The Bewitched Knights

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Chapter 59

Ace Pov

When you are challenged by problems know it that you have been fucked. It was already depressing to find about my own engagement announcement and since then I had failed to contact dad. I thought I could handle everything, but it seems one can’t do all the work and I failed. I succeeded in making Veronica angry on me but it was totally not her fault. Anyone in her place would have been angry.

I thought I wouldn’t vex, I will just talk to dad and sought the matter as soon as possible but no! Everything seems to get messed up as I looked at the way from where Veronica just walked away. She looked terribly upset with me and for the first time ever, I saw tears in her eyes and me being the reason for her tears didn't settle well with me.

It was like, I did nothing but I did everything.

I broke her heart and she was clearly upset but I understood. My heart ached when she questioned my love for her. It was really disappointing when your feelings are being questioned.

I plopped down on the couch putting my hand on my head as I thought of what to do. Veronica didn't seem like she would listen to me, let even see my face. The fact that she got a flight as soon as she heard the news shows how upset and disappointed she is with me. I couldn't bear to see her like this.

Just what do I do?

Is it all over for me now?

Minutes passed by as I sat there in her penthouse trying to reach my father's phone but every time, it was just unreachable. My head was starting to throb now. I was beginning of me to question my own problem-solving skills when the door of the penthouse burst open and I looked up to find none other but Veronica, huffing and puffing as if she had run a marathon.

"Thank god!" she exclaimed as her eyes fixated on me.

"Oh thank god!" she cried.

"Veronica I-" I stood up wanting to explain things to her when she ran up to me and threw her arms over my shoulder and pulled me to a tight hug.

As much as I loved the hug, I was also caught off-guard with her sudden change in demeanor. She was shaking and I couldn't even see her face as she shoved her face into my chest tightening her grip and I felt her sobbing.

"Veronica you don't have to cry for such a matter. I told you, its a misunderstanding. I will fix this, I promise," I told her but she shook her head and didn't even let me go as she continued crying.

I wrapped my arms around her as I hugged her back letting her stay in my arms and waited until she calmed down but minutes passed away and still she refused to let go. I was quiet and waited patiently for her to calm down and when she did she made me seat on the couch as she crouched down before me on the floor keeping her hands on my knees as she took my hands and held them tightly.

Her eyes were bloodshot red from all that crying. And I tried to wipe her tears away but she refused as she continued to weep silently.

"I'm sorry. Don't be upset about such a matter. I promise I will fix this," I told her hoping that she would stop crying but she nodded and looked down. "I know. You will fix this all. I know you will," she managed to speak with her croaky voice as she kept her head down on my knees.

"What are you doing?" I asked as I kept my hand on her head.

"I wanted to tell you, I am sorry. I shouldn't have reacted such manner. I am really sorry," she spoke as I caressed her hair and leaned to my touch closing her eyes.

I was shocked and out of words. Just what in the world happened to her? A few minutes ago she was burning with fire, ready to destroy everything but now she is as calm as a sea in summer as she put her head on my knees crying silently. What just happened to her?

"Thank god! I really thank god that you didn't go away or else it would have been really late for me," I heard her speak but nothing made sense to me as I kept quiet and thought of just listening to her.

"Now, I understand your pain and your anger. It totally made sense now,"

"Anger? Pain?" I managed to ask as she looked up.

"Just have you endured?" she asked which made no sense to me at all as I furrowed my eyebrows at her as she reached to touch my face with her cold and trembling hands.

"I am not letting you go. I will never let you go and I am never going to question your love for me ever. I am really sorry for the way I talked to you a few minutes ago. I was angry and I am dumb. I don't know how to talk and I know I have hurt you. Forgive me, Ace" she broke at the end and even though I didn't understand what she meant, I managed to nod when she got up and sat on my thigh as she held my head and pulled me to her chest, hugging me tightly.

"Just what have you endured?"

I heard her speaking the next few minutes and everything she said went right over my head but it was clear that she was not angry on me anymore. But something was clearly making her upset as she couldn't control her emotions.

It wasn't like Veronica. The Veronica I knew, was always calm, composed and refused let her emotions show on her face, she was unmistakably strong and determined, refused to lose. But the Veronica who sat on my thigh was someone else. She was broken and seemed vulnerable totally different from the one I had loved.


"Veronica!" I move away as she looked at me refusing to let go. Her face filled up with sadness as she reached down and captured my lips putting her hand on my chest. The kiss seemed demanding. She wanted me to respond back and she wrapped her arms over my shoulder pulling me closer when I got hold of her waist and together we stood up. She had to let go due to height difference as she looked up at me and again reached her hand wanting to grab my face but I held her hand first stopping her from touching me.

She looked unfazed by my actions and I watched as her eyes remained fixated on my lips as she moved forward but I got hold of her shoulder and shook her on the spot.

"Snap out of it already!" I said and this time, she looked up at me.

Her eyes glistening with tears as she came forward and wrapped her hand around my torso, looking up at me.

Just what is wrong with her?

"Look I know you are upset. I also know you don't like Chelsea but if you are getting disturbed by the fact that Chelse and I shall be together then you have no need reason to worry. I have already told you I only love you. Chelsea is just my friend. I have no feelings for her, but for you, I have immense love. You don't have worry about anything," as I told her that I hoped she understood and take things lightly but she just nodded in response.

"I know," she told me and reached forward wanting to pull me for a kiss.

"Veronica? Are you alright?" I asked and she nodded getting holding of my collar as she pulled me down for another kiss.

This woman was just too weird sometimes that it was even hard for me to read and understand her. One minute she was angry and didn't want to even see my face but the next minute she didn't seem to get her hands off me. Nevertheless, until and unless she was fine and was not angry on me, it made me settle in relief and I gave in to her kiss responding back and felt her smiling as she wrapped her arms over my neck and pulled me closer.

She seemed to deepening the kiss and I felt she didn't wish to let go of me as I took it the chance to pick her bridal style which caught her off-guard as she let go of me and looked up at me with that beautiful eyes of hers. I plopped down on the couch, with her in my arms and she held my shirt as she looked up.

"Are you still upset?" I asked and she shook her head as she moved forward and placed her head on my chest as if she was listening to my heartbeat.

"You seem really different today," I managed to say with her hand roaming over my chest.

Just what is she doing?

Just what has gotten into her all of a sudden?

"In a good way or a bad way?" she spoke which made me chuckle. "No, it's good but I don't know, you seem really different. Are you alright?" I asked and this time it was her chance to chuckle

"I have never been this better," she said and in the end, I was the one who was confused.

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