an excuse. If you want something, you better find a way to get it. He is asking you to meet him and discuss what can be done for you to give time to the project. All you do is give up without even trying. Since I know what is the reason for making you back up, I will be accompanying you to Mr. Cottrell,"

"I already told you, I won't!" I said with determination.

"We will see," she stared at my eyes folding her hands and shoving my phone in her pant pockets.

"You behave the same way I behaved to Simon's case. I hope you remember what exactly you told me at that time" she said as she turned around and walked off but I stood there recalling what exactly I told her and thinking how it is similar to her wanting to marry Simon for his property.

That was clearly her business-minded aspiration and my situation is different. It is more of... sacrifice for business.

Like a reality, it struck me hard as I stared at her retreating back, thinking about it.

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