The Bewitched Knights

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Chapter 53

I knew it. I knew it from the beginning of what would happen if I end up having a meeting with Mr. Cottrell. He was a true genius and had leadership qualities and top of that he was the one in charge of the project. He would go to any extent for the benefit of the project which meant dragging anyone who is capable of even if he or she has any problems or not. He didn't really care.

"I thought you told me that you would think of how to solve my problem. All you told me was the date I should join," I said as I stood up and held Veronica's forearm as I pulled her to stand. There it was, the meeting went as I had thought. I told what problems I had and why I couldn't give time to the project but Mr. Cottrell was only keen to add me even if I didn't want to.

He told me about the project, who was going to be involved and the date. He was purely persistent and I knew it from the beginning. It was why I didn't wanted to talk to him. I knew after he would tell me about the project, my heart and mind would definitely ache.

It was why I avoided him.

"Look! Mr Knights we are really running of time. I will be needing your agreement as soon as possible," he told me and I looked back at Veronica who gave me a frown and I looked back at him. His unruly hair all messed up as if he had pulled it multiple times. Face marred with a frown and eyes bagged with dark circles.

"I will talk to you later," I said and turned around being the first one to leave. As soon as I got out of the restaurant, I made my way back to car and stood leaning to the door.

"I see why you didn't want to come," I heard her and minutes later she stood before me looking up at me with a small smile.

"Here," she forwarded me my phone which she had kept previously and I took it from her putting it back into my jacket. It was already late in the night and I wanted to get back to have a good sleep wanting to ease my restless mind.

"Hey," I heard her whisper as she got hold of my hand when I turned to open the door. I looked back at her, the lights in the parking shone to her advantage. Her beautiful face and her eyes was the only thing that I could see subsiding my problems.

"I'm sorry, I really thought we would really come to a solution. I shouldn't have dragged you here," she sighed as she held her forehead rubbing her temple using her finger.

"What's wrong?" I asked as I held her shoulder.

"Nothing just a headache," she mumbled and a smile broke out on my face. "What? Headache because of me," I asked and she looked up and pushed me a little. "Don't flatter yourself. I'm not really thinking about you," she said as she nudged my side with her elbow and turned to leave but I was quick to hold her by her hand and pulled her back as I hugged her tightly from her back as I kept my chin on her shoulder and wrapped my arms around her chest.

She gasped and stood still for a second but quickly got herself to loosen up as I inhaled her fragrance and she let out a chuckle.

"When have you started to be over bearing?" she asked and I pushed her to the car's door as she looked up at me with something in her eyes that for a second I got confused and probably mistook it as lust. She avoided her gaze but I held her chin and brought her face and planted a kiss, capturing her mouth into a passionate kiss.

She seemed to be caught off guard as she put her hand on my chest and tried to push me a little but soon gave it up and before I knew it she was also responding back matching up my pace. Suddenly I had an urge to have more than just a kiss and I held her waist and pulled her forward.

She opened her mouth and it was enough for me to get in as my tongue touched her soft ones and fought for dominance. It was still not enough because she was already pushing me wanting to get air and I took it the time to trail kisses down to her mouth and went to her neck pulling the straps of her dress down. I was waiting for her to stop because I seemed out of control and even though the back of my mind told me to stop, I couldn't.

For a second, I stopped and looked back into her eyes wanting to see her reaction to see if she had any hesitation but found none, instead she looked up with a weird emotion that turned me on and as I leaned down for another kiss she stopped me this time.

"Let's get back home first," she told me and I looked into her eyes. She was blushing deep red and even though she told me to get back home, I couldn't resist as I pecked her lips and moved back as she stared up at me. I walked to the other side of the car and opened the door for her as she walked and sat in her side and I moved back to the driver's seat and looked her way before turning the engine on and driving us back to her house.

The night was still young and I had things already made up in my mind as I drove off finding it difficult to focus on the road because my pants were growing tight near my crotch area and all also for the reason that the temptress was sitting right beside me keeping her hand on my thigh doing circles, absent minded to the problems I was facing.

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