The Bewitched Knights

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Chapter 55

I couldn’t help but watch Noah as he followed Ava just everywhere and the funny part was, the poor secretary of Veronica didn’t even have an idea that Noah was trying to talk to her. She would occasionally smile at him and he would stand straight responding with a weird smile of his. I heard a laugh and looked to my right to find Veronica stifling a laugh as she looked at Noah.

“What are you laughing at?” Cami who sat next to her asked and then looked at me raising an eyebrow wanting to know what was going on, I shrugged and she squinted her eyes at Veronica.

“Noah is funny,” Veronica told and we looked back at them.

“Why? The boy looks pretty serious most of the time to me,” Cami said and that was when Veronica stopped laughing. “No way! Don’t tell me you can’t see how he is after Ava,” Veronica said while Cami looked confused.

It was a weekend and we were sitting next to the and Ava were across the pool. Ava seemed to be serving the food from the outside buffet that Veronica arranged while Noah was behind her trying to talk to her.

“You are saying that they are interested in each other?” Cami asked and Veronica shook her head no.

“I think Ava doesn’t get it. Its only Noah,”

“What are you saying? I don’t see anything like that. The boy is only helping Ava. From where do you see him trying on her? And the only couple I see in here is you and Ace,” she said as she looked back at us and I spit out the pina colada that I was having while Veronica choked on her pizza and both of us started coughing.

“Oh my, are you two alright?” Cami asked and as I looked back at her she had this knowing grin which told me she clearly knew what was going on between us. She had a smirk plastered on her face and seeing her like this made me question my previous impression of her being an introvert and kind woman.

She was clearly a devil.

Veronica got up from the lounger and fixed her hair as she averted her gaze from both me and Cami.

“It’s so hot. I am going for a swim,” she said and I nodded wiping my mouth and going for another sip of my pina colada. As she got rid of her robe and revealed her neon green bikini, for the second that I spit out my pina colada and coughed furiously, putting a hand on my mouth with wide eyes.

That body.

She was all shades of hot and the epitome of sexy in that bikini. Her long slender legs, flat belly and that breast of hers would be the reason for my death. And her face. That vibrant and beautiful face of hers that made me go crazy. If it weren't for Cami and other people around us then I would have pulled Veronica to the lounger and kissed her mercilessly.

She was completely oblivious to my staring and I looked back at Noah who stood next to Ava. All of a sudden he looked back towards us and averted his gaze away but then as if something hit him, he whipped his face back to Veronica and stared at her. I felt my finger tapping on the glass of my cocktail as I glared at him.

He was completely taken aback by Veronica as the woman remained oblivious to his stare and came back to my side, smiling at me as she kept her robe on the lounger next to me and walked back to the pool, going for a dive. Her sudden dive splashed water on us and Cami laughed when she saw the water in my glass. I sighed as I wiped my face and finally kept the glass down.

It was just not a day for my pina colada.


"Ace why don't you go for swimming?" Veronica asked as she emerged out of the pool. Water dripping her body and she pushed her hair back as she came to me and sat down on the lounger. My eyes trailed from her face to her boobs. Her wet hair sticking to her neck and her boobs and I wanted to push the strands away. It was bothering me. Then my eyes trailed to her navel and then to her thighs. She was towel drying her hair and I heard someone clearing her throat.

Cami gave me a smug look as I averted my gaze away from Veronica's body.

"Jenna! Come and get me. I am tired now. I want to go back to my room," Cami said smirking at me and all I did was to shift on my position.

"Tired?" Veronica asked as she held her leftover pizza and started munching down on it.

"You two have fun, I am going back," Cami said as a maid helped her back on her wheelchair and wheeled her away. As soon as she was gone I took a sigh of relief. She was clearly making me nervous and thankfully she was gone.

"How can she be tired?" Veronica asked nibbling her pizza and looked back at me. Her hair wet and sexy, that mysterious eyes of her that had drawn me to her stared at me. I looked back at Ava and Noah to find them sitting with their leg inside the pool and chatting.

Nobody was looking at us.

Everything happened all of a sudden. My hand seemed to have its own mind as it went directly to push the strands of hair sticking on her cleavage. She sat stiffened by my action and I watched as her eyes grew wide. The piece of pizza that she holding was just an inch away from her mouth but she didn't seem to eat it as she sat there in shock.

My mind went blank. I wasn't thinking at all. My hand trailed up to her neck, feeling her soft and wet skin and she shivered under my touch when she lowered down her hand and closed her eyes. I had hoped that she would stop me but instead, she let me touch her and I couldn't help but touch her more as my finger trailed up and wiped her lips. She held my hand and it was when my hand went down back to her chest and I grabbed the left side of the breast.

The wet bikini being a wall in between my hand and her skin. She gasped but didn't open her eyes. Her breast was so soft and the wet bikini added more softness. It was my first time touching a woman's breast and I felt the excitement. She was enticing and attracted me the most. That bikini of her was perfectly flimsy and inviting. My hand was firmly on her breast and I could feel her nipple hardening under my touch. I wanted to see that but couldn't. It was growing thrilling for me and I wanted more.

My hands trailed down to her waist feeling her curves and my thumb placed over her navel. By this time, the pizza in her hand had already fallen off and she used both of her hands to hold mine. She wasn't stopping me but was just holding my hand. I was using my right hand to touch her while my other hand lay lazily on my thigh.

My eyes glanced back at Ava and Noah and thankfully they were not looking. Veronica sat with her back facing them and it was how I grew so bold to touch her. My finger trailed more down and ended up on the straps of her bikini bottom. I had and an urge to go down as I saw her body arching up to my touch but went against the decision as I removed my hands from her body and her eyes snapped open and she exhaled a breath staring at me with wide eyes.

I did not break eye contact as I leaned back on the lounger but missed her skin under my touch.

"What? Why did you stop?" she managed to ask and that made me smirk as I signaled her to look back. She did and noticed Ava and Noah's presence but then she looked annoyed. I stared at Veronica noticing her expressions as she held her forehead and looked here and there, all of a sudden, she looked disturbed.

"You don't seem to mind, do you?" I asked and her eyes shot up to me and her cheeks grew red. Her breathing was uneven and she looked flustered and filled up with lust. She understood I was referring to what I did and she shook her head. A smile formed on my face as I closed my eyes feeling relieved. I was afraid that she wouldn't like me touching her and things would get awkward between us still, I took the risk and here we are.

Minutes later, I felt two hands on my shoulder and before I could open my eyes, I felt something on my lips. My eyes fluttered open only to find, Veronica hovering over me pushing me down by my shoulder as she kissed me passionately. But the vibes that came off her screamed rage. She seemed pissed as she kissed me passionately ravishing my mouth.

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